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Did I mention that there are some jams and hot sauces still available?

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So I had a dental appointment yesterday and they did all the fun things they do, including taking x-rays and picking at my gums with the metal pick o’ torture and lecturing me about my brushing technique.

(At least they lecture in a nice way. My brushing technique gets sloppy ’cause brushing your teeth? BORING.)

While the hygienist was flossing my teeth, the floss kept getting caught on one of my fillings, and they did another x-ray, and apparently the filling is attempting to come out and needs to be replaced. This makes the second filling in less than a year, and I think you can imagine how thrilled I am.

I left there with the intent of heading for Sam’s. I told Fred last night that I was going to go to Sam’s because we only had three buckets of litter left in the garage, and running low on things like litter makes me nervous.

(Fred’s response: “We have 120 pounds of litter in the garage. This is ‘running low’ to you?” When you have 12 cats in residence, yes. That IS running low!)

I ended up stopping at Target to look at their curtains, because Fred specifically requested that I buy some sort of curtain to put over the back door. It makes him nervous when he goes downstairs in his underwear and walks across the kitchen, knowing that someone could be in the back yard watching him.

(Why would someone want to watch him walking across the kitchen in his underwear? The aforementioned cute butt, of course. I don’t know how they’d be IN the back yard without George and Gracie sending up the warning call, though.)

I didn’t see any curtains at Target that would do the job, so I headed toward the front of the store, saw that their 28 pound buckets of Fresh Step were on sale for $12 each, reflected that I didn’t REALLY want to have to go all the way to Sam’s and deal with all the people, and loaded four buckets into my cart.

(Side note: a 40-pound bucket of Fresh Step from Sam’s is $14.28 (plus tax). That figures out to a bit more than 35 cents a pound before tax. A 28-pound bucket of Fresh Step from Target was $12 (plus tax). That figures out to almost 43 cents a pound before tax. I am single-handedly stimulating the economy, people!)

I grabbed a couple more things on my way to the register (stimulate! stimulate!), and then I got in line at the register.

So I got to the register, right? And I didn’t want to lift all four of the buckets of litter onto the conveyor belt, right? So I put ONE on the belt, and I waited until the cashier looked at me and we made eye contact, and I said loudly and clearly, “I have a total of four of these.” She nodded her understanding.

She rang up my stuff and I busied myself with running my card through the card reader, and I was juuuuust about to hit the “accept” button to accept the total when she said, all panicked-like, “Oh, I didn’t see that litter in your cart! Wait, I need to ring them up!”

Then that bitch gave me the accusing look, like I was trying to pull one over on her.

“As I mentioned,” I said through clenched teeth, “I have a total of four of them.”

She did not understand.

“I have this bucket here,” I said, gesturing to the bucket on the belt. “That’s mine. And I have three more.”

Too confusing.

I held up four fingers. “I. Have. A. TOTAL. Of. Four. Buckets. Of. Litter.” I said slowly.


The woman standing in line behind me patted the bucket of litter on the belt. “This is hers,” she said. “And she has three more. That’s four.” And then she counted all four buckets.

The light went on, and the cashier managed to ring up all four buckets, I paid, and I went on my way (and I THANKED HER, EVEN).

Y’know, if there’d been a language barrier there, I would have been a little less peeved, but there was no language barrier, just apparently an intelligence barrier.

I really wanted to smack her upside the head and bellow “HELLO! ANYONE HOME?!”, but I didn’t want to get my ass banned from Target for life.

I did find curtains for the laundry room in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I put them up when I got home, and although it bugs me a little not to be able to see out the back door when I glance in that direction, they make the room look cozier.

I need to get serious about finding curtains (mostly valances, I think) for the rest of the house. I always forget what a difference they make. I mean, I like the clean look of just blinds, but curtains add a warmth to rooms and since we’ve lived here almost two years now, it’s time to make this house look like a home!

(If I weren’t such a slacking slacker, I’d get my damn sewing machine out and make some curtains, because I refuse to believe they can be all that hard to make.)

While I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I stumbled across the pillow section and then Twittered something along the lines of “Do real actual humans BUY $200 pillows?”

I’m into stimulating the economy, but not THAT much, thank you. (Except that when I got home, I read Rachael’s Twitter that she bought $100 pillows like 10 years ago and they’re like new and very much worth it. Hmmm.)

And then I went to the grocery store, picked up a prescription for Fred, and came home.

Exciting, no?

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2009-02-18 (1)
Lori, your wish is my command. Here’s a Stinkerbelle picture, snapped five minutes ago as she glared hatefully at me from her perch atop the kitchen cabinets.

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