Things that give me the blerghs*: 1. Milk I can have milk ON things (like cereal) or IN things (like pudding), but if I were required to sit down and drink a cup of milk? No way. Probably comes from drinking milk with dinner every night when I was growing up. Anyone who’s had to … Continue reading “5/8/08”

Things that give me the blerghs*:

1. Milk I can have milk ON things (like cereal) or IN things (like pudding), but if I were required to sit down and drink a cup of milk? No way. Probably comes from drinking milk with dinner every night when I was growing up. Anyone who’s had to drink half a cup of very warm milk (which got warm because I put off drinking it because GODDAMN MILK IS NASTY) can probably feel my pain.

2. Flies I literally cannot eat if there’s a fly buzzing around, anywhere in the room at all. It’s like I can see the waves of disease and destruction coming off them. Those goddamn things VOMIT on their food, did you know that? So if you have to shoo a fly away from your food IT HAS PROBABLY ALREADY VOMITED ON YOUR FOOD. You’re about to eat fly vomit! Tasty!

3. Kate and Jack on Lost I like the idea of strong, kick-ass Kate, but something about the execution of the character just annoys the everloving shit out of me. I like Jack, kinda (though I prefer Sawyer or Jin – MWROWR) but the idea of Jack and Kate together? Ugh. No. Zilch for chemistry between those two. In fact, can’t we get Kate killed off before the end of the season?

4. Too much mayo I like mayo. I like mayo mixed with things. I like egg salad with mayo, coleslaw, potato salad. I like sandwiches with mayo, but too much mayo? Blergh.

5. Ticks I hate goddamn ticks with their goddamn 6,000 legs. Fred brought Newt inside the other night because he saw a tick crawling on Newt and I had to grab the tick and pull it out of Newt’s fur and then I had to kill it, and the entire time I was dealing with it, my skin crawled right off my body and headed for less creepy crawly territory. For the record, I used a very sharp knife to cut that tick in half, then I flushed it down the drain. It BETTER NOT COME BACK FOR ME, is all I’ll say.

6. Dead things I just don’t like dead things. I’m okay with the fact that Newt and Miss Momma are overwhelmed with the urge to hunt and kill and eat. I just don’t want them to do it where I have to SEE the dead thing. And I don’t want them to leave dead things on my porch. And last week when I had to pick up a dead baby chick and remove it from the brooder? BLERGH.

7. Raw chicken I swear to god I can see the salmonella crawling around on raw chicken. I hate handling raw chicken, I hate putting the chicken-juice-covered packaging in my trash can, I hate the smell of raw chicken.

And yes, I’m aware that #6 and #7 are going to make chicken-slaughtering time a true blergh-fest.

9. Brains Brains belong in skulls. If brains come slipping out of skulls I DON’T NEED TO SEE THAT, THANKS, FILMMAKERS! Can’t we just show by the characters’ reactions that there was some brain visible? Like “Oh my god! Did you see his BRAIN?!”

10. Wasps Wasps mostly annoy me, and killing them with the fly-swatter or a rolled-up magazine or newspaper doesn’t bother me at all. But when there’s nothing else around and I have to grab the wasp with a piece of paper or tissue and I have to FEEL under my fingertips the hard wasp body and HEAR the crunch it makes as I squoosh it (yes, I could just toss it in the toilet, but really. I think we all know that wasps are evil enough to swim up from the depths of the septic system and seek their revenge.), it’s blerghsville all over the place.

*The blerghs: like the oogies, only with more shuddering.



(pic) Look who got an apron made by the hands of one Knucklehead Conventioneer (aka “Nance”)! (She did not, however, make that dorky look on my face. I did that all by myself!)


SO much more “me” than the red one I’ve been using. I love it!



Kara and the babies continue to do well. The babies are starting to explore more – yesterday, River and Inara “discovered” the padded teepee located next to the box where they spend all their time. They aren’t going far, and they always end up back in the box – or in front of it – but I bet it won’t be long before they’re all the way across the room. I did a quick check of the room to make sure there was nothing they could hurt themselves on, and I think everything’s fine.

I have a couple of short movies to tide you over. I made them with my camera rather than the camcorder, so they’re horrible, but if you need to see some little bitty kitties, it should fit the bill.

The first one is River, nursing, when he was 12 days old:

The second is random kittens moving through the frame, and Inara stretching:

The last one is from last night. The kittens, at 20 days, nurse every 3.2 seconds. Hey, something’s got to keep those bellies big and round!

Sorry for the sucky quality, but y’know how it goes. Maybe there’ll be something a little better (and longer) tomorrow or Monday, we’ll see!

(pic) “Hey. Where’d THOSE come from?!”

(pic) I don’t know what was up yesterday, but the other kittens would NOT stop sniffing Zoe’s butt.

(pic) The most beautiful raccoon kitteh in the world!

More uploaded pictures over at Flickr.



(pic) Every now and then, when she’s hanging out on top of the kitchen cupboards, Stinkerbelle spots this dark spot on the ceiling and she gets all excited. I think she thinks it’s a bug. She races over to the end of the cupboard and stares and stares at it.

(pic) She hangs so far over the edge that it makes me nervous and I stand beneath her and say “Stinky, stop! Stinky, get back. YOU ARE GOING TO FALL!”

(pic) She just ignores me, though.

(pic) I’m sure that one day she’s going to be doing this, and I’m going to be trying to convince her to back up, and she’s going to slip and fall and land on my head, and next thing I’ll be motoring around the back forty in a breath-controlled wheelchair. Between Stinkerbelle and Fred, I think it’s just a matter of time before I get that wheelchair.



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