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We’re in the process of moving all our sites over to a new server. If things look wonky around here this weekend, that’s why. Fred’s going to move my site over Friday evening or Saturday morning, so things should be all set by Monday.



Newt’s out in the side yard right now eating a bird he caught. I didn’t realize he had it until it was dead or I would have rescued it from him.

What amazes me is that when he’s done eating, there will be NOTHING left of that bird. No beak. No legs. Is a cat’s digestive system really set up to digest beaks and legs?

I find that simultaneously gross and cool.



I read Gwen’s latest entry this morning and it compels me to confess that I had to do a GOOGLE SEARCH to be reminded what the hell “long division” is. If you’re sitting there thinking “Is long division the division where you write the one number down and then draw a two-sided doohickey around it and then put the number you’re dividing by on the outside of the two-sided doohickey and then you do the division and write the results on top of the two-sided doohickey?”, then the answer is yes. That IS long division. Thank you for answering that for me, mathisfun.com.



I’m about halfway through Season 3 of The L Word, and I have to say this: I really REALLY want to like Alan Cumming, but my god in heaven he gives me the screaming jeebies. If it were to suddenly come out that he’s been burying bodies in his back yard for years, I would not be so terribly surprised.

Also, regarding The L Word, it seems that some of you mistook my appreciation for the adorableness of Jenny as my enjoyment of her character. NOT SO. I haven’t liked Jenny since about the middle of Season 1, I find her unbearably annoying. Oooh, Jenny’s so DARK! Oooh, Jenny’s so DAMAGED! Oooh, let’s watch as Jenny’s crappy prose comes to life! BO. RING.

But Mia Kirshner is just button-cute.

So, for that matter, is Sarah Shahi (Carmen).

But my heart still belongs to Shane. ::sigh::

(Upon looking at Alan Cumming’s Internet Movie Database profile, I read this interesting fact: Has his own cologne called “Cumming.” and snickered like a 12 year-old boy.)



(Stolen from Shelly)

Inquiring minds want to know, every day do you…

1. Shower? Morning or night?
I shower every single morning unless I’m recovering from surgery – in which case I sponge-bathe. I roll out of bed, go straight to the bathroom and shower. It really gets me going in the morning; I don’t know how people who don’t shower every day can stand it.

2. Wash your hair?
Every morning in the shower. A few years ago I was only shampooing every other day to save the wear and tear on my hair, but I went back to daily shampooing because it’s a lifelong habit I’ve gotten into.

3. Shave?
Generally once or twice a week. I’m lucky that the hair on my legs is pretty light.

4. Wear make-up? (If yes, what does that include?)
I wear makeup maybe twice a year (usually Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve) and it includes powder base, powder blush, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. I might wear lipstick, but it’s unusual – I bite and lick my lips far too often to wear lipstick.

5. Spend a lot of time doing your hair?
Five minutes at the most – I only blow-dry the top of my hair and let the rest air dry. Sometimes I don’t even bother with blow-drying the top. It depends on my mood.

6. Do you wear perfume? If so, what kind?
Very rarely. My favorite perfume is Sand & Sable, but I can’t remember the last time I put it on.

7. Other than wedding/engagement rings, what jewelry do you wear?
I actually don’t wear my wedding & engagement rings (I still need to have them sized down), and in fact don’t wear any jewelry at all on a regular basis. Sometimes I’ll go through an earring phase for a few days or a week, but for the most part I’m jewelry-free.

I guess you could say I’m low-maintenance.



I tried to make my Manga Avatar like all the cool kids, but it came out looking more like Gina Gershon than me.

Robyn Avatar



As of yesterday, I’ve lived in Alabama for 12 years. 12 years!

In my entry for a year ago yesterday I said that I still thought of Maine as home. And in the comments to my entry last Friday, Elayne asked Do you still long for the cottage, or do you see yourself settled in for the duration at Crooked Acres?

In the last year, my view of home has changed. That is, I don’t consider Maine home anymore. While I still wish we were closer to the ocean, Crooked Acres feels more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever lived. There’s a certain comfort for me; for the first time in my life I feel at ease in my skin. I don’t know if it’s because the house is old and has character, or if it’s because I know every inch of this house, or if it’s because with the land we have I feel like we can breathe, but I feel at home here in a way I never have before.

The first two houses we lived in were big and new and while they were lovely houses, I never felt settled there. I never felt like I could, say, paint the bathroom walls purple if I wanted because it seemed that we always had an eye toward what it would do to the resale value. I don’t care about the resale value of this house because if I lived here for the rest of my life, I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m home.

Don’t get me wrong – we went from a house on half an acre to a house on four and a half acres, but we’d still like to have a lot more land. Fred has jokingly suggested that we buy twenty acres in Tennessee and start building a house by hand to live in for our retirement. While we won’t do that – if we spend the next twenty years spending our weekends building a home in Tennessee, who’d be home to mow the back forty every single week? – I can guarantee you that if we found an old house like this one on a lot more land, an old house that maybe needed some renovation, we’d seriously consider buying it.

It’s not so much the location, I guess, as the feel. I like living in the country, I like watching our animals out the window, I like the small-town feel of where we are. I don’t want to live in the suburbs again (though being so close to everything is something I miss just a tad!), I don’t want to live in the city (when I was a kid, I fully intended to live in the city one day).

It’s funny how things can change in just a few months. A year ago I still considered Maine to be home.

Now, while I’ll always have a place in my heart for Maine, Crooked Acres is absolutely my home.



Kara lets her southern roots shine through.

Zoe with attitude.

Something about the way Inara is sitting here, with one paw on my knee and one paw on the toy is just cracking me up.



Check out the dust on Tommy’s face. He sure does like to roll around in the dirt in the back yard. Maybe he thinks he’s a chicken and needs to take regular dust baths?



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