8/12/09 – Wednesday

Those of you who couldn’t see the Fiesta ware picture in yesterday’s entry, try looking again (maybe clear your cache first, too). I don’t know why it wasn’t showing up before, but it should be now. (And if you still can’t see it, let me know!) * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading “8/12/09 – Wednesday”

Those of you who couldn’t see the Fiesta ware picture in yesterday’s entry, try looking again (maybe clear your cache first, too). I don’t know why it wasn’t showing up before, but it should be now. (And if you still can’t see it, let me know!)

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I made chicken & dumplings for dinner last night, and it was goooood. It’s strange to me that true chicken and dumplings don’t have anything in them but chicken and dumplings (which shouldn’t surprise me, but somehow still does). It seems that it’s a dish that calls for vegetables to be added, so last night I chopped up a rib of celery and an onion and a few carrots, and it only made it better. I actually think it would be better with fewer dumplings, so I’m going to make a mental note to half the dumpling part of the recipe next time around.

With all the chicken processing that’s been going on lately, I think we need to step up our chicken consumption, but with only the two of us, every meal I make with chicken gives us at least one more meal of leftovers, and often two more meals. And then there’s the freezer full of pork. And vegetables.

It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta live it, right?

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Thanks, you guys, for your podcast suggestions – I’ve got a nice long list of podcasts to listen to. Which, unfortunately, means I don’t have any excuses to skip doing housework or yardwork or garden work! Hmm, maybe I should have thought that one through more thoroughly…

I actually ended up not working in the garden yesterday because by the time I was ready to head out there, Fred had called the vet to make an appointment for Sugarbutt, and the appointment was at 8:30, which gave me time to shower, put Sugarbutt in the carrier, and head out. The garden can wait – it’ll be there another day, I’m pretty sure.

Sugarbutt’s toes have been looking awful. I’m sure I’ve mentioned recently that he was licking between some of his toes and wouldn’t stop, and they were bloody and nasty, necessitating our putting the victorian collar AND the bite-not collar on him. His toes were looking better over the weekend, and then Fred made the mistake of letting Sugarbutt out of his collars on Saturday (the poor cat looks SO miserable when he’s got those collars on, it’s like he’s given up on life and we feel bad for him), and Sugarbutt went directly for his toes while we weren’t paying attention, bloodied them up, and despite repeated spraying with an antibiotic spray, they weren’t getting any better.


The vet looked at his toes, cleaned them off, and then painted them with some blue stuff. (Actually, before that he looked at Sugarbutt’s records and said “When we put the blue stuff on his lip, it healed up pretty well, didn’t it?” I agreed that it healed up very well because Sugarbutt’s lip is just fine as far as I know, but to be honest? I do NOT REMEMBER any issue with Sugarbutt’s lip. Whatever they did to it worked, I’m guessing, since he doesn’t currently have a lip issue. I really need to start writing this shit down because my memory when it comes to the cats and their medical issues is NO good at all.) I don’t have any idea at all what the blue stuff is, the vet came into the room with a Dixie cup full of the blue stuff, which he proceeded to paint on Sugarbutt’s toes, and on the receipt it just said “Foot treatment”. So now I’m very curious what the hell that blue stuff is. I think I’m going to make Fred call and ask exactly WHAT it is.

He also gave Sugarbutt a steroid shot. Sugarbutt’s toes are looking better, and when Fred let him out of his collar last night, Sugarbutt groomed and groomed but didn’t even think of licking his toes. I’m going to guess that the blue stuff is some magical healing shit, and the steroid stopped the itching.

Fucking Sugarbutt and his skin issues. I just want his toes to heal up so we can let him out of those collars so he can resume his ass-on-fire ways. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend we’ll be able to do that.

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The kittens have gone from running to hide every time the door opens, to running over to sit at my feet and howl for lurve. As I walk around the room scooping litter boxes, they follow me around and howl at me until I sit down. They they crowd around me, climb up onto my legs, and demand that I pet them. Terry’s gotten to be a real little prince – he sits on my leg and demands that I pet him. If I pause for ONE moment, he meows a sad, demanding little meow. Oh, he’s so spoiled but he is SO sweet.

2009-08-12 (8)
Sam loves to sleep like this.

2009-08-12 (7)
Stretching and complaining.

2009-08-12 (6)
“I HATES IT when she puts ointment in my eyes. HATES IT.”

2009-08-12 (5)
Bill with the mink tail. They LOVE that thing.

2009-08-12 (4)
Wild things.

2009-08-12 (3)

2009-08-12 (1)
“I am the little prince, and you must pet me.”

2009-08-12 (2)
Terry’s wonky paw. It looks like he’s got an extra thumb going on over there, but actually there are three toes on the left and two on the right. He’s able to put the smack down with it quite well, thank you. (Note that he’s licking my finger. SO SWEET.)

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2009-08-12 (9)
Sheriff Mama keeps an eye on her domain.

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