Real Housewives of NYC Reunion show (cut and pasted from an email. To Shelly, if you MUST know): Okay, I couldn’t get to sleep because I knew the Reunion was sitting on the DVR taunting me, so I got back up and watched it! Man, I don’t WANT to feel bad for Simon and Alex, … Continue reading “4-24-08”

Real Housewives of NYC Reunion show (cut and pasted from an email. To Shelly, if you MUST know):

Okay, I couldn’t get to sleep because I knew the Reunion was sitting on the DVR taunting me, so I got back up and watched it!

Man, I don’t WANT to feel bad for Simon and Alex, but it’s kind of hard not to! I mean, I agree with Bethenny telling them to just own their behavior, but with everyone jumping on, I was starting to feel bad for them!

The look on the host’s face when Ramona got up and walked off cracked me UP, ’cause he was all “What the hell am I supposed to do NOW?”

I didn’t understand Bethenny’s non-answer. Are she and Jason still together, or not???

Who are these idiots emailing the countess about manners and making her think she needs to write a BOOK? Does she not realize that there have been 10,000 books written on the subject, for the love of god.

I still don’t know who Ramona thinks she’s fooling, claiming she’s never had plastic surgery. MY ASS. Brow lift AT THE VERY LEAST.

Jill was fairly restrained, but I don’t know how on earth she and Ramona can claim to be friends, because if I had a friend I got along with (or DIDN’T get along with!) the way those two do, I’d cut my losses!

Okay, my eyes are crossing, I’m going to bed. This was a REALLY good reunion show. They’re not NEARLY as nice to each other as the OC housewives. And I love it! 🙂

(and then)

Ramona is just an idiot. She doesn’t see that she’s being a TOTAL hypocrite, though to be honest even if she did see it, I don’t think she’d care. I can’t stand the way she talks, either, and she sits there and makes faces like a little kid ever time she says something – like “Why is he here?!”, and then does a total bug-eyed look to the side. Did you notice that she refused to even look at Simon when he was talking? She has SUCH a chip on her shoulder! And I think it’s funny that she was the most disgusted by Alex & Simon’s house when she’d never been there!

I totally noticed that the Countess brought up the idea that they should finish their house before they go dropping tons of money on clothes. She stole my point! Obviously she has her spies reading my email. I could never be a Countess, though, I’d have to toss a “du” or “de la” into my name, and Robyn de la Anders0n…. Hmm. Actually, it has a ring to it!

Did Alex actually say something about them being the sort of people who like to “get their hands dirty” renovating houses, or did I make that up in my head? I don’t see either of them being in any way shape or form into renovating. Though if they’d pay me the amount of money she spends on a SINGLE DRESS for the OPERA, I’d renovate their damn house for them! And I’d be all “Yeah, that linoleum came directly from the sweaty brow of an old Italian man in :coughcoughcough:opoly! I know, you’d think I nipped down to Lowe’s and grabbed it, but totally not!”

I don’t know if they’ve even started filming the NJ Housewives, but it can’t be soon enough for me!



Instead of waiting ’til today to get potting soil so I could pot the plants on the front porch, I decided to run to Wal-Mart yesterday and buy potting soil and a few other things I needed. I picked up some eggplant plants for Fred (he adores those Japanese eggplants!) and a few other things, but I looked every damn where and couldn’t find potting soil anywhere. Since I knew that Lowe’s would have it in bigger sized bags and it’s not very far from Wal-Mart, I just went ahead and ran over there.

Two huge-ass bags of potting soil later, I was home. Instead of doing the potting right away, I opted to wait ’til the afternoon and spent the morning watching Work Out. As the show was ending, I got a call from my plastic surgeon’s office. The woman I spoke to had just gotten off the phone with my insurance company and wanted to let me know that they’d denied my pre-approval for plastic surgery.

I was turned down for not meeting criteria, so the nurse said I could come back to have more pictures taken, and if I wanted to write a letter to send in with the appeal, that would probably be very helpful. I spent the afternoon Googling around trying to get an idea of how to start such a letter – I knew what I wanted to say, but I had no idea, seriously, of what the first few sentences should consist of. After much Googling and ending up on very unhelpful pages, I discovered that To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to appeal the decision of [Insurance Company], which denied me preapproval for a panniculectomy. was a good way to start, and once I got those first few sentences written, the rest came pretty easily. It’s always getting started that’s hardest for me, I find. After some writing and editing and tweaking, I was done.

So after I’m done at the pet store this morning, I’ll be going to the plastic surgeon’s office, where I’ll be getting naked for a strange woman, who will take pictures of me.

One hopes they won’t end up on the internet.



Okay, the kittens have been named. Fred and I had discussed going with a Shakespearean theme, and he had a lot of different suggestions, all of which were good ones, but I wanted pretty names for these babies, not silly or goofy ones. I know, I’m a dork. Probably once these kittens are adopted, their names will be changed anyway, so it doesn’t matter THAT much, but it does to me.


Elayne made a suggestion in my comments mentioning names from Firefly. I’ve never seen Firefly (it’s on my mental list of shows to watch on DVD some day), but the names she mentioned were pretty enough that I went to the link provided and looked ’em over. And I liked them enough, that that’s what I went with, a Firefly theme. So meet the newly named babies:




River. I know that the character of River on Firefly is a girl and this kitten is a boy, but it was a name that could be either a boy or a girl, and at the time I matched the name with the kitten, we weren’t sure, so River it is.

(We double-checked last night. River’s the only boy; the rest of them are definitely girls.)

Momma Kara and Zoe.



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