5/14/09 – Thursday

So yesterday we had our individual-serving pot pies and they were very good, though I didn’t bake them quite long enough, so the dough in the middle of each pot was a wee bit raw. After we were done eating, Fred said “I can’t believe you made these in souffle dishes. I’m horrified.” HA. But … Continue reading “5/14/09 – Thursday”

So yesterday we had our individual-serving pot pies and they were very good, though I didn’t bake them quite long enough, so the dough in the middle of each pot was a wee bit raw.

After we were done eating, Fred said “I can’t believe you made these in souffle dishes. I’m horrified.” HA.

But before that, because I am SUCH the idiot and I do not ever learn, I preheated the oven, and I kept thinking “What the hell is that SMELL?” Well, that smell was egg shells that I’d put in to dry three days ago, turned off the oven, forgot about them (and in fact forgot until just now that I could have microwaved them for 90 seconds to dry them out instead, like FarmWife told me. DUH.).

I swear to god that if I had a brain, I’d be dangerous.



Okay, so, who’s still watching Oprah? I have the DVR set up to tape all her new shows and most of the time I glance at the description of the show, decide whether I want to watch it, and 9 times out of 10 I delete it.

She had Dr. Oz on earlier this week, and I don’t always watch the Dr. Oz shows (though sometimes I do; it depends on my mood), but this one was the best moments of Dr. Oz, so I gave it a try. Turns out it’s the Oprah/ Dr. Oz finale and can you guess why? I bet you can: Dr. Oz is getting his own show starting this Fall.

Now, I generally like Dr. Oz – the Oprah episodes he’s on that I don’t watch aren’t because I don’t like him, but rather because I decide whatever specific topic they’re discussing doesn’t interest me. The episode (was it his first? I honestly don’t know.) wherein poop was discussed in full was probably my favorite Oprah episode of all time.

But I don’t know that Dr. Oz needs his own show. What’s interesting once or twice a month on Oprah is going to be overkill when it’s on five days a week, is my prediction.

You know I’ll be checking it out, though.

I also happened to watch the episode with the Elizabeth Edwards interview. That was one that I would have deleted if I’d known what the subject was, because I am not so interested in Elizabeth Edwards (nothing personal, you understand, just a lack of interest). But the summary on the DVR just said something like “Oprah discusses topics with her audience”, so I had to start watching it to see what it was about. And I got pulled in, and I watched the whole thing.

I thought it was a really good interview, actually, and Elizabeth Edwards came across as very sincere and open. There’s clearly a lot of anger toward “the other woman” and I think she made a couple of really good points – about the other woman wanting to “stand in the light” (of John Edwards’ fame) and that after all she and John Edwards had been through, she had to decide, does this horrible thing he did negate all the good things he did throughout their marriage?

I will say that I honestly never thought about it in that light. After 30 years of marriage, do you end it because of one horrible thing?

(Although the part where he first told her it was a one-night thing, they spent a year and a half working through it, and then? “Oh, did I mean it only happened once? Oh, I meant it happened once THAT NIGHT. It actually went on for some time…” Well, that’s pretty fucking horrible.)

So I don’t know much about John Edwards aside from the knee-jerk cheated on his cancer-ridden wife what a douchebag reaction I had when the news first came out, and if I’ve ever seen him speak before I certainly don’t remember it, but there was a point where Oprah got to talk to him after a tour of their house (hello, BASKETBALL COURT) and boy. He certainly came off as completely insincere in every word he said.

Yeah, I thought the interview was very interesting, but I don’t think I’m interested in reading the book.



OH MY GOD, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this! Speaking of books!

There’s this site where you can trade books – basically, you list books that you’re willing to give to someone else; you get 1/10th of a point for listing them, a point if you send a book to someone in your country, three points if you send a book to someone in another country (you can specify whether you’re willing to send a book outside your country). Then you can “mooch” a book that someone else is willing to send out, and it costs you 1 point if they’re in your country or 2 points if they’re in another country.

The person sending out the book is responsible for the cost of shipping, but since you can (at least in the United States) mail out a book via Media Mail for less than $2.50 (unless it’s one of those really heavy books, I imagine it’d cost more to ship those), it’s still a pretty damn good deal.

Here’s the site: BookMooch.com.

And here’s a widget showing the books I currently have available:

BookMooch.com is a book trade site

It’s not perfect – newer books are harder to come by (though you can set up a wish list, and when someone lists that book, you’ll get an email), but for someone like me who’s got books on her Amazon wish list that were added back in 2005, it’s certainly a bargain!



These kittens love their sleep. I mean, they LOVE their sleep. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into sleep for 20 hours of every day (the other four hours are taken up by eating, scratching around in the litterbox, and racing around like their tails are on fire.)

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Brudderly love in the back yard.

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