Survivor spoilers in this section; skip to the next if you didn’t see the season finale! I really really really really am shocked and amazed that Parvati won; I think Amanda should have, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when we saw that Parvati won. I thought she’d get MAYBE two … Continue reading “5/12/08”

Survivor spoilers in this section; skip to the next if you didn’t see the season finale!

I really really really really am shocked and amazed that Parvati won; I think Amanda should have, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when we saw that Parvati won. I thought she’d get MAYBE two votes, but I expected Amanda to totally sweep the votes. I haven’t watched the reunion show yet, I’m going to watch it later this morning, but I’ll be interested to see who voted for who, and maybe why.

It’s possible that Amanda’s crying at the last tribal council turned some jury members off. We had to fast forward through Amanda sobbing about how she didn’t know whether to take Cirie or Parvati with her, because JESUS CHRIST, PEOPLE. Get some perspective. It’s not like you’re voting these people off to be executed! They’re gonna LIVE, they’re just not going to be millionaires!

I absolutely cringed through Ozzy’s speech, because was he not saying that Parvati should have played the game except when it came to HIM? And the whole declaration of his feelings for Amanda bit, ugh. Sweet, but there are better times and places for that.

This season was absolutely the best season since I can remember, I’m sad it’s over!

Eliza is the most annoying Survivor on earth. God, I can’t stand her. She and Jonny Fairplay need to go off and have annoying babies together.

I told Fred last night that the dream final three would have been Yau-Man, James, and Ozzy. We wouldn’t have known who to root for!



I have read you for many years, but I was in a car accident recently, and being able to read my favorite blogs went by the wayside. I have gone back through to read the posts I missed, but I have yet to see where you said Spud is. I don’t get to read about her anymore, so I assume she is in college, or off living her own life. But why don’t you mention her very often anymore?

The spud left for Rhode Island last July to live with her father and stepmother, and eventually attend college. I saw her at Christmas when I went to Maine – my mother, sister and I drove down to Rhode Island to spend the day with her. My original plan was to fly into Rhode Island, spend a couple of days with her, then drive to Maine, but due to the weather, that didn’t work out.

I don’t mention her very often anymore because in the past when I’ve mentioned her, it’s been in the context of my day-to-day life and interactions with her. Since she’s living in Rhode Island, my day-to-day interactions with her tend to be limited to the phone, text messages, and emails. Also, I think she deserves her privacy.

She’s getting ready to attend college in the Fall, has a serious boyfriend who’s in the military (and seems like a good guy), and has a job. That’s how and where the spud is. Rest assured that if anything big happens in her life, I’ll mention it.



I had a really good weekend. Saturday, I got up and at ’em early with the intention of cleaning the house from top to bottom INCLUDING the bathrooms (which I usually avoid like the plague), and I was actually done with that by noon. It usually takes until early- to mid-afternoon, so I’m not sure why it went so quickly this time around. I even dusted the entire house!

The afternoon, I spent paying bills, balancing the checkbook, spending time with Kara and the babies, and just generally puttering around. It was a really good day, one of those days when I didn’t really do a lot, but accomplished everything I needed to, getting all those small, annoying tasks I’d been putting off done and over with.

We were supposed to get bad storms Saturday night. We got thunder and lightning and rain around 11ish, and Fred came downstairs at some point to check the online local news site to see what the weather was, but I was asleep by the time he came back upstairs. Thunder and lightning generally doesn’t keep me awake. We got a little rain, but nothing too terribly bad, and Sunday dawned fairly sunny and a little cool and all the trees were still standing, which is all we really ask for, most days.

Sunday, I intended to sleep in, but Mister Boogers had other ideas and started knocking stuff off my bedside table and dresser around 6:30. I ignored him for about 45 minutes, but finally gave up and got out of bed and told him he was an asshole (which he already knew). I got laundry started and then got to spend an hour wrestling with my computer. The black and white laser printer we’ve had FOREVER, and which is attached to my computer (rather than the color printer/ scanner, which is attached to Fred’s computer because he hardly ever prints anything out) is ancient and I had to get some special adapter cord to attach it to my new computer. Sometimes it prints shit out, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes if I reboot and then immediately try to print something out, it works. Other times, I reboot and immediately try to print something out, and the computer and printer decide they don’t like each other.


So we ordered some other something from New Egg (don’t ask me what the fuck it is, I neither know nor care) and then I told Fred I’d just use his printer until the whatever-it-is comes later this week, and I hooked up his printer to my computer, and then we spent forfuckingever getting the goddamn printer set up because of GODDAMN VISTA.

Anyway, now I can print shit out except that NATURALLY the ink level is low, so everything prints out too light and it annoys the shit out of me, so mental note: go to Staples and buy more goddamn ink, alrighty?

And then I hung laundry out to dry (very good clothes-drying day yesterday – coolish but very very windy, which made the clothes dry in about ten seconds flat) and did other shit that has slipped my mind, then I visited Kara and her babies and then lay in bed and read for a little while, then I was in the shower when Fred knocked on the door and asked if I wanted breakfast, and he made me French toast and sausage for breakfast under orders from Mister Boogers, who would have made me breakfast himself except that he has problems controlling the spatula what with the lack of opposable thumbs.

Breakfast = very good. Then I went out to the garage and did what I’d been putting off, which was breaking down the 3,000 cardboard boxes that have been piling up, so I could cart them to the recycling center, which I did in two trips.

Home again, I spent more time with Kara and the babies, read some more, cleaned the kitchen, ate lunch, then had a hissy fit when my mouse decided to stop working. I unplugged my mouse and keyboard (they’re wireless) and threw them across the room (HIGHLY satisfying) and stormed out to the garage to get the mouse and keyboard that had come with my computer and hooked them up and they worked just fine.

And… that was my weekend!



I asked Fred to put Kara and her babies in a carrier for me Friday night, because the cat hair had been building up on the carpet since I’d vacuumed the week before, so he did that, and I started vacuuming, and then I discovered that a little towel I’d left on the floor next to the padded teepee where the kittens have been sleeping was wet. I sniffed it (shut UP, how else am I going to know what it was wet from?), and it didn’t smell like anything at all, actually. I brought it downstairs and made Fred smell it, and he suggested that maybe bitty kitty pee doesn’t smell like regular cat pee, which is entirely possible, who the fuck knows? So I finished vacuuming and put more little towels down just in case the kittens were peeing, and kept in mind that I needed to buy some plain clay cat litter on Saturday.

Fred had to run some errands on Saturday, so he picked up plain clay cat litter for me, and I set up a couple of small litter boxes on either side of the teepee. The kittens took turns climbing into the litter boxes, and I took their little paws and moved them through the litter in a scratching motion, and then they looked at me like I was torturing them and cried, and climbed out and ran around and played.

A few hours later I happened to be in the room when Inara climbed into one litter box, scratched around, cried plaintively, climbed back out, went to the other litter box, scratched around, peed, and climbed back out.


She’s not using it every time, but I did see her use it a second time, on Sunday. I think those babies are certainly on their way to being litterbox trained. If I could just get them to stop trying to eat the litter, I’d be a little happier, though. They’re completely uninterested in regular kitten food, but considering that they’ve got warm milk on tap just about whenever they want it, can’t say as I blame them.

(Kittens tend to try to eat the litter at first, which is why you can’t litterbox train them with the clumping stuff. Plain clay litter won’t hurt them, but apparently the clumping stuff causes all manners of bad things to happen. Or so I’ve heard.)




(pic) “Okay, lady, I do like the belly rub. But be careful. I don’t like when it tickles.”

(pic) “You unnerstand? Okay, good. Let the rubbing begin.”

(pic) ::giggle::

(pic) “::giggle:: Stop! Stop! No, don’t stop! Stop! No, don’t! It TICKLES!”

Ton o’ kitten pics over at Flickr.



(pic) “Hellew.”



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