Rest in peace, Geneva.   Comment-answering extravaganza tomorrow! Get ’em in!   Almost every day, when I’ve got the midafternoon slump going on, I think to myself “I’m going to SLEEP IN tomorrow, and then I’m going to lounge in bed and read, and then I’m going to watch TV and do NOTHING all damn … Continue reading “2-20-08”

Rest in peace, Geneva.


Comment-answering extravaganza tomorrow! Get ’em in!


Almost every day, when I’ve got the midafternoon slump going on, I think to myself “I’m going to SLEEP IN tomorrow, and then I’m going to lounge in bed and read, and then I’m going to watch TV and do NOTHING all damn day long!”

And then tomorrow morning comes, and I cannot for the life of me sleep in. This morning I was all set to sleep as late as I wanted, but come 6:30, my eyes popped open and I couldn’t sleep another damn minute. In fact, I was itching to get up and get my morning stuff done, so I rolled out of bed and went through the house opening blinds, accompanied by a herd of cats. Then I cleaned out the litter boxes, rinsed and refilled water bowls, put the dishes in the dishwasher away, and cleaned the kitchen. I started Lupe the Roomba in my bedroom, took a shower, got dressed and answered emails, and then moved Lupe to the kitchen.

About ten minutes after Lupe started her circuit of the kitchen, I heard her sing a happy little song and went into the kitchen to find that she’d docked herself and was happily recharging.

“Um,” I said. “Who the hell told you you could take a coffee break, missy?” I put her back in the middle of the kitchen and started her up again. She sang her happy little song and began another circuit of the kitchen.

Half an hour later when I left the house, she was still working on the kitchen.

I hit Target first, for cat litter and to look at cat snack plates* (the two foster cats don’t eat well off the same plate, so they each need their own, WHO’S AN ENABLER?!). Target, at 9:30 on a weekday, was oddly busy, which disturbed me so much that I didn’t bother to go look at the book selection, I just wanted to get the HELL out of there, so I paid for my litter and got out (they had no cat snack plates to speak of).

From Target I went to the pet store to buy Cat! Snacks! and to check out the litter and look at plates for Snackin’ Time, but to tell the truth, the main reason I was there was to see if Elle and Skittles had been adopted, and when I rounded the aisle and saw them both sitting there, I stomped my foot and I said “WHYYYYYY?!”, then had to duck back down the aisle so Skittles wouldn’t see me and start howling.


So I bought enough Cat! Snacks! to last for… uh… ((12×3)/2 = 18) 18 days, and I looked at the cat plates they had, only they didn’t have any small plates, they only had bowls, and that doesn’t work for me, so I just bought the Cat! Snacks! and some Woodpecker Cakes and left with a sad look in the direction of Elle and Skittles.

Then I went to TJ Maxx, not because I was looking for anything in particular, but because I was in the area and TJ Maxx is one of those stores where you tend to find the perfect thing you didn’t even know you were looking for, so I was basically just looking. I ended up buying a comforter to put on my bed under the comforter that’s there. Right now I have a quilt under the comforter and it’s cute and everything, but it’s beginning to pill and that really annoys the hell out of me.

I looked around in the kitchen section for quite a while, but there was really nothing that struck my fancy, so I paid for my new comforter and left.

I went over to Sam’s Club, which had been my main destination all along. One of the things that bugs me is having to buy packages of meat when I get groceries, I don’t know why it bugs me, but I’d been planning to go to Sam’s and stock up on meat in bulk so I wouldn’t have to buy a package of boneless skinless chicken breast halves here and a pound of ground round there, since I’d already have what I needed in the freezer.

(When I got home, I called Fred and said “Did you order some of those fancy boneless skinless chickens when you ordered our new batch of chicks?”)

I ended up buying a BUTTLOAD of meat, and a pack of paper towels and a huge pack of toilet paper (Scott Tissue, 30 rolls for $19.13), and printing paper and then I moseyed by the pet food section of Sam’s Club and to my dismay I found that they had a big-ass 40-pound bucket of Fresh Step cat litter for $12.68. I’d just bought two 23-pound boxes of the very same litter for $10.19. Doing the math, the litter at Target was $2.25 (see what happens when I try to do math?!) 44 cents a pound and the same friggin’ litter at Sam’s was 31 cents a pound.

UGH. That is some BULLSHIT. Now that I’ve actually done the math out, it makes me want to make another trip to Sam’s and buy a pallet of litter and another pack or two of toilet paper! Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow or Friday. Sam’s doesn’t always carry our toilet paper of choice (give me the rough sandpaper-like Scott Tissue over that soft crap ANY ol’ day) and I don’t think they carry Fresh Step very often, either, and god knows we have the room to store that stuff (upstairs in the garage) and we’ll definitely get around to using it eventually.

So anyway, I got a ton of boneless skinless chicken breast halves and some lean ground beef and some pork, and so after I’d paid and was headed toward the door, I stopped and grabbed a couple of boxes to put the meat in so it wouldn’t be sliding around the back of my car.

As I was loading stuff into my car, I put the packages of meat in the boxes and then put the box of ground beef packages on the bottom and leaned the box of chicken packages against the ground beef box, and I piled everything else in around the boxes, and I headed for home.

And when I got home, I started unloading everything from the car, and the first thing I grabbed was the box of ground beef packages, and the box was a wee bit wet on the bottom, but I figured it was just from condensation from the packages, and I took that box inside and left it on the kitchen counter, and I went back outside and picked up the box of chicken packages, and there was chicken goo EVERYWHERE. It was all over the bottom of everything that had been on the bottom layer in the back of the car, and there was a PUDDLE of chicken goo on the floor of the trunk.

(You know what I mean by “chicken goo”, right? The salmonella-laden liquid that chicken pieces sit in, in the styrofoam packages, that goops everywhere when you open the package and makes you clean the counters madly with bleach afterward?)

“UGH!” I said loudly. “OH GODDAMN!” I said loudly. “OH THAT IS FUCKING NASTY!” I said loudly.

And then I spent the next half hour madly wiping down the outside of every package that had been marinating in the chicken goo, and wiping up the puddle of chicken goo from the bottom of the trunk, and then another fifteen minutes dividing all the meat into smaller packages, sealing the packages with the Food Saver, labeling them, and finding room for them in the freezer.

We are ALL SET for the time being when it comes to meat, and that almost makes dealing with the puddle of chicken goo worth it. ALMOST, I say.

*Regarding the cat snack plates: usually, the cats are okay sharing the snacks on plates, two to each plate. Joe Bob and Spanky each get their own plate (Spanky because he’ll easily be bullied away from the plate if he has to share; Joe Bob because he doesn’t share well) and until now, we split the cats into teams of two for all the other plates. The plates that get shared are square white plates I bought at… Target, maybe? I don’t remember. Anyway, Spanky and Joe Bob get smaller plates:


and since Punki and Felicia don’t share nicely, I wanted to buy some more plates like that, or that size at least, to feed them from. And WOW, did I just overexplain the shit out of that, or what?


How Tommy likes to spend his day:

Straddling the back of Fred’s chair.

Hanging out in the back yard, keeping an eye out for birds.

Glaring angrily at the tennis ball.

More glaring.


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