I couldn’t connect to the internet for a good part of the morning yesterday, which is why y’all got a picture of Miz Poo and a “see ya!” from me. Thank god I can post to Bitchypoo via Flickr. Flickr is the BOMB. (Sue, the reason there was no hat on Miz Poo is ’cause … Continue reading “11-20-08”

I couldn’t connect to the internet for a good part of the morning yesterday, which is why y’all got a picture of Miz Poo and a “see ya!” from me. Thank god I can post to Bitchypoo via Flickr.

Flickr is the BOMB.

(Sue, the reason there was no hat on Miz Poo is ’cause I didn’t think of it, surprisingly enough. I was midst temper tantrum (nothing drives me crazy like not being able to connect to the internet when I’ve got SHIT TO DO), so I just snapped a quick picture of the nearest thing. Miz Poo is almost always the nearest thing. She lurves her Momma!)

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Thanks, you guys, for your jeans suggestions! I’ve made note of them all, and will check them out when I get a chance.

I did go to Wal-Mart to buy a belt and while I was there I tried on about ten pairs of jeans and none of them worked for me. I found a belt and was about to leave, when I happened by the display of men’s jeans and decided to try them on.

Turns out the Wrangler Regular Fit 34×29 jeans fit pretty well so I bought them, then when I actually started to wear them yesterday, I found them uncomfortable. That’s my problem, you see – thinking jeans are perfectly comfortable in the store, but finding them not so when I actually try wearing them at home.

(Robin, you’re probably correct that I should invest in a decent belt and not the $7.99 special from Wal-Mart. I’ll add that to my mental to-do list!)

Also, I should note here that the only reason I bought low-rise jeans is because after surgery, when I tried on the Lee Rider jeans I had in the drawer, they fit okay at the waist, but the crotch hung down halfway to my knees and that was not a good look for me, so I thought that low-rise might be what I need. “Mom” jeans are okay with me, I’m no fashion plate, believe me.


While I was in Wal-Mart, I bought curtain rods for the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms and the window in the stairwell. I purchased curtains online for all three of those windows, the curtains came Monday, and I wanted to get them put up. There have been miniblinds in all three windows, and I decided they’d look better with curtains (cafe curtains in the bathrooms and a sheer panel in the stairwell) to provide privacy, but allow light in. None of those windows are in locations where someone could stand and look in the window (at least, not without a ladder), so the curtains I got – these for the downstairs bathroom and stairwell and these for the upstairs bathroom – will work well, I think. If not, well, I’ll send ’em back and find other curtains to try.

2008-11-19 (4)
Downstairs bathroom. I can see that the curtains are too long; I need to find something better (and less sheer). These’ll do for now. (Miniblinds hardware at the top of the window still needs to be removed.)

2008-11-19 (3)
Stairwell window.

2008-11-19 (2)
Close up of the flowers on the bathroom and stairwell curtains. The flowers ended up being larger than I expected, but I still like the curtains quite a bit.

2008-11-19 (1)
Upstairs bathroom.

I got these for the kitchen window (in gold) so I could take down the miniblinds. Haven’t put those up yet, we’ll see how that goes.

I actually wanted curtains with small purple flowers for the upstairs bathroom, but couldn’t find any I like. If I ever get my sewing machine up and running (before the end of the year, I swear it!), I might think about making my own curtains. How hard can it be?

(Famous last words!)

I have to say that I think the windows and doors in the computer room would look best with Roman Shades, but (a) Ugh! SO EXPENSIVE! and (b) I think Fred’s patience is rapidly running out with me and the goddamn blinds/ shades/ curtains dithering.

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Y’all cracked me up with your answers to the meme yesterday! Anyone who doesn’t read the comments, you should go back and check them out, I have some funny damn readers.

(Elayne saying that I’d break in and rescue an abused animal and then leave a stern note shaming the owners for their behavior? I am sad to say that I can actually see me doing that!)

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Yesterday, late morning, as I was about to get up and go make another batch of cookies for the pigs (this time I tossed in a handful of sliced okra so Fred and I wouldn’t get into them. When I crave a chocolate chip cookie and think of stealing one from the pigs, you better believe the idea of getting a slice of okra in my chocolate chip cookies keeps me the hell AWAY. I even made sure to mix the cookie dough extra good after I added the okra to spread that slimy okra taste around. Yum?) I glanced out the window into the back yard.

Tommy was closely paying attention to something that was going, so I got closer to the window and looked out. Turns out Newt was on the outside of the fence smacking at a field mouse, the field mouse would run through the fence, Tommy would smack at it, it’d run back through the fence toward Newt, and so on. As I watched, the field mouse ran toward Tommy, who smacked it and then leaned down to sniff at it.

As Tommy’s nose got close to the mouse, the mouse snapped at Tommy, and Tommy – clearly not expecting the mouse to do anything but run away from him – levitated three feet in the air and puffed up to twice his size.

I don’t know the last time I’ve laughed so hard.

I grabbed an empty litter bucket, went out and caught the mouse, locked Newt inside, and let the mouse go in the woods on the other side of the chicken yard. Never had to touch the mouse with my own hands, thank god.

The mice sure do seem to be slow this time of year. Shouldn’t they be off hibernating or something?

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2008-11-19 (7)
I know that it looks like I’m sticking my thumb in Delmar’s mouth and he’s gagging, but what’s REALLY happening here is that Delmar is biting my thumb with his sharp little teeth and I’m screaming in pain. Kittens have VERY sharp little teeth, in case you wondered.

More pics over at L&H.

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2008-11-19 (5)
Sugarbutt illustrates that redheads can indeed wear pink and look fabulous while doing so.

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