Hey, did you know that Sunday is Easter? I had no idea ’til I looked at the calendar yesterday and saw it written there. Who the fuck knew? dividerlinecantwaittosleepintomorrowmorningdividerlineisaslackeratheart   Can you hear the sound? I tested the website with some of the younger staff at my office. They hear the noise and tell me … Continue reading “4/10/09”

Hey, did you know that Sunday is Easter? I had no idea ’til I looked at the calendar yesterday and saw it written there.

Who the fuck knew?



Can you hear the sound? I tested the website with some of the younger staff at my office. They hear the noise and tell me it’s rather annoying. I could not tell you – no noise for me or a couple of my co-workers in my age range – 35-45.

I did hear it, actually! And then I made Fred sit down and listen, and the first time he didn’t hear it, and the second time he could “kind of” hear it. This must mean I have young ears, right? It sure does seem like everyone’s mumbling a lot lately, though.



While you count up the chicks, they may be counting y’all, too.

Chicks can do basic arithmetic

Too neat!



Do you find living near the church noisy? You two wake up early so I guess it’s ok.

I actually don’t ever hear anything from the church. The only annoying thing is that on Wednesdays and Sundays, George and Gracie feel the need to defend our property from the churchgoing interlopers, and they bark and bark and bark. Other than that, I hardly ever notice the church is there at all.



In your 2006 Previously, you said that Fred was no help because he was standing there laughing his ass off. Wasn’t that what he was doing the other day when you were stuck in the mud? Does he do this often? Ha ha!

Apparently he does it ALL THE TIME, I just never noticed before. The unhelpful bastard!



Hmmm…. I’m wondering if you would consider trading a year of blog banners for Beulah? My 17yo cat, Katie, died nearly a year ago, and we’ve not gotten another. Perhaps it’s time we think about getting a new kitty? Just thinking (typing) out loud here…

Um. Perhaps not Beulah… 🙂

For the record, anyone adopting one of our foster kittens would have to go through Challenger’s House, the shelter I volunteer for (the fosters don’t actually belong to me) and there’s an adoption fee involved.



Your freaky kitten reminds me of gremlins. For years after the movie came out, I had nightmares about the creepy gremlins. *Bright light! Bright light!*

I have to admit – I can see that!



Ok – just go ahead and adopt Beulah! By the time the girl hits 2 pounds, she will be so interwined into your family, you won’t be able to part with her. So just go ahead and do it so we don’t have to be in suspense for the next 4 or 5 months.

Shhhh… I have a plan. Don’t tell Fred (I didn’t copy him on the notify email, so I’m sure he’ll never read this), but I expect it to take months before she’s big enough to be spayed. Then I’m sure I can eke another 6 months by telling him there’s just no room at the pet store, and after that, I guarantee he’ll have forgotten that he objected to her becoming another one of ours.



One way to avoid getting sick from chicken is an old-timey Caribbean way of cleaning your chicken; take a lime or lemon and some salt and scrub the chicken with it and then rinse well. I always do this with our chicken (sometimes I skip the salt), but always with the lemon/lime. I think it’s the citric acid that helps prevent salmonella. Also, the rinsing doesn’t leave a lemon or lime taste to the chicken.

Conveniently, I just bought a big bag o’ lemons at Sam’s! I knew they’d come in handy eventually!



With the kittens out and about, you have 17 cats running around your house?

Once they actually have free reign of the house, yeah. There’ll be 17. I feel a little faint at the thought.



Spanky = Barry White. Yeah. That photo made me think that. Like Spanky has this alter ego that sashays off to an undisclosed Crooked Acre room where he slips on a velvet smoking jacket and tickles the ivories…. Wait a minute. Isn’t Spanky the one who meower is broken? Good thing I came back to reality before the singing commenced.

No, that was Spot! Spanky’s got a perfectly good meower, and he uses it regularly. Here’s a movie of his verbal prowess I shot back when we lived in Madison:



I recently received a Harriet Carter brochure in the mail and when I came across this item I thought of you and the egg buyers.

I’m not sure it would work for me because I’m so spooked by everything already that the alarm would probably scare me as much as strangers showing up in my yard unannounced. For instance, I tried one of those timed air fresheners and all it did was scare the bejesus out of me every 9 minutes, had to throw it away.

I also saw this and thought of you.

For some reason I love those Harriet Carter brochures although I have yet to buy anything from them.

I ADORE the Harriet Carter catalogs, I get them too, and I always look through them. I don’t believe I’ve ever actually bought anything from them, but that doesn’t stop them from sending them to me!



ARGH! I HATE the term panties-it just sends shivers down my spine and makes me think of an old, nasty pedophile lusting after young children. A co-worker once found out I hate this word, and spent the better part of a week using it in almost every sentence.

My sister and I once found out that our friend Liz hates the word “snatch”, so we tried to work it into every conversation. “Don’t snatch that out of my hand!” and “Snatch that CD and hand it to me, would you?” We are so juvenile.



A day late and a dollar short, but I really HATE when people feel the need to use an apostrophe for plurals. I’ve been noticing it more and more lately. I actually have a cousin who is VERY stupid and named her child Lar’s. WITH AN APOSTROPHE!!! GAH!!!!!




If I taught English and someone handed me in an essay with text-speak, I would put U FAIL LOL at the top, followed by, NO SRSLY; NO A 4 U, and KTXBAI!




Two things. First, I think you should keep Beulah, she is just too small and you and Fred are the only ones that will take excellent care of her. (At least that sounds like a good excuse. Doesn’t it?) Second, did you watch RHoNY and then a sneak peek at RHoNJ? Man, I would just like to smack Kelly!!!! She is on something, no one can act that weird/goofy/strange. And do you think she has rosacea, or her own tanning bed? My husband hates the RH shows, but I cannot turn them off. Is there something wrong with me?

Last night, I made a crucial step in the Beulah Project – I got Fred to discuss names for her. We were watching Yes Man (which was a really damn funny movie – I love Jim Carrey. And could Bradley Cooper be any prettier? That is one pretty, pretty man.) and I said “Tillie would be a perfect name for her!”

He immediately said “NO!” (as in, “No, we’re not keeping that kitten!”) But later on when we were laying in bed talking, he said “Well, it should be short for something, shouldn’t it?” and I said “Matilda!” Then we started joking around, and I said we should name her “Matilde” and call her “Tilde” and spell it like this: ~

(We probably found that far too amusing, for we are dorks.)

I did get a chance to watch the Real Housewives yesterday, and I say:

1. Mario is a douchebag and he and Ramona take themselves FAR too importantly. Have you ever noticed that the people least deserving of respect love to go on and on about how they’re being disrespected? I love that Bethenny thought of Simon to play with Jill, but man – Simon needs some new tennis clothes. I still think he’s creepy, but watching him play the worst game of tennis ever made me laugh and laugh. LOVED the sweatband.

2. I think that’s a fake tan Kelly has going on. It just looks wrong to me. And she can go on and on about that guy (what the hell was his name?) being so good-looking, but I’m not seeing it. I guess he’s marginally good-looking, and he seems like a nice guy, but I’m not blown away by him or anything. I can absolutely see what Bethenny means about Kelly not being genuine; ever moment of that date rang false to me, like Kelly was putting on a show. I don’t like her, but bless her for coming through for the charity (although I recently read that her ex-husband is refusing to follow through on taking the winning bidder’s portrait and Bethenny is offering up her ex-boyfriend (I’m assuming the photographer Kelly spent all that time flirting with) to do the job.)

3. I don’t really care for the new look of Jill’s apartment – Bethenny was right about it looking like Liberace lived there – and I really don’t like those little mirrored tables, but I think it kind of suits Jill. Actually, now that I think about it, it looks a little Graceland-y to me.

If loving the cheesy reality Housewives shows is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!



She is too cute – is she a little crosseyed?

She’s actually a bit wall-eyed. Katherine sent me an email earlier this week that made me laugh and laugh.




I had a Beulah comment too – is it okay for her to be that tiny? It sounds like she’s still gaining weight, but she just seems so itty bitty.

She seems perfectly healthy, and she’s gaining weight, all her systems seem to work okay (she’s a champ in the litter box, if we can just get her to stomp tromping through her poo!), so I think she’s fine. She’s just wee!



Robyn, that little Beulah is so adorable. She looks so fragile so my heart says you must keep her and love her and protect her forever. Also, when I hear her name is reminds me of the times I stayed with my maternal grandparents on their farm and my grandmother would sing a hymn that went, “I’ve got home in Beulah-land that outshines the sun”. Has anyone ever heard of this song? Such good memories from those days on the farm where my grandmother raised chickens and my grandfather milked cows and had a milk route. I was a city girl and loved staying on their farm. You are living my childhood dreams, Robyn.

and Elayne said:

Jillybean: I’m familiar with the song, but have always heard it as “Glory Land” (aka heaven). (Google turns up references for both, to my surprise – I thought it’d be an individual adaptation.) Here’s a wiki article that explains how Beulah Land comes to equal heaven:





PS – remind me again why hens being broody is a bad thing? I know someone asked but I don’t remember the answer and don’t feel like googling (and getting sucked into six more hours of fascinating but time-sucking clickage).

I’m going to guess – and be kind to me if I’m wrong, because I’m totally ignorant, chicken-wise – that a broody hen doesn’t lay any more eggs because her body/hormones/whatever chickens have is focused on hatching the eggs that are already underneath her, so it’s undesirable for them to be broody because then they stop laying?

Yep, that’s exactly right – once they go broody and have a clutch of eggs underneath them, they stop laying, take up nesting boxes, and we end up with more chicks that we don’t really need!



2009-04-10 (4)

More kitten pics over at L&H.



2009-04-10 (10)
Miz Poo does not believe we need any more kittens in this here house.



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