I’ve seen this meme all over LiveJournal. In the comments, answer this question: “If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?” & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &   Holy god in heaven, … Continue reading “11-18-08”

I’ve seen this meme all over LiveJournal. In the comments, answer this question:

“If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?”

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Holy god in heaven, I take A LOT of freakin’ pictures. All year long, I copy all the pictures I take of our cats and foster kittens into a folder called “2008.” The idea is that in November I can quickly go through the pictures and pick out the best of the best and make Foster Kitties calendars and And3rson Kitties calendars for 2009, and put the link up here and anyone who’s interested can order them from Cafepress.

We never sell a lot of calendars – just a handful – but I have a few people who buy them faithfully every year and it’s worth the effort to make them happy, and I always buy one of each to have here, and I charge $1 over the base price and donate the money I make to the shelter I volunteer for. It’s win-win!

So yesterday I opened the “2008” folder to start separating pictures into “And3rson kitties” and “foster kitties” folders, and do you want to know how many pictures I took last year of cats (and pigs and chickens)?

Almost 3,000.

Took me most of the afternoon to separate the pictures into the two folders, and that’s just the beginning – now I have to go through and delete all the ones that won’t work for calendar pictures, and then make Fred help me narrow them down to the final choices.

I’m not complaining, though – it was nice to see the pictures I’ve taken over the past year, and my GOD Kara’s babies were adorable. I saw a picture of the Rock Star as a baby, and squealed, she was so freakin’ cute.

2008-11-18 (8)

2008-10-22 (11)

The calendars should be available the middle of next week, hopefully. Maybe before then!

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Those of you who suggested that I buy a belt in yesterday’s comments, thanks for the suggestion! I’m embarrassed to admit that it never occurred to me, and I might as well go ahead and give it a try – if it works for me, I’m going to feel like an idiot. (Luckily, that’s a familiar feeling for me. Ha!)

Shelly suggested some jeans from LL Bean. Since I have a gift card from there, I’m going to give them a try. Teri C. suggested those jeans that have elastic inserts at the back – another thing I never thought of, but seems so obvious! MichelleB mentioned Old Navy, and I’ve actually been looking at their web site over the past few days, thinking about getting some of their hoodies because I’m a hood rat this year (HAR HAR, that joke courtesy of Fred) and their hoodies are inexpensive. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from Old Navy, but it might be time to start. They also have some simple cotton pants I’ve been looking at that I might find comfortable.

The issue with my body is that I literally have NO FUCKING WAIST, every pair of pants I wear slide down my body ’til they hit my butt, which stops them from going any further. And my entire life I’ve been used to wearing my pants around my belly button, but that’s just too damn high for me (apparently my belly button was lower before I had my lower body lift), and so it very well might be a drawn-out process before I find something that works for me. My waist measures 35 inches (while I’d love it to measure something more like 28 inches, that’s just not the way I’m made) and my hips measure 39 inches, and those four inches? All ass. If my butt were flat, I can guarantee you that my hips would measure exactly the same as my waist. If you look at me straight-on, I have no waist indentation at all. It’s kind of frustrating, but I guess not everyone’s meant to have an hourglass shape.

I was going to spend the day shopping today, but due to the onset of PMS rage, I think it’s best that I spend as little time in public as possible. Maybe I’ll just run up to Wal-Mart and buy a belt and go from there.

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Over the weekend, I finally got a picture to use for the holiday cards I’ll be sending out this year, and got the cards ordered.

(Don’t send me your name and address just yet – I don’t do that sort of thing ’til AFTER Thanksgiving! I refuse to!)

I also got someone to volunteer to cover for me at the pet store on Thanksgiving morning. I was a little worried about that, to be honest, because I didn’t figure anyone would want to do it, but not ten minutes after I sent out an email, someone offered to cover for me.

We’re not doing the usual Thanksgiving this year. Fred’s sister and her husband are going to be in France (he’s from France, so they go back and visit when they can) and it’s his father and stepmother’s turn to have Thanksgiving with us (his parents alternate years), so Fred invited his niece and her husband, and his nephew and his fiancee to have Thanksgiving with us. His niece and her husband are scheduled to have Thanksgiving dinner with her father’s mother a little after noon and his nephew is working, so Fred suggested we do breakfast rather than the usual turkey-and-stuffing meal and eat mid-morning, and everyone was up for that, so it’ll be us, his parents, his niece and her husband for a Crooked Acres breakfast.

His father is very sensitive to the nitrates in bacon, so he’s looking forward to eating fresh bacon that’ll be cooked with nothing but salt and pepper. We’re going to have sausage, scrambled eggs, of course, and I’m sure biscuits and gravy.

I think I went off-topic there. All I meant to say is that I’ve been putting off asking if anyone would be willing to cover for me at the pet store because since we’ll be eating early, there was no way I’d make it into Huntsville, clean cages, and get home before everyone showed up. It was really nice to have that taken care of so quickly!

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I will tell you what – when you are cold, there’s nothing that warms you up better than to have four mid-sized kittens pile atop you and fall asleep. I don’t know what the average cat temperature runs, but I’m guessing somewhere in the two-hundred-degree range. I was SO cold yesterday morning that I finally went upstairs and laid down on the bed and all four cats piled around me, and it was like having four furnaces turned on high then piled on and around me, and I was toasty warm in no time at all.

If I could knit, I’d knit a duster-type coat with big pockets in it, so I could load a cat or kitten into each pocket and they could keep me warm all winter long!

2008-11-18 (3)
Lem in the back, Marion in the front. I don’t know why, but I just adore this picture.

More pics over at L&H.

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2008-11-18 (7)

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