7/30/09 – Thursday

There’s a new Simon’s Cat! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   So, I am home again – I didn’t post yesterday because I had to whip this house back into shape (I did … Continue reading “7/30/09 – Thursday”

There’s a new Simon’s Cat!

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So, I am home again – I didn’t post yesterday because I had to whip this house back into shape (I did some housework on Tuesday, but since I was running on, literally, two and a half hours of sleep, I spent most of the afternoon napping). It’s amazing how much work needs to be done after only four days away.

When we got to the airport (AHEM, SLOWPOKE NANCE) Tuesday morning, the security line was very very long, and it made me nervous. Then I tried to use the kiosk to get my tickets, but when I punched in that I was flying via Delta (which is what my itinerary was showing me), it kept saying that another airline was handling the flight. I was all “What the fuck?”, until an agent wandered by, and I grabbed him and threw myself upon his mercy and he was all “Dumbass, you’re flying NorthWest.” DIDN’T SAY THAT ON MY ITINERARY, FUCKERS.

So I got my ticket and then went to stand in line to turn over my luggage, and I was four or five people back in line when they called my name and destination, and I reacted by bellowing “HERE!” and waving my arms. Which is when the ticket agent looked over and told me to go OVER to where they were calling my name.


Then Nance and Rick hung with me while I stood in the security line (which was moving a lot faster than I’d expected) until they could go no further, and I got my hugs (Nance hugged me. I about fell over from the shock; Nance is not a hugger, as she’ll tell you herself!) and went through security lickety-split. The security agent barely even glanced at me as I walked through the metal detector. I found my gate, got some breakfast, and pretty soon boarded the plane.

The rest of the trip went smoothly except for the part where we boarded the plane in Detroit, they shut the door, and then we sat there for twenty minutes waiting to push back from the gate. Turned out, they’d had maintenance come in and fix a microphone, then needed to wait for the okay from Memphis (where the plane operates out of? I guess?) to leave. Which took multiple faxing of the paperwork by the pilot or the gate agent.

(It blows me away that they had to FAX PAPERWORK before they could get the okay. What fucking century is this??)

On the flight to Huntsville, I was lucky enough to have an empty seat beside me so I stretched out and watched Gossip Girl on my iPod, and just basically chilled (literally, because it was motherfucking COLD on that plane).

So, it’s good to be home, of course. I had a great time in Pennsylvania, though, and I have to say that Nance, Rick, Shirley, and Trey really know how to treat a guest. I got home and was like “What? You mean I can’t just sit on my ass on the couch and surf the web on my laptop? You want me to do WORK? No fair!”

I finally got to see Shirley in her tube top, which I didn’t even realize at first, and it was NOT the horrific sight Nance makes it out to be, I promise you.

I’ve stolen some pictures from Nance for your perusal, and you can scoot over to her site to see more pictures in this entry and this one.

2009-07-30 (1)
Fancy Nance, trying on hats at the antique mall.

2009-07-30 (2)
Nance was taking a picture of the game, and this guy was standing there, and apparently the flash was just a wee too bright for his princessy eyes. He made SUCH a big deal of how the flash had hurt his eyes, and how no one ever takes pictures in there. Total princess, this one. I’m surprised he didn’t fake a faint. We were unsympathetic.

2009-07-30 (3)
Trey and I after our ride on the Pitt Fall (the ride where they hike you up six miles in the air and then drop you for ten minutes). See that little girl in the tie-dyed t-shirt? She was on the ride with us (there are four seats, and with Trey and Rick and I, there was an extra seat; she was apparently going to ride by herself) and she was appalled at the fact that I screeeeeeeamed and then took a long, gasping breath and then screeeeeeamed again. I’m a very loud screamer.

2009-07-30 (4)
Trey and I on one of the roller coasters. I don’t know who that guy behind me was, but he was certainly giving Nance the eye.

2009-07-30 (14)
Rick and I went on this one. It goes upside down, but it goes upside down slowly, and then you hang there, and you’re sure you’re going to fall out, but then it goes swinging all the way over. It was awesome – my favorite ride, for sure.

2009-07-30 (6)

2009-07-30 (5)
SO smug ’cause I got TWO baskets and won Shirley a Steeler’s bear (I choked on the third basket, though, damnit). Note that Trey is completely underwhelmed by my basket skillz.

2009-07-30 (7)
I’d like to blame Nance for getting awful pictures of me, but apparently I stand around looking like an idiot all the time. I wish I had Brittany’s skills (she’s Alex’s girlfriend) – any time a camera was pointed in her general direction, she grinned prettily. Not a bad picture was taken of her.

2009-07-30 (8)
Ice cream sammiches! Nance is all “Hellew, luvah.”

2009-07-30 (11)

2009-07-30 (12)
Note that Rick and Trey are mildly amused, and I’m guffawing like a loon. Which I did the entire time. Poor Rick – the ride totally tossed us against him, and he got squished.

2009-07-30 (9)
Country bumpkin in the big city.

2009-07-30 (13)
Trey and I rode this one. TWICE. I do not care for the sensation of lifting up off the seat on the downhill section of this ride, thank you. In fact, I believe I bellowed “OH SHIT!” a few times. Trey totally tattled on me to Nance.

2009-07-30 (10)
Dorks on parade.

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2009-07-30 (15)
“Oh, were you gone? I hadn’t noticed. Is it Snackin’! Time! yet?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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