New month, new logo! This one was created by wonderful reader Christine, who’s made several of my logos in the past. Thanks, Christine!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Fred likes to spend some time on Craigslist every few days so that he can find people in our area who have goats for sale, so he can send me … Continue reading “8/1/08”

New month, new logo! This one was created by wonderful reader Christine, who’s made several of my logos in the past.

Thanks, Christine!!!



Fred likes to spend some time on Craigslist every few days so that he can find people in our area who have goats for sale, so he can send me the link and say “We should buy these!” and then I email him back and say “Don’t think so!”

We’re fun that way.

Yesterday he sent me a link to a Vintage 1971 Compact Camper Travel Trailer and said “We should buy this!” and I said “We totally should – we could put it out in the back forty and a big wading pool right outside it, and call it “The camp”!

(No, we’re not gonna. But it’s fun to talk about it!)



First Flappy, then McLovin… Who’s next? Frick.

HELLZ NO FRICK WON’T GO. Frick’s the one chicken I consider a pet. We’d have to be on the verge of starvation and have no other avenues left (I am looking at you, Mister Boogers. Stewing in hetred makes a cat juicy and tender.) before I’d agree to eat good ol’ Frick.



Suggestion for things you don’t want. Has anyone heard or thought of Freecycle?

My sister is a total Freecycle queen so, yeah, I’ve heard of Freecycle and we’ve Freecycled stuff before (when we were moving from the last house to this house, we Freecycled a TON of stuff). I just didn’t think of suggesting it! I bet you could totally get rid of those litter boxes on Freecycle if you wanted to, Amy.



Have you ever considered adding advertising to your site and donating the proceeds to the shelter?

Nope, I don’t plan to ever do advertising. I don’t like the way it looks, it bogs down your site (at least the sites I visit that have advertising tend to be really slow to load), and I feel like accepting advertising on my site would make me accountable to the advertisers. Right now, I’m accountable to no one but myself, and if I like something I’ll absolutely tell y’all and if I hate something I’ll absolutely tell y’all. A few years ago when I was recommending Axi-Dent Pet Odor Neutralizer, I was contacted and offered a lifetime supply of the stuff in return for advertising their product on my site. If I’d accepted that offer, I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable telling y’all about the wonder that is Stink-Free, which is what I prefer to use now.

(I do still recommend Axi-Dent, it works well, but I find that Stink-Free is easier to find (our local pet store carries it, though I recently ordered a gallon of the stuff online) and the smell is a little more pleasant.)

Which is not to say that I begrudge those who advertise on their own sites – I certainly understand and support it and even click on ads, but it’s just not for me.



Certo. Oh the memories. Did you know that Certo is commonly used to clean urine for urine drug tests? No? Well, you just haven’t dated the right ex-boyfriends! Certo mixed with Gatorade and downed as fast as you can manage (which is NOT very fast) is rumored to clean traces of marijuana out of your system. I personally have never tried it (never needed to) but I have enjoyed watching other people choke it down.

This is an odd fact that I shall keep in mind for my future role as a drug addict.

Y’all know the weirdest things!



I hate it when things boil over, especially sweet stuff. One of the things I learned to do is to place a wooden spoon or wooden spatula across the top of the pot. The theory is that when the steam starts rising the wooden handle across the top lets it disperse, which keeps the steam from building up inside the pot and pushing the contents up and out. Works for me.

That’s an AWESOME tip. Thank you! Since Fred didn’t actually pull up the jalapeño plants (he’s smart and knew I was just blowing off steam), I think I’m going to try this trick (though I’m not sure that I actually own a wooden spoon, so may need to buy one!) I think I’m going to give this a try when I have enough jalapenos and bell peppers to attempt the recipe again!

(Although I honestly don’t know why I’m so hell-bent on making jalapeño jelly – I seriously go through MAYBE one jar in a year!)



Did you know you can watch it [The L Word] on Netflix itself? I am now all caught up and terribly pissy about it!

I did know that you can watch some Netflix stuff on the Netflix site itself, but I’m old and set in my ways, and I don’t like to watch anything longer than a few minutes on the computer, I prefer watching stuff on the TV!



I’ve often wondered how you can put up with cats that pee anywhere other than the litter box. My cat started pooing outside the litter box and I was ready to toss him out the door. Problem solved quickly so he is still around. At least the poop is easier to clean up than pee. I love my cat and I love animals but I couldn’t take cat pee as often as what seems to happen at your house.

Trust me, I don’t love it. Part of the problem is that we’re kind of overcrowded in the cat department right now, which causes Joe Bob to occasionally spray, and every time he does it I want to kill him. Mister Boogers only seems to do it when he has a reason (however idiotic it is), but most of the time we don’t know who the hell did it and so we don’t know who to kill.

I think we’ve got too many goddamn cats. Would anyone like to take one or five?



Have you tried Bookworm or Bookworm Adventures? They are highly addicting word games – sort of like Boggle. And I always KILL at Boggle. I got mine through iwin games.

I haven’t, but I’m certainly going to check them out!

Games I’ve recently played (in addition to all the Scrabble knockoffs on Facebook) and liked:

Suburban Cat Herder
And, of course, the rice game.



Can you please share your pepper jelly recipe.

It’s here. BE CAREFUL and watch that damn pot!



I have a question for you. Since you have lost so much weight and are so gorgeous now and don’t mind having your picture taken, do you ever post pictures of you and Fred together? One year you did some vacation pictures but it would be fun to see an updated picture of the happy farm couple. Like one with you standing out by the garden with your pitch forks. Just kidding but would love to see a “couple” picture.


Oh yes! Dizzy had a great idea!! An “American Gothic” picture of you and Fred at Crooked Acres would be lovely. I know you’re a bit camera shy, and there haven’t been many pics of either of you since your transformations. Now that you’re both buff, it would be a good photograph to share with us – your peeps. So, what do think about that?

While I’m not really camera-shy (the reason there aren’t more pictures of me is because I’m the one taking pictures most of the time, and I always look vaguely idiotic in my self-portraits, see below for proof) and I like the American Gothic idea, I’m not sure how much luck I’ll have convincing Fred to pose. I’ll try!

Also, I did post some pictures of us last year to commemorate our 9th anniversary!

I tried to get a picture of my hair to show how desperately I need a cut and color, and glanced up at the clock just as the picture was taken. You’d think I wasn’t aware that I WAS TAKING MY OWN PICTURE. Also, I am a mouth breather.



Did you swipe that toothpick holder from Logan’s Roadhouse?! I thought it looked familiar so I went back to look at the mini desserts you had with Nance. I think the last thing I swiped was a butter knife that for some reason my boyfriend had to have. (Only from restaurants! And it’s not a habit!)

I am appalled that you’d accuse me of SWIPING that bitty bucket from Logan’s Roadhouse. APPALLED.

(Which is not to say I WOULDN’T, just that I DIDN’T.)

The desserts come in bitty buckets and the gimmick is that not only are they adorable, but you’re allowed to keep the bucket! Which is adorable! So we brought our buckets home, and then Nance left hers behind and so I have TWO buckets. I filled one with toothpicks and the other one is sitting around waiting for me to decide what the hell to do with it.

So visit Logan’s Roadhouse, have a teeny-tiny dessert in a bucket, and take the bucket home with you. You don’t even need to take your big purse with you!

(For the record, the last thing I swiped from a restaurant (that I recall) was a set of big plastic cups from Pizza Hut when I was 19. Those cups were awesome, and I had them forever. I miss them a little, still.)

(Actually, there might have been a salt and pepper shaker incident when I was in my mid-20s, now that I think of it.)

(This site does not condone stealing.)



Robyn, of all the cats you’ve had and lost, which 1 do you miss the most?

I’m inclined to say that I miss my beloved cat Charlie, who I had when I was eight or nine. I got a cat as a birthday present (we lived in Guam at the time), but she was either pregnant when we got her or she got pregnant shortly thereafter, and Charlie was one of her babies. I loved the hell out of that cat, but he disappeared one day never to be seen again.

The cat I had as an adult that I miss the most? Probably Tubby. He was a good boy and a badass and SUCH a character. He’d LOVE living at Crooked Acres, with the chickens to watch and the moles to dig up and kill.



I saw this in a magazine today and I totally thought of you and your kitties.

I’ve had the Cat Genie recommended to me in the past and I think it’s pretty cool – I don’t know where we’d put it, though. Besides, Fred doesn’t think we need one. HMPH.



Hey Robyn, Do you and Fred like to eat fish? I just heard that there is a landscaping company here in MN that will help install, stock, and service a fish pond ones backyard for the express purpose of keeping fish for food. I thought of you guys and the pond you filled in and wondered if you had considered this as an option. I don’t remember if you had shared that with us or not.

We do like fish, but I don’t know that we want a pond. Last year and the year before, the summer was so dry that the pond dried up completely.



I’m thinking the Spud must be about to start her college career. Has she decided what she’d like to major in?

She’ll be starting classes in one more month, and she’s decided to major in Psychology!

She got her hair cut last week, and I think it looks awfully cute. She LOOKS like a college student, doesn’t she?




A short kitten movie, made a couple of weeks ago. Featuring Kaylee, mostly.

Or see it here, in MPG format.

Zoe, at the tail end of a yawn. I love this goofy little cat.

01DSC01925 01DSC01912 01DSC01902



I don’t know why, but Joe Bob has taken to cramming himself in the bedside table in the guest bedroom. Whatever floats your boat, I s’pose.



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