I had blood drawn yesterday so that they could do all the usual preop lab work before I have surgery next week and I don’t believe I’ve ever had so much blood drawn at one time, I was wondering if they were just going to completely drain me to make the surgery a bit less … Continue reading “5/14/08”

I had blood drawn yesterday so that they could do all the usual preop lab work before I have surgery next week and I don’t believe I’ve ever had so much blood drawn at one time, I was wondering if they were just going to completely drain me to make the surgery a bit less messy.

This afternoon I have my preop appointment with the surgeon, and then it’s time to spend the next week alternating between twiddling my thumbs and racing around in a panic to get everything done beforehand. Everything = cleaning the house, making meals ahead that only need to be warmed up, and… well, that’s about it, I guess.

An interesting note is that although the surgeon told me it takes about a month after surgery before patients wake up and roll out of bed feeling completely normal again, it would take six months to a year before I could scoop litter boxes. So no scooping for me for at least six months, that’ll be Fred’s job! No really, he said that! True story!

(I wonder if I could get that in writing?)

You guys are smart motherfuckers who know a lot about a lot. I need a dress that buttons or zips up the front to wear home from the hospital. Go find me one. All suggestions appreciated!



Miss Momma (aka “Maxi”) went missing for almost an entire day. She didn’t come home and didn’t come home and Fred went down to ask the neighbor if she’d seen her, and she hadn’t, and we called and called and got all kinds of worried, and then around dinnertime the neighbor’s kids brought her home and said she’d been hanging out over at the (empty) house next door to them.




I think I’ve mentioned that we have a couple of chickens who’ve “gone broody” and were spending all their time sitting on eggs. We had to be careful and keep an eye on them to make sure they were sitting on the right nests (one of them got out of her nest, went to eat, and came back to the wrong nest several times, meaning we (Fred) had to move her back to the right one). A few days ago, Fred went out and candled the eggs to see if they were all fertile and to see how far along they were. He predicted that the dumb one (who got back on the wrong nest several times) would be hatching her eggs this week. Last night, he reported that they’d started hatching. We went out together to take a look, but every time we open the flap, the hen puffs up and looks scary.

Well, she TRIES to look scary. Mostly, to me, she looks scared so we left her alone.

We know there’s at least one hatched baby under her. I’ll be curious to see how many hatch okay, and how that works out.




The land next to our back forty is owned by a family that has a bunch of horses. I don’t know exactly how much land they have, but it’s enough to support six horses or more. Every now and then when Fred and I take a walk around the back forty, we hear horses. The other night when Fred was out there himself, a white horse came over to be petted (and to see if Fred had any food, I’m sure).

Last night I got some pictures of a couple of them.

They certainly are pretty. Too bad I’m not a horse person – or not, I’m not sure we have the room for a horse in the back forty. I’d like to see Mister Boogers riding a horse around, though.




After using up the tape in the camcorder, I went through all the footage and cobbled it all together and made a way-too-long movie that clocks in at 7 minutes long.

Sorry about that.

I’ll try, in the future, to go through the footage a little more often and make shorter movies.

In the meantime, you can see the movie at YouTube:

or watch it in MPG format, here.

(I used Muvee AutoProducer for this one, which came free with my computer. It’s pretty simple to use, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using that from here on out. It’s made for the dummies like me who can’t deal with anything too complicated.)

Also, I’m sorry about the incessant babbling and baby talk. I thought about adding music to the video, but I wanted you to be able to hear the babies and Kara “talking”.

Kara and the babies are continuing to kill me with the cute. I witnessed River using the litter box last night and when I made a fuss over him (“Look, Momma! He use the litter box!”), all the cats looked at me like they just might be getting tired of the incessant baby talk.

I cannot help it.

All the kittens are sniffing around the cat food when Kara eats. Inara’s very interested in the bowl of water and though she hasn’t quite hit the point where she’s drinking it, she is sniffing at it, getting her nose in it, then licking the water off.

These babies are just growing up way too fast. I want them to stay itty bitty forever, but they’re already HUGE compared to three weeks ago.


(flickr) “Where my Momma? I’m STARVIN’!”

(flickr) “HI Momma. I’m your favorite, right? You love me most?”
“That’s right. I love you most of all, little whatsyerface.”

Tons of kitten pics up over at Flickr.



(flickr) “That Momma cat did NOT kick my ass. I let her THINK she was kicking my ass because sometimes after wimmins has babies, they get to thinking ‘I used to be a badass. Am I still a badass, or did having them babies weaken me?’ and I wanted to reassure her that she was still a badass. So I went into the room and I was all ‘Kick my ass!’, and then I rolled around and pretended to scream and let her think she was kicking my ass. But really, I was having a GOOD TIME pretending to be scared. Did you hear me screaming ‘OhmylordjesuspleasedonthurtmeowowowowowOW!’? That was all acting. I’m a very good actor. Tom Cruise calls me all the time for acting hints. I tells him ‘Tom, you just get into the scene and let your heart lead the way. If your heart ain’t feelin’ it, you let the hetred lead the way. The hetred will never steer you wrong.’ It’s true!”



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