Fred sent me the link to this page a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to link to it, because it makes me guffaw. Photobombers of the Day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Is it just me, or did this week just CRAWL by? I imagine time will be at a crawl until late next Tuesday, which … Continue reading “5/16/08”

Fred sent me the link to this page a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to link to it, because it makes me guffaw.

Photobombers of the Day.



Is it just me, or did this week just CRAWL by? I imagine time will be at a crawl until late next Tuesday, which is when I’m due to start freaking out about having major surgery which means that time will begin rocketing by at a too-fast pace.



Didn’t you have a Cafe Press store at one point? The afternoon McLovin series (complete with captions) would make excellent note cards.

I actually have three of them, but there’s nothing there for now except the 2008 And3rson Kitties and Foster Kitties calendars. I’ll have to think about making McLovin cards, but I’m not sure how many people would actually be interested enough to buy them.



If there are 2 orange kitties and 2 kitty beds why does Newt get them both and does Sugey mind?

Those beds weren’t intended to stay there forever – I washed them then put them on the dryer intending to put them wherever they were before I washed them, then the cats started laying on them and so I just left them. Newt gets them because he was there first, of course.



Can you hear him from the house? Does it ever get annoying with him going on all day about what a stud he is?

You can generally hear McLovin from anywhere in the house. It all depends on where he’s crowing from whether it’s annoying or not. If he’s doing it from the fence post directly outside the computer room and he goes on and on and ON about it, it can get annoying. Most of the time it’s just like background noise and I tend not to notice it – unless, again, he goes on and on about it. And he DOES like to go on and on about it, except when I get the damn camera out.

Here’s some time in the life of McLovin the Man on YouTube:

Or in MPG format, here.

The parts where you can hear him crowing but it’s muted is shot through the window.



Is the no-litter-scooping because you aren’t supposed to bend over that far while you’re healing? Because if so, I have a suggestion, not for the litter, but for picking-up whatever you might drop: garden shops and hardware stores usually have a thingie that looks like a kind of claw at the end of a long stick. You put the claw-thing on what you want to pick up, squeeze the handle, and the jaws of the claw close around your dropped sock (or whatever) and voila! you’ve got it with no bending. Works like a charm. I use mine to retrieve things from in back of the washer, to retrieve soda bottles and cans that have fallen into a deep crack in back of my storage area, and so on. It works to pick up stuff as heavy as a large can of soup, and as light as a bit of paper.

I was kidding when I said that I couldn’t scoop out the litter boxes for six months. I’m sure after a week or so (depending on how it feels to bend over and scoop them) I’ll be so incensed at Fred doing it WRONG that I’ll take back scooping duties.

I actually have one of those claw-on-a-stick things. I keep it in the garage (to help me with filling the bird feeders), but after thinking about it, it would certainly come in handy in the house!



Ok, it’s official: Zoe’s my favorite. I love those serious stripes on her forehead. You do realize that this might send me to my local shelter sometime this summer to check out them kittens there, don’t you? Is that intentional (I hope it is!)?


Since so many people fell in love with Kaylee. I pick River now as my cyber kitty love. He has a face doesn’t he?


Is it wrong to choose a favorite? I love Zoe and Inara! LOVE THEM!

Honestly, every time I think one of them is my favorite, another one comes along and steals my heart.

I love River because he always looks so amazed by everything (and also because he’s the first one out of the teepee when I walk in the room).

I love Inara because she’s a feisty little brat and not scared of anything at all (I’ve been calling her “Chompers McGee”).

I love Zoe because she’s the littlest and sweet and cuddly, but I apparently needed protection from the camera yesterday (it turned itself off), and she didn’t hesitate to show that camera what was what.

I love Kaylee because she’s gorgeous (well, they’re all gorgeous) and reserved, but yesterday finally decided I was okay, and she climbed in my lap and stayed with me for a good long time before she ran off to play.

And I love Kara because she’s a good, caring Momma and even though the kittens are probably driving her bonkers, she’s (usually) patient with them and makes sure they have plenty to eat.

It is absolutely not wrong to pick a favorite, I understand completely.

Also, it’s not my intention to convince y’all to visit your local shelters and check out the kittens (and maybe bring one or two home), but if that’s the end result of my posting pictures and videos and stories, it’s certainly worth the effort it takes!



Since as a SAHD, I sit around eating bon bons, watching Oprah, smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo, I find myself reading the odd “PREVIOUSLY” entries. One of the ones from yesterday led me to a description of a visit to a petting zoo. You made the comment that you made Fred promise if you ever have land he would get you Pygmy Goats. Welllllllllllllllllllllll? Where are they to be found on Crooked Acres?

Hush up, shit stirrer. You’ll note that I said:

I said to Fred “Someday, if we have a house on enough land, promise me we’ll get some pygmy goats!” He wouldn’t, though, damn him.

See? Fred wouldn’t agree. I would certainly never suggest that he change his mind, so no goats for us!



Did Kara hurt Mr Boogers Eye?

No, Mister Boogers has allergies in the Spring (and Fall), and tends to have a goopy left eye for a couple of months each year. Dosing him with Chlorpheneramine (which we buy over the counter) usually helps, but we’re not great with dosing him regularly, and tend not to unless his eye looks particularly bad.



Wow That’s a quick date for the surgery. How long is the recovery supposed to be? *ouch*

The surgeon said it’ll be about a month before I wake up in the morning and feel completely normal. What I’ve read online says that I should be able to resume normal activities after about two weeks. We’ll see!



I used to do a vinegar rinse in the laundry all the time till I got a new HE washer. The directions say to ONLY use fabric softener (or nothing) in the dispenser and it scared me out of using vinegar (which is corrosive) anymore. Do you think it would be alright anyway?

I’d recommend you try calling the manufacturer’s customer support line and ask them. I’d hate to tell you to go ahead and do it only to have your washer die on you!

You read this all the time but, DEAR GOD, those kittens are so damnedably cute. Which one is Nance getting?

I think Nance is refusing to come visit again ’til all the kittens are gone. I think she should take Inara, personally, but I don’t think she’ll go for it after adopting the evil Maddy.



I am hesitant to ask this because I have the exact same thing going on at my own blog, but I’m going to ask anyway. You probably have some genius readers (or husband) who can tweak it right up for you without killing your whole site for a week like I did mine the last time I tried to “fix” anything. So, here goes:

Is there a way to make your … masthead, logo thingie up there, clickable so it goes to the “main” (i.e. current) page? I was browsing your past years and got sort of stuck in a 2007 time warp. I had to – horrors! – click on my bookmark to get back here. I looked for a “home” or “main” button, but if there is one I missed it. I kept clicking on the piggie in the unreasonable hope that if I clicked enough times it’d take me back to the main/today’s page. (I considered using my back button but that’s entirely too sensible. Can’t be having with the sensibleness, now.)

I actually fiddled around with this after I read your comment last week. You’d think it’d just be a matter of putting an html tag around the image tag, but I tried it and it didn’t work worth a shit.

I’m thinking it would be easier to just add a “home” link at the tops and/ or bottoms of the entries, but I don’t know how to do that, either.




You may have thought of this, or are doing this and I’m not aware, but have you ever thought of printing some of your awesome photos of the fosters you take in and maybe putting them in a little inexpensive photo album to let the shelter folks give to the people who end up adopting the kitties? You could even write something about what the kitties like to do, their “history” at your house, etc.

I think if I were going to make a decision about adopting a cat, a little something special like that would make me feel like I knew the cat a little better, and that it had definitely been cared for. Plus, especially with the baby kitties, since they change so much, it’s just really cool to see the transformation.


I just had what may be a goofy idea just pop into my head while looking at the (per usual) heart achingly sweet pictures of the kitties. When it is time for each cat/kitten to go to the shelter, it would be kind of cool to make up a little baby book (including your captioning) to take with each one which would guarantee melt the hearts of whomever is looking. Especially for the ones who may be taking too long to be adopted. I know it would work for me if I was the one looking. 😮 You could print out a few pictures on paper and punch a hole and use a ribbon or something to tie it onto the cage so people could look through them. Just a thought.

I’d probably be more likely to burn the pictures to a disc so their new owners can have their baby pictures than to put together a picture album – I don’t really have the patience to go through all the pictures, print them out, and put them in an album. Little kittens get adopted pretty quickly, but seeing as HG still hasn’t been adopted (DAMNIT), maybe I’ll put something together for him that shows off his personality.



have you ever read animal farm by george orwell?

I have not. Should I?



It’s hilarious that you have the patience to take 70,000 pictures of the bebbe kitteh’s every day (to get the perfect pictures of them yawning/fighting/open mouthed), yet zero patience when it comes to in-animate objects that malfunction. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone markets to this very urge we all have when frustrated.

Malfunctioning inanimate objects just piss me off IMMEDIATELY. I’ve got a hairtrigger temper when it comes to the computer – or really, anything electronic – not working the way it should. All I want is shit to WORK the way it’s supposed to, why is that such a fucking PROBLEM?

Kittens won’t use the litter box? Sit and gnaw on my hand? Won’t yawn when I’m pointing the camera at them? I’ve got infinite patience for THAT!



Say, just how did you dispose of that dead grackle? Inquiring minds want to know.

This is from my husband, the shit-stirrer, who thinks that you will all stop loving me if I tell you that I tossed that dead grackle into the pig yard and didn’t look back. What? It’s DEAD. (PS: The grackle was gone later when Fred looked.)



All the babies are now using the litter box, hooray! They’re not pooping in it, but I’m sure that’ll happen soon enough. They’re exploring the room a lot more now, sniffing at the bowls of water and showing no interest in food at all. That’s okay – just like your average kid doesn’t go off to college still in diapers, your average kitten figures out that whole eating-food thing when his or her Momma decides it’s time to stop being quite so free and easy with the milk. They’re still little, they’ll get it sooner or later.

I weighed the kittens last night. Inara (whose other nickname is “Porky McGee”, since she outweighs the other kittens by at least an ounce, which is a lot when you weigh less than two pounds.) continues to lead the pack at 1 lb 7 ounces, and Zoe (“Peanut McGee”) is still the littlest at 1 pound 4 ounces. River (“Goofy McGee”) and Kaylee (“Badger McGee”) are spaced respectably in between the other two.

(pic) Kaylee is the sleepiest of the four. Always ready for a nap, always last out of the teepee. In between, she races around like her butt’s on fire.

I don’t know what was going on in the kitten room yesterday, but apparently it was pretty amazing.

(pic) “You did WHAT?!?!”

(pic) “She did WHAT?!?!”

(pic) “NO WAY!”

We took the kittens’ 4-week pictures last night.

See River’s progression pictures here.
See Inara’s progression pictures here.
See Kaylee’s progression pictures here.
See Zoe’s progression pictures here.

Buttloads of cute kitten pics over at Flickr.

Also, a video demonstrating why I call Kara the Queen of Clean.

And you can watch it in MPG format, here.



(pic) “You rang?”



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