The Great Bra Search – as I am certain you will be SO very pleased to hear – is OVER. I’ve located the perfect bra for me. Well, almost perfect. It ain’t the Olga Perfect Fit, but it’s as close to perfect as I think I’m going to get. I scoured the internet, I thought … Continue reading “7/9/08”

The Great Bra Search – as I am certain you will be SO very pleased to hear – is OVER. I’ve located the perfect bra for me. Well, almost perfect. It ain’t the Olga Perfect Fit, but it’s as close to perfect as I think I’m going to get.

I scoured the internet, I thought I found a source for the Olgas (thank you again, reader Linda!) and I ordered 7 of them and sat back and waited…. and received one. ONE. Because they were out of stock. And hadn’t bothered to tell me before they shipped ONE instead of the SEVEN I ordered. Thanks a LOT, Lady Grace. I found – and ordered – the Olga Perfect Bra in 36DD instead of DDD. Couldn’t hurt to try, right? No dice. I really do need that third D, it appears.

So, the search was on. I don’t know how many bras I ordered, received, and tried on, it was probably in the neighborhood of 15. Bras would come via UPS, FedEx or USPS, I’d have high hopes, only to have them dashed time and again.

On a side note, how much does it piss me off that the bra they recommend to replace the Olga Perfect Fit doesn’t come in size 36DDD, only goes up to a double-D? Grrrrr.

So, finally, last weekend, I got my latest order from FreshPair – two different Wacoal bras and a Goddess. I tried on the Goddess and didn’t care for it. I tried on one of the Wacoals and… eh. Maybe. Then I tried on the second Wacoal – the 85567, FYI – and it fit perfectly. I’m giving up the search, calling it good enough, and sticking with my one lone Olga Perfect Fit bra and will order a couple more of the Wacoals to get me through to January, when I will hopefully have my upper body plastic surgery and the bra-searching will begin anew. JOY.

I hate that the MOST expensive bra I ordered was the one that worked, but I suppose sometimes you’ve gotta pay more to get something that works. Ugh.

So, thank you all for your suggestions and recommendations and keep in mind that just ’cause I didn’t end up with the bra you suggested doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE YOU. It just means our boobs have different needs, is all.



I think I’ve probably bitched about it in the past, but now that I’ve found a solution, let me bitch about it again. In the laundry room, we have two litter boxes. One is a top-entry litter box (this one, though I don’t leave the lid on) and the other is (was) a covered litter box (not this exact one, but similar). Some cats would use one litter box, some would use the other, and some would use both. I figured that the cats who used the covered litter box preferred not to have to jump so high to get in and use the litter box (Spanky and Miz Poo are getting toward the elderly side, after all. Also, Miz Poo has the portly thing going on as well.). BUT one or more of the cats who were using the covered litter box were peeing up the back of it, and because the covered litter box was only so high, the pee would go between the lid and the bottom of the litter box, and sometimes drip out the back.


I got around this problem by draping paper towels along the top of the bottom part of the litter box before I put the top part on (I apologize for the convolution of this paragraph), which stopped the urine from dripping out the back and sides of the litter box, but led to the funnest part of litter box scooping, which was removing the urine-soaked paper towels from between the upper and lower layers of the litter box before I could scoop, then replace the paper towels with clean paper towels.


So I got it into my head that we could get a covered plastic container – like they sell for storage – that was approximately the height of the covered litter box and Fred could cut a hole in the front of the container so they could use it as a litter box, and they could pee up the side of the damn thing all they wanted, and it would just go back into the litter and not drip out the back. Only problem was, we couldn’t find a container as high as the covered litter box, and I didn’t want to go lower (I assumed the cats wouldn’t go for that), so when we were at Lowe’s one day Fred pointed out a container and suggested we give it a try, and I hemmed and hawed because it didn’t have a cover, and then I shrugged and figured “Fuck it”, because the worst that could happen is the little motherfuckers could pee on something else to register their displeasure and THEY ALREADY DO THAT, so we could give it a try.

Fred cut a hole in the container – a bucket, I guess you’d actually call it – and I dumped litter in it, and we waited to see what would happen. What happened is that the cats LOVE the damn thing. They’ve almost all gone to using it exclusively (though the other one gets occasional use). When Fred cut the hole in the front, he did it a little low, though, which meant that the cats were scattering litter all over the place, so this past weekend I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up another one, marked where the hole should go, and eureka! Perfect litter box!

The best part is that the buckets cost less than $6. Beat THAT price for a litter box!




I got an email from the shelter manager yesterday. Apparently they’ve never had a kitten season like this before – cats and kittens are coming in at a very fast rate, the shelter and all the foster homes are filled up, and adoptions are down. There are currently 55 (!) kittens in foster homes, at the pet store, and at the shelter. The shelter manager has come up with a new plan that will helpfully spur adoptions along (basically giving people the option to spend time with the kittens at their foster home – something she’s left up to each foster parent, they’re not required to let strangers into their homes). I’m more than willing to let prospective parents come spend time with the kittens here, and while I hope it helps move adoptions along, I also kinda hope it doesn’t, you know?

Ah well. I don’t know how anyone could resist these little faces once they see them, anyway.

Truly, he is SUCH a Momma’s boy.

09DSC01324 09DSC01325
Zoe was sitting in her fish. Just as I snapped the second picture, Kaylee’s paws came from out of nowhere for the smackdown.

More kitten pics over at Flickr.



Although he’s still wearing the collar, Sugarbutt is starting to act more like himself. Yesterday, he had a long stare-down with Joe Bob in the back yard, and then he chased him around the yard before sauntering over to the patio and settling down while looking fairly smug.




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