Happy Independence Day, Americans! (And happy July 4th to the rest of you!) Yesterday, Nance and Trey and I went to Target, stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond, and then went to lunch at Lonestar before we hit the mall. I had a gift card for Lonestar, and it covered the entire check, but when … Continue reading “7-4-08”

Happy Independence Day, Americans!

(And happy July 4th to the rest of you!)

Yesterday, Nance and Trey and I went to Target, stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond, and then went to lunch at Lonestar before we hit the mall.

I had a gift card for Lonestar, and it covered the entire check, but when I looked in my wallet to leave the tip (after arguing with Nance about it; Nance subsequently went outside to wait for Trey and I), I realized I only had a one dollar bill and a ten dollar bill, and had to bum $5 off Trey for the tip. Later, when I had a $5 bill, I tried to repay him, and Nance did a body block and adamantly wouldn’t allow it.

Evil people.

We went to the mall and spent a few hours wandering around, in and out of Hot Topic and Spencer Gifts and Dillard and Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, and did a lot of people-watching. I actually didn’t buy anything (Fred is now dead from the shock of hearing such a thing, I’m sure), and Trey got a nice Insane Clown Posse hockey jersey for a killer price, and Nance got a sweatshirt for a killer price, but I just couldn’t find a thing I wanted.

We left the mall and headed for home, stopping at Publix on the way. I had a short list of stuff to get, so I blew through the store while Nance wandered around open-mouthed and tried to stop and look at stuff, but she was afraid I’d lose her, so she hurried to keep up. It honestly didn’t occur to me that she’d want to look around in a grocery store (besides, it totally didn’t even have a huge candy aisle like the one she took me to in Pennsylvania!), so we were out of there pretty quickly.

At home, we hung out, I checked on Kara and her babies and Trey and I shot the shit, and eventually Fred got home and we left for dinner at Big Bob Gibson’s. We always drag Nance and Rick to Big Bob Gibson’s when they come to visit, it’s TRADITION, so we did it this time, too. Trey mentioned that the BBQ chicken salad looked good, and I decided it did too, and then Nance got all copycat, so the three of us had that. The salad, I have to say, was very good, and the chicken was good, but I think next time I’ll have the salad with pork instead. Big Bob’s is known for their pork, y’know.

Fred and Trey watched Schindler’s List (hey, who doesn’t like a light, upbeat comedy, right?) and Nance and I surfed and gabbed the night away. I even put the chickens up by myself, and Nance and I went out to feed the pigs their nightly snack, so Fred could keep watching the movie.

In the highlight of the day, one of the cats peed on a cat bed in the guest bedroom. It could have been worse, but GODDAMN my cats and their nasty, assholey ways.



As I’ve been going through my old entries and re-publishing them, I’ve been reading my entries from this time in 2005 and dreading what I knew what coming: tomorrow marks three years since Mia had to be put to sleep. For those of you who weren’t with me back then (or don’t remember), Mia and her babies were our first foster kittens. You can read about her growing sick and having to be put to sleep here, and then an entry about her the next day, here.

I ended up raising – so many of you donated – just under $2,200 in her memory. I think that is awesome, and for those of you who donated and are still around, I’ll say it again – thank you so much.



Robyn, please thank everyone for their “logo love” and let them know that I’m a digital scrapbooker (never was, and never will be, a paper scrapper,) and your logo is from one of the MANY digital kits I have. The great part about digital is NO MESS and NO PAPER CUTS. And, you can reuse supplies over and over and over again. It’s my creative outlet. If anyone want to know more, you kindly linked them to my neglected blog and they can contact me through there. Peace!



Sending happy and feel better thoughts toward Crooked Acres today. Sounds like a rough one. I am still sitting here waiting patiently to hear how the homemade laundry soap worked. I want to go get the stuff to make some, but want to hear your testimonial first.

I still haven’t used it – that damn Tide is lasting forever! – but I plan to do laundry this weekend and will use it then and report back (if I remember!) on Monday.



I was going through my bookmarked blogs the other day and ran across the old link for Anita’s site (bald moses). I miss her writing. Do you know what happened to her? Is she writing somewhere else?

I’ll have to let you know; I’m not sure!



So, does the new truck have a name?

Fred’s calling it Jezebel, I believe (well, actually he calls it “the truck”, but he’s called her Jezebel once or twice). Which is the same name the previous truck had. Fred believes in sticking with a good thing.



Have you seen Chase No-Face? A warning, some of the pics are rather disturbing if you get close-ups. But the cat seems to be healthy, happy, pain-free, and thriving. My hats are off to the owners… I do not think I could do it.

I hadn’t heard of Chase No-Face (that I recall – and I think I’d recall!) and I didn’t get too far into the site, but god bless his owners for caring for and loving him so much!



I hate to even ask this question (and I bet someone has already asked it), but are you thinking about keeping one of the kittens? I mean, I know that technically you don’t want/need another permanent cat but you sure do seem super extra bonded to those little fuckers. You practically birthed them yourself!

I am honestly not thinking about keeping one of the kittens – and mostly because there’s just no way on earth I could pick just one. I love River because he’s beautiful and goofy and playful. I love Inara because she’s my little explorer, and sometimes she’ll let me hold her and pet her for a long time, and she always greets me with a quiet meow. I love Kaylee because she’s shy but gets over her shyness quickly, she looks like a little raccoon, and she’s the sweetest little thing on earth. I love Zoe because she’s my troublesome little peanut and when I pet her she purrs immediately and I LOVE HER.

I swear to god, sometimes I really do feel like I birthed these kittens myself!



Completely unrelated question here: I’ve been “hearing” you talk about a binder after your tummy tuck–what is that, exactly? Are there pictures of somesuch wondrous tool? You see, if I’m lucky to give birth to my watermelon in December, I’m wondering what I can do to help my body get back into the shape it’s supposed to be, and in my home country, there’s usually some wrapping of sorts going on (even with small weights, to help the innards deflate and contract faster). So, I’d be grateful for any pictures/ descriptions etc. that you could post.

It’s nothing magical, just kind of a girdle sort of thing and it looks like this. I’m still wearing it quite a bit, usually I go without for a few hours, then put it on around noon – I don’t know that I necessarily need it at this point (yesterday marked 6 weeks since my surgery), it’s kind of a security blanket.



kaylee is the cutest kitty evah, next to Miz Poo. I am not cat-savvy, so what do you call that color pattern? Is that a tortie? Anyway, she was the cutest as a bebe and now….what a gorgeous girlie! I’d be VERY tempted to keep her, Robyn. You know you can always fit another kitty in at Crooked Acres, eh???? (wink)

She’s a tortie (tortoiseshell), or I suppose to be completely correct she’d be considered “tortie and white”, since I believe true torties don’t have white. I don’t remember ever seeing a tortie without white, though, to be honest.

We won’t be keeping Kaylee, not because I don’t want to (you KNOW I do!), but because like I said above, I couldn’t possibly keep just one of them.



Ok, after reading this entry, and hearing about your desire for an above ground pool, I proceeded to dream last night that I was visiting your house, that you had indeed gotten the pool and that you were swimming in it with Mr. Boogers. I also went swimming, and when I was finished, I went into your kitchen and Fred handed me a kitchen curtain to use as a towel. At this point, I realized that I was, in fact MUST BE, dreaming and woke myself up. Just wanted to share.

I love it when you goofballs have weird dreams about us!

(Also, the extra towels are in the washstand in the dining room. In case anyone needs to know in a future dream!)

Mister Boogers is not much of a swimmer, either, by the way.



I haven’t seen the book (blue eggs/yellow tomatoes) but the glowing reviews on Amazon are suspect (to me anyway). Two are from Altadena CA, which is “minutes from downtown L.A.” which makes me think these are the author’s neighbors/friends/relatives. The few recipes mentioned in the reviews do not entice me–it’s the kind of book foodies in L.A. of a certain age love. I wouldn’t buy it.

The only cookbook I’ve bought recently is Small-Batch Baking. When we were in Tennessee a few weeks ago, I was looking at a cookbook, and Fred said “Are you going to buy that?” and I said “Why on earth would I? I have the best cookbook on earth. I call it THE INTERNET!”



Not to be an alarmist, but regarding Zorbing- did you see this?

LET ME DREAM, you alarmist hater!

(I kid.)

I hadn’t, though I don’t know that it would stop me should a miracle occur and I could ever drag Fred off the farm for more than a few hours at a time.



There was an interesting documentary on ABC last night “The Outsiders” about Amish teens that I found very informative and interesting. You might want to watch it, if you didn’t see it last night.

I didn’t happen to catch it, but I’ve seen lots of news stories (and an Oprah show, if I recall correctly) about the Amish teens and their “running-around time”, known as Rumspringa. For a while I was absolutely fascinated by the concept, and I still think it’s pretty interesting.



You could just get ONE cute cat paw print tattoo… you know, to represent ALL of your cats, or to just show your LOVE of cats, or to show that you’re a crazy cat lady… I think you should. And Fred should get one too.

I think Fred is more likely to go vegan and buy a Prius than to ever get a tattoo – he has less than no desire to ever do it. I tried to convince him to have my name tattooed on his ring finger so he’d be as cool as Tommy Lee (and because he doesn’t wear his wedding band), but he wouldn’t go for it. Hmph.

I said a few years ago that I wanted to get this tattoo. I also like this one. Who knows if I’ll ever actually get one? We’ll have to wait and see!

By the way, when I was looking at cat tattoos on Flickr, I came across this picture of a cat, tattooed. I think you can imagine my opinion on THAT.



The kittens and Kara have recovered nicely. The kittens are back to bouncing around like little rubber balls, and Kara has taken to sitting atop the dresser in the kitten room, and I’m pretty sure that’s because the kittens can’t get to her there. A couple of them tried nursing yesterday, but Kara was having none of it. I think it’s safe to say they’re weaned.


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“She thinks that collar will keep me from going over the fence HAW HAW HAW!”



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