6/19/09 – Friday

So yes, I am home again! My flight landed at 9:40, and by noon I had unpacked, gone to get groceries, gone to the post office, and scooped the litter boxes. I made dinner, I vacuumed the house, I ignored the fact that the bathrooms need to be cleaned and the furniture needs to be … Continue reading “6/19/09 – Friday”

So yes, I am home again! My flight landed at 9:40, and by noon I had unpacked, gone to get groceries, gone to the post office, and scooped the litter boxes. I made dinner, I vacuumed the house, I ignored the fact that the bathrooms need to be cleaned and the furniture needs to be dusted. I dozed in front of CSI.

It was like I’d never left, really.

If I have anything to say about it, I will only fly early-morning flights from here on out. It was nice to reach my destination before 10 am, and even if one of my flights had been delayed, they would have had all day to get me on another flight. Besides, when your flight is first thing in the morning (I had to get up yesterday morning at 3:30 to leave the house by 4:00, to get to the airport before 5:00) you don’t have to sit around and wait for it to be time to leave, right? Right!

It was freakin’ cold in Maine, and even though I looked at weather.com before I packed, being in 90+ degree heat in Alabama makes you think that temperatures in the 60s in Maine is perfect capri and shorts weather. I wore a pair of jeans on the plane and packed nothing but capris and shorts. I ended up wearing the same pair of jeans the entire time I was in Maine (washed ’em every other day, of course). It actually wasn’t so bad – I told my mother before I left that next time I visit I’ll pack two pairs of jeans and three shirts and underwear, and call it good enough.

(I’m sure I’ll have forgotten that wise idea next time, though. I always do.)

With the heat index yesterday, it was over 100 degrees here. (That’s VERY FUCKING HOT is all you Celcius types need to know.)

Thanks, you guys, for the heads-up on the Zicam recall. The problem is with the nasal spray and nasal swabs, and the kind I got was the chewable kind. It seems to be helping – I haven’t developed a full-blown cold in any case, just feel achy and tired and like my glands are swollen, and who the hell knows – that could be from the traveling and the horrific temperature change. We shall see.

Today I’m doing laundry, and I have to go get a few more groceries. I was going to weed the tomatoes this morning, but I’m not gonna (shaddup, Fred), I’ve got too much other stuff I prefer to do. This afternoon I’m going to pick up the foster kittens from the foster mother who cared for them while I was gone. I can’t wait to see the little monkeys!

So I’ll answer a few comments and call it an entry!

Oh, and there’ll be a few days of my vacation recap next week, then things will go back to normal ’round here.

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I have to give you kudos for pressure canning at all; I’m of the belief that I’d blow myself to kingdom come, so I’ll stick to jamming and call it a day.

I was very nervous to try it, but I have to say – once you try it, you find out it’s honestly not that hard at all! If I can do it without blowing up the house, so can anyone else. I guarantee it!

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Tell Fred to count his blessings. My daughter risked her life, running onto a busy 4-lane highway, to save a turtle. He thanked her by peeing on her. In case you’ve ever wondered, turtle pee is some noxious stuff.

Yeah, Fred’s been peed on by a turtle, too. And a few weeks ago – the week before that turtle came wandering into our yard – we were going somewhere and there was a turtle in the middle of the road. He stopped to move it to the side of the road and it snapped at him, and I think he got turtle poop smeared on his hand. Whatever it was, it was NASTY smelling. Fucking turtles. (Won’t stop him from saving the next turtle he sees, I guarantee it!)

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I can’t believe that you teased me by bragging about your new hair cut and color and didn’t include a photo.

It wasn’t intentional – I just used the medium-brown color, and it came out… medium brown! Like so:

2009-06-13 (1)

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I did it! I had a bitchypoo dream! I was visiting you on Crooked Acres and it was raining, I think because all of your posts lately talk about rain, and you took me outside to sit on the porch at dusk to see the real secret of Crooked Acres which was….. hundreds of cats (that all come trotting home at dusk apparently…) that you were not blogging about because you didn’t want us readers to think you were weird enough to have more that 10 cats (even in my dream I was thinking Too Late! inside my head.) You were going on and on about this one’s name and that one’s personality and where that one came from and how you even had to edit some of the pictures that you posted to crop the secret cats out of the pics you posted so NO ONE WOULD KNOW! So tell me, dream or prophesy?

Oh, I’d never ever withhold information from my readers. Never ever. Nope, not me!

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Oh, you ARE writing! The last post I got on my Bloglines feed was the camera pic of the tent… and then I come here and there is more. Why you hide? Us internet peoples are totally friendly. And not at all intense or weird or stalkery. Anyway, I am now subscribed to three feeds of yours; two are broked (technical term) and the third (which is your 0.92 feed up thataways) works but is short posts not long. I don’t know why any of this is and instead I will sit here hopefully with big eyes in the sure knowledge that Fred will SPRING upon this problem and FIX IT GOOD. Right? Right?

Those of you who read me via Bloglines, are you seeing this? The only thing I did before I left for Maine was to change the settings on my site so that the last 5 entries would show up on the front page rather than the most recent one. I just went back and put it back the way it was – I don’t know if that fixed it or not, though. And I don’t know why only short posts are showing up, either – I have it set so that the RSS feeds will show the entire post. It’s a mystery to me!

I can tell you that everything’s working fine in Google Reader.

And Fred won’t spring upon the problem and fix it, because Fred’s not the go-to guy when it comes to RSS feeds and such (probably because he doesn’t care about that stuff and fondly remembers the days when everything was hand-coded and he had to walk uphill both ways to get to the computer).

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Hey, does the LL Bean place have their bamboo towels? I love love love them and desperately need new ones.

I’m trying to remember, but I honestly don’t think I ventured into the house section of the outlet store, so I don’t know. They had just about everything else – I carried around a leather purse for the longest time before I put it back because I refuse to spend $89 for a purse!

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That is AWESOME what the hair-cutting place is doing. Good on them! But, what is proof of unemployment down there? We have EI here (or, pogey as they used to call it!) but – what does the states have?

That’s an excellent question – I’m assuming that people who are drawing Unemployment down here get some sort of statement? Or something? Anyone know the answer to this?

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I am so close to the Spud that if she acts up, I can be sent over there to smack her around a little. hee hee.

Don’t tempt me! 🙂

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Hey you were in my neck of the woods. Haven’t seen the sign at Emerald Square yet…did you hit the Providence Place Mall while you were here..it’s HUGE…

We didn’t get a chance to visit the Providence Place Mall this time around, though the spud did mention it, and that it’s huge. Maybe next time I go down to get her, I’ll spend the night and we can actually do some sight-seeing. I’d love to go back to Newport and Middletown to see how it’s changed over the past 13 years.

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Hey Robyn, you do have a water view at Crooked Acres. But only when it rains.

Ain’t THAT the truth. Too bad we don’t have a pool, we’d have a water view year-round! (This is the first summer I’m really, really wishing we had a pool!)

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Welcome home, Robyn. I, for one, am relieved. Things just didn’t seem right without you in residence at Crooked Acres. I’m sure Fred would agree. Speaking of Fred, when are we going to get a new picture of him? Has he suddenly become camera shy? We have kitty, pig and chicken pics galore (which I love), and even the occasional teaser shot of you, but NO FRED. Hmph.

I think Fred would agree with you – his life kind of goes to shit when I’m away, we’ve discovered. He had to do all his work and mine too – and he finds he doesn’t care for having to make his own dinner, do his own laundry, scoop the litter boxes, clean the house.

When I talked to him on the phone the night before I came home, he said “I hope you aren’t under the impression you’re coming home to a clean house.” I wasn’t. But it only took me a few hours to clean the kitchen and vacuum, and just that little bit of cleaning makes it look about 200 times better around here. Fred says I’m his egg-selling good luck charm. He sold 7 dozen eggs in the entire time I was gone – and yesterday between the two of us, we sold 11 dozen eggs!

2009-05-19 (24)

This is probably about as much as you’ll see of Fred these days. He refuses to pose for pictures because he’s a hater.

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My parents don’t have any cats, but they’ve got them a Benji dog and he’s a character.

2009-06-19 (5)

2009-06-19 (4)

2009-06-19 (3)

2009-06-19 (2)

2009-06-19 (1)

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