7/16/09 – Thursday

For those of you who asked yesterday what that snake in the picture with Kara is, according to Fred it’s Probably an eastern kingsnake or eastern rat snake. (looking at the pictures, I think it’s the latter) In other words, not venomous – and a good thing too, because when Fred picked it up to … Continue reading “7/16/09 – Thursday”

For those of you who asked yesterday what that snake in the picture with Kara is, according to Fred it’s Probably an eastern kingsnake or eastern rat snake. (looking at the pictures, I think it’s the latter) In other words, not venomous – and a good thing too, because when Fred picked it up to take it out of the yard, it bit him.

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You know, I’ve been wondering why the fuck people have been getting all excited about Harry Potter, what’s the big fucking deal? The last book was out ages ago, is there a new book coming out?

Turns out they released the latest movie yesterday. Um, duh.

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I’m still managing to keep busy – the more time goes by, the easier thinking about Mister Boogers and Hamilton & Jefferson becomes. I washed the blanket that smelled like Hamilton (that raw peanut smell that all kittens have) and put the baby blankets and stuffed animals away. I spent about an hour going through pictures of Mister Boogers yesterday, trying to choose a couple to frame, and a couple of them made me laugh out loud.

He sure was a character.

The fact that I’ve gotten two really good nights of sleep helps a lot, believe me.

I won’t lie – I’m itching to get another batch of fosters up in this here house. It’s so QUIET. But I’ve got a trip planned for next weekend, and it wouldn’t make sense to get a batch, then have to turn them over to another foster family for a few days, then get them back. (I try not to take fosters and then leave Fred in charge of them – he’s got plenty to do, and I know he wouldn’t have a chance to spend as much time with them as I do.)

I did almost everything on my list that I wanted to get done yesterday. Today, I’ll be organizing the bureau in the foster kitten room, organizing the secretaire in the dining room, washing the floors throughout the house, and then I think I’ll sit on my ass on the couch and catch up with that NJ Housewives “lost footage”!

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Tuesday, one of the things I did was to take all the recycling back to the recycling center. Instead of taking it back when I’ve got my trash can/ recycling bin full, these days I stuff everything into trash bags, stick it in the garage, and start filling up the recycling bin again. It had been three or four weeks since the last time I went, so I had a carload this time.

I got to the recycling center and started unloading (I empty everything out of the garbage bags into the correct bins, and then reuse the garbage bags. In case you were shaking your head at my wastefulness.), and there were these two women standing in front of the junk mail/ magazine bin digging through it. And lest you think they were just looking for magazines, they were looking at each and every goddamn piece of mail they came across. I even saw one of them OPEN a piece of junk mail and look at it.

I managed to surreptitiously snap a picture.

2009-07-16 (5)

See those signs near them? Here, here’s a closeup:

2009-07-16 (6)

Sure looked like they were dumpster diving to me. And I know there were recycling center employees inside the building, but did anyone come out and tell them to knock that shit off? They did not.

You better bet your ass I didn’t leave my junk mail at the recycling center. I brought it home to shred every last fucking piece of it. Not that they could have DONE anything with any of my junk mail, but still. It’s the principle. I don’t like the idea of them digging through my junk mail and being all “Wow. Robyn And3rson sure does get a lot of catalogs, doesn’t she?”.

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Fred put this empty litter container over one of the fence posts by the pig yard a few months ago, and there it sat. And sat. And sat. I happened to glance up into it and saw that some scary flying thing was building a nest. I pointed it out to Fred, and he took it down and set it outside the fence to the back forty (I suspect it’s going to begin making a slow journey toward the garage, where we have a stack of about 10 empty litter buckets, which we use for various things). The fact that the scary flying thing’s nest is now upside down doesn’t appear to have deterred it. It’s still working on it, and it’s slowly getting bigger.

2009-07-16 (1)

2009-07-16 (2)

I do not like scary flying things or their nests. For the record.

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When I put up garden pics last week (was it last week? Whenever the hell it was, anyway.), I neglected to include these pictures of our small watermelon patch. They’re growing up an arched hog panel, and so far we’ve had better luck getting watermelons growing than we have in the past.

2009-07-16 (4)

2009-07-16 (3)

We have to come up with some sort of sling to support the watermelons as they grow. I’ve got some flour sack towels that will do the job nicely, I think – we just need to actually get out here and get them attached. Maybe this weekend.

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I know squirrels are annoying rodents and everything, but DAMN are they cute. Also, amusing. ALSO they keep the cats entertained/ agitated for HOURS.

2009-07-16 (8)

2009-07-16 (9)

2009-07-16 (7)

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Fat cat + huge squash = hilarity.

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2007: I can’t speak for Fred, but I know I was thinking “Jesusgodalmighty, I hope that scar on his head doesn’t pop out and his brain doesn’t come sproinging at me, because then I’d have to bat it like a volleyball and I never was very good at volleyball.”
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