Would the person who did a site search on “terrified pickles” please tell me what on earth you were looking for? You can leave an anonymous comment, you don’t have to out yourself or anything, I’m just very curious to know what you were hoping to find! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Y’all are some white sheet-having motherfuckers, … Continue reading “6-19-08”

Would the person who did a site search on “terrified pickles” please tell me what on earth you were looking for? You can leave an anonymous comment, you don’t have to out yourself or anything, I’m just very curious to know what you were hoping to find!



Y’all are some white sheet-having motherfuckers, aren’t you? I think I’m going to stick with my blue sheets for the time being, but maybe when they’re old and threadbare, I’ll look into buying some white ones.

I generally go a couple of weeks between sheet-washing. It doesn’t bother me to know that I’m sleeping on dirty sheets – they don’t LOOK dirty, they don’t smell dirty, why wash ’em, right? I wash towels once a week or thereabouts, and as far as I know I don’t walk around stinking. My towel dries completely between uses and I’m CLEAN when I use it, why would I use a new one every day?

(I also don’t have to worry about staining the sheets at certain times of the month since I discovered the Diva Cup, miracle invention.)

Really, when it comes down to it, I’m just kind of all-around nasty. I’m always picking at my face and chewing on my nails and pulling at my hair, and I sometimes don’t wash my hands after I go to the bathroom (because, come on. I do use toilet paper. I rarely get nasty stuff on my hands in the bathroom, and if I do, I wash them. Otherwise, my hands are always dry enough, why dry them out even more with more washing?). I do wear clean clothes every day (though when I work out, I’m known to wear the same shorts and shirt for several days before I wash them) and I can’t wear a bra for more than one day. My boobs get sweaty, okay? I can’t re-wear a bra that’s been sweated in. I CANNOT.

You people who carry around the antiseptic hand shit? You’re breeding bacteria that is going to TAKE OVER THE FUCKING WORLD. I don’t use that shit, and I don’t remember the last time I was sick. I don’t wash fruits and vegetables that come from the grocery store and I’m still standing. That “veggie wash” is a ripoff. Also, I don’t usually put money in my mouth, but I did it lots when I was younger (like, stuck a twenty between my teeth while I was looking for my keys, not put it in my mouth and chewed on it or anything), and I don’t think I ever got sick from it. The idea grosses me out now, though, I have no desire to stick a germ-laden twenty in my mouth.

I do clean out the litter boxes twice a day, though. Well. Before I had surgery I was. Fred’s been cleaning them out twice a day for the last four weeks. As of this morning, I’m back on litter duty, though I’m still not lifting any heavy buckets of clean litter (that’s Fred’s job for at least a while longer). I also change out the dish towels and dish cloth in the kitchen on a daily basis, which is why I have a huge drawer stuffed full of clean dish towels and dish cloths.

Everyone has their “thing” I suppose, whether it’s scrubbing out the toilets daily (I do; the cats drink out of them!) or using that antiseptic shit on their hands 45 times a day.

What’s YOUR “thing”? Tell me about it, you freaks.



The garden is slowly starting to produce. Fred’s bringing yellow and pattypan squash in almost every day, along with rattlesnake green beans. I LOVE the green beans this year – the ones we grew last year were supposed to be stringless, but they weren’t and we ended up not eating very many of them. The rattlesnake green beans are really good raw and even better boiled and served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I had raw green beans on my salad at lunch yesterday; pure heaven. I think today at lunch I’m going to go out and pick a handful of green beans and a yellow squash and eat them raw.



There are two tomato plants in the back yard. They’re located exactly where the chicken coop was last year. Basically, chickens ate the tomatoes, shit out the seeds and two plants resulted. Fred staked them up, and they’re loaded with little green cherry tomatoes. We call them the assmater plants, and so far they’ve only provided us with a couple of ripe cherry assmaters (which were DELICIOUS). No tomatoes from the main garden yet; I expect they’ll all get ripe at the same time. I’m waiting impatiently for an influx of tomatoes; considering how much I hated tomatoes as a kid, that still surprises me a little. We got some ripe tomatoes at a nearby farm stand over the weekend; they were flavorless and mealy.

I’ve started freezing stuff, mostly squash, a serving or two of green beans.

Come on, tomatoes and corn – get a move on!

Oh, we haven’t gotten any zucchini yet, either. I made a buttload of zucchini bread last year, then thawed a loaf and tried it a few weeks ago. I didn’t care for it. I won’t do that again this year!

The cucumbers are slowly coming in, too. Fred wants me to make him a jar of dill pickles using the pickling cucumbers. Considering the rate they’re ripening, it might be a few weeks before I have enough cucumbers for that.

Got a favorite summer squash recipe? Feel free to share, I don’t want to get bored with our usual (boiled squash, oven-fried summer squash, sauteed squash and onion, and Aunt Fannie’s Baked Squash)!



Today’s kitten movie is only about a minute long. You’ve got Zoe scratching around to cover something, Kaylee kicking River’s ass while Inara watches, and then Zoe falling asleep. Tomorrow’s movie will be the last one of the kittens at 6 weeks old (they turned 9 weeks old today), so I suppose I’ll need to get to shooting some more footage, before they’re completely grown.

See it here in MPG format.

I finally got to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy a third baby gate. This means that I can leave the house for a longer period of time without worrying that Kara climbed over the baby gates and killed all our cats, or Mister Boogers climbed over the baby gates and went running upstairs all “Let me show you who THE MAN IS, bitches!” and got his ass killed. With three baby gates, I can block the doorway completely.

There have been a few instances of the kittens venturing down the stairs and looking through the baby gates at Miz Poo, who likes to lay at the bottom of the stairs. They’re mostly curious, not really scared, though last night when we were wrangling kittens Kaylee ran out the foster kitten room and came face to face with Tommy; they hissed at each other, and she puffed up to twice her size.

Now that they’re spending so much time hanging out and playing on my bed, when I go upstairs to visit, they’re a little more willing to be cuddled. They’re also a little more willing to bite my face. It’s a fair trade-off.


Such a pretty momma.

More kitten pics over at Flickr.






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