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Got any burning questions you’ve been dying to ask Nance and me? Give us some interesting questions, we’ll think about putting together a video podcast wherein we look like the idiots we are! Leave your question in the comments.

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New month, new logo! This one was created by the wonderful Christine. That tagline just cracks me UP.

Thanks, Christine – you rock!

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Felina the yapper from Robyn Anderson on Vimeo.

Every time I leave the room and come back, it’s like Felina has never seen me before in her life, and she yaps to let her family know about the Stranger! Danger!

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So, I got into Pittsburgh right on time, and walked off the plane to a pretty deserted-looking airport. There was NO ONE in sight when I walked into the terminal, seriously, and it wasn’t ’til I headed for baggage claim that I started seeing crowds.

My bag was actually one of the first ones in sight when they started running the baggage carousel, so we grabbed it, I dug my heavy jacket out of my suitcase (I wore a fleece jacket on the plane, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the bulky Columbia jacket), and we were on our way.

We made a few stops on the way to Nance and Rick’s house, then we walked into the house, and I was greeted by Felina, who yapped at me ’til Rick picked her up and handed her to me. She didn’t want me to hold her, though, she wanted to prance around and bark at me. WHATEVER, brat.

2008-11-29 (6)

At least Sadie loves me.

2008-11-29 (20)

We hung out and talked for most of Friday evening, and then Nance made frosting for the cupcakes she’d made JUST FOR ME, and oh my god, they were SO GOOD. I think I’ve eaten about 145 of them, and enjoyed every bite.

I called Fred and talked to him for a few minutes, then crashed fairly early. I slept like a ROCK, woke up early Saturday morning, took a shower, and then laid down and read and eventually made my way back downstairs where I ate a piece of pizza for breakfast and lazed around like a lazy ass.

Nance eventually suggested that we take a road trip, and I was up for it, so we headed out to West Virginia for the Homer Laughlin Company, where they have just about any kind of Fiesta Ware you could ever want, and better yet have a room full of factory seconds for seriously cheap.

We got a little lost on the way, which Nance documented. We finally got headed in the right direction, and ended up where we’d intended.

2008-11-30 (12) 2008-11-30 (11) 2008-11-30 (9)

2008-11-30 (16) 2008-11-30 (3) 2008-11-30 (7)

I wasn’t going to get anything, but then ended up buying four plates (for $3.14 each!) and a canister, and it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t look around more, because I can easily see going nuts in there. There were women with big carts piled high with stuff.

We left there, and as we were driving by the casino, we decided to stop and take a look around. We were in there for, I don’t know, 45 minutes? At one point I was up over 100% of the money I started with, but then I frittered it all away.

That eight dollars could have been used for something more important, but I had a lot of fun while we were there. Nance and Rick didn’t walk out millionaires, either. Ah well. Maybe next time!

We got home, I ate another thousand and forty-five cupcakes, and then we sat around and shot the shit with Regan (hi, Regan!) and Alex’s girlfriend (who is adorable), and I don’t know when I’ve laughed so much. Rick made me a REALLY good turkey sandwich, which I’m sure I followed up with another twelve cupcakes.

I ended up staying up ’til 1 am, and I can’t remember the last time I was up so late. I slept like a ROCK, and even slept late (for me), not rolling out of bed ’til almost 8. I got up, showered, and lazed around like a lazy ass, finished the book I was reading, and then we spent most of the day hiding inside from the cold, wet weather, gabbing at each other, surfing the net, and napping.

We went out for a little while to hit Big Lots (it was WAY bigger and better than the one at home!) and went out to dinner, then came home and hung out for the evening. We were up ’til after 1:00, I could barely keep my eyes open, but Nance was telling me about her Jerry Springer past and I couldn’t budge my ass off the couch, I was so riveted.

At one point during the evening, Nance made a batch of caramel popcorn, and oh my GOD it’s good. Rick and I were standing over the pans of popcorn shoving it in our mouths and saying “Okay, I need to get away from this stuff, it’s too good.”, but did we stop eating it? NO. The best part, of course, is that it makes a LOT of caramel popcorn, so you can eat six tons of it, and there’s plenty left over!

2008-12-1 (1)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe the caramel popcorn is calling my name. It’s what’s for breakfast!

2008-11-30 (17)
Felina snuggled with me briefly until she remembered that I am bad and evil and the rest of the world should be notified of my intrusion.

Dsc02217 2008-11-30 (15)
Maddy grew up to be really gorgeous, but she has no use for me.

2008-11-29 (9)
If her beloved Daddy Rick isn’t around, Julie will allow me to pet her.

2008-11-29 (23)
Waldo, Mister Gorgeous.

2008-11-29 (25)
Poor Sadie. She sure does put up with a lot.

Lots more pictures over at Flickr.

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