9/18/09 – Friday

I got a lot of stuff done yesterday – canned chicken, made cookies for the pigs, finally got the damn bird feeders filled and the hummingbird feeders filled with fresh nectar – and it was nice to get all that stuff done. Today, I only have to run to the bank, to Big Lots, and … Continue reading “9/18/09 – Friday”

I got a lot of stuff done yesterday – canned chicken, made cookies for the pigs, finally got the damn bird feeders filled and the hummingbird feeders filled with fresh nectar – and it was nice to get all that stuff done.

Today, I only have to run to the bank, to Big Lots, and to the recycling center. Other than that, I don’t need to go anywhere, and I intend to take full advantage of that!

That’s right, more canning.

I buy the big-ass cans of canned mushrooms from Sam’s Club, and then recan them into half-pint jars. I’d give you all the exact numbers, but I’ve lost the sheet of paper where I wrote them down, so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that by buying the big can of mushrooms and recanning them rather than buying the small cans of mushrooms here and there whenever we need them, I save $10.

(Which I’m sure I immediately blow on buying books I don’t need. But hey, a girl’s gotta have priorities!)

The chicken canning went well yesterday, right up until I was taking the jars out of the canner. The first and second jars were fine, but when I went to lift the third jar out, it broke.


That’s one entire chicken, gone to waste. I can’t recan the chicken, because I’m not willing to take the chance that there are shards of glass in and amongst the chicken, and I can’t feed the chicken to the dogs or the pigs for the same reason.

Ah well. I’ll be canning another five chickens this weekend – hopefully I’ll get no more broken jars, damnit!

(And for the record, one deboned and shredded chicken fits nicely in a quart-size canning jar.)


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Bill’s just crying blood like any good vamp cat.

Considering how hard Bill can bite sometimes, I’m thinking he really might be a vamp cat!


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I think Stinkerbelle took over the look o’ “het” from Mister Boogers.

I don’t know, I think she’s been pretty filled with hetred since the very beginning!



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Have I skimmed over the part where you guys started using the term “eyelips”? 😀

I mentioned that Fred came up with it in this entry:

So far, Sam’s doing fine. His eyes looked a little rough to me yesterday, and I made Fred come upstairs and swear to me that they looked okay and his eyelids weren’t going to come popping off and go bouncing across the room (also, he referred to them as “eyelips”, and I laughed and laughed).

but you were probably distracted by the beauty of Jake and Elwood.


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Also, I was curious (tho I think it impossible), will their eyelips ever have fur?

Yes, no, maybe? At this point, I don’t know. When she took the pieces off their lips, she took the inner part – the mucous membrane part – of the lip to use underneath their eyes. The outer part went on top, and it had fur attached. The bit of graft that sloughed off Sam’s eye doesn’t appear to have grown fur, but who knows what’s going to happen? All we can do is wait and see – and actually, his eye looks good enough that if fur doesn’t grow there, I doubt many people would even notice.


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I didn’t realize that you got new pigs??

We got ’em back at the beginning of July – there was kind of a lot going on back then, with Mister Boogers passing on, it was easy to skim past, I think.


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So here I thought I knew absolutely everything there was to know as far as tips and tricks while browsing the internet, but the scroll wheel new tab thing is TOTALLY news to me and also now my favorite internet tip. Just like that. How have I survived the last several years of tabbed browsing without it?

Is it not the BEST tip ever? And Fred acted like I was an idiot for not knowing this particular tip (for those who missed it the first time around – if you click on the scroll wheel of your mouse while hovering over a link, the link will open in a new tab), so I’m glad I wasn’t alone in not knowing!


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Stinkerbelle is not allowed outside????? No wonder she’s a stinker.

She’s allowed to go outside – she’s just too much of a scaredy-cat to actually go out there.


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Do you have any experience with cats with arthritis? I think my Poo-clone may be developing it, and I’m wondering how much I need to rely on the vet for treatment.

I don’t have any experience with cats with arthritis, though I know there are over-the-counter Glucosamine supplements you can get on the cheap at Wal-Mart, rather than pay the inflated price at the vet’s office.

I know at least one of my readers has experience with an arthritic cat or two – readers? Advice?


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Robyn did you see Kate Gosselin’s new hair? I think it’s a big improvement-she looks a lot softer. Guess she got tired of all the jokes about her old style.

I did! I think it looks a lot better, but I really wish she’d grow the back out a bit. I’m not terribly fond of the reverse-mullet thing.


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I just saw this on my sister’s facebook page. It made me think of you. I don’t have cat’s cause I can’t breathe when they are around. But, I have seen many cat things on your page, but never something like this!

I really, really like the considering look the cat gets on his face when he’s dunked his head under the stream of water and he’s lapping up… nothing. That is hilarious!


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I made pumpkin muffins last week that were a complete and utter fail. My first thought was “I wouldn’t have to throw these out if I could feed them to pigs”.

Pigs: BEST kitchen implement ever! Not only do we feed them our kitchen waste, Fred’s mother saves up their kitchen scraps as well, and those are some well-fed (and not picky!) pigs! I think everyone should have a pig or two in their back forty.


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All that talk of blood and his cold hands made me wonder if that doc is not a vampire. Then again maybe I have been watching too much True Blood. Heh.

Nah, he was out in the daylight, and in fact sat in a beam of sunlight. That would certainly be a good job for him, though, wouldn’t it! “Let me just get a few vials of blood from you… okay, I’ll go, uh, EXAMINE this blood, be right back!”


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I also thought you were talking about canning the cats. Just for a second.

It only saddens me that I don’t have a canning jar big enough to put a kitten in and take a picture to post to respond to this. 🙂

I like to browse through your “previously” links and 2 years ago Thursday you had the sweetest picture of you and Mister Boogers. Does seeing random pictures like that unexpectedly make you all misty-eyed?

It does – and I see a LOT of random pictures of Mister Boogers. My screensaver shows pictures from my “cat pics” folder, and at least once a day I see a picture of Mister Boogers pop up on my screen as I walk by. Even now, when he’s been gone for more than two months, it still occasionally takes both Fred and I by surprise that he’s gone. We never ever expected that we’d lose him like that, and he had such a large personality that he left a huge hole behind when he went.

Good ol’ Boogie.


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I showed up at the vet’s office bright and early yesterday morning to drop off Sookie and pick up Terry. When I walked in, the receptionist looked at me and said “Thank god you’re here!”, and a moment later one of the nurses came out, holding Terry in her arms like a baby.

It appears that Mister Mouth had howled and howled and howled at the top of his lungs until they couldn’t stand it anymore, and took him out of his cage to give him love. From the nurse’s arms, Terry gave me the smuggest look.

“TERRY,” I said. “I thought I was your true love! I thought you loved me best, and now you’re laying in her arms like you could just lay there forever!”

And he said “Have we met?”


His eyes look amazing. This will sound silly, but I almost don’t recognize him. I’ve gotten so accustomed to the way his lids were before, kind of jagged, and now to see a smooth eyeline on him is odd – I’ve mistaken him for Sookie more than once since I got him home.

I know he’ll look worse before he looks better, that as his eyelips heal, they’ll get scabby and kind of gross looking. But now I have some idea of what he’ll look like when all is said and done, and I think he’s going to be a real little heartbreaker!

Every afternoon for a while, we pile up on my bed and take a nap. Well, THEY take a nap. I just lay there and watch them sleep, and pet them and listen to them purr. This was yesterday, when Sookie was at the vet’s office, or she’d surely be in there with them. Lafayette’s not in the picture because he was curled up behind my knees. (Pardon the camera strap.)

I dropped Sookie off in the morning, and at 3:00 (as I was laying on my bed with her brothers, as a matter of fact), the phone rang. The vet’s office was calling to let me know I could come get her. I left immediately to get her, and that little girl howled allllll the way home. Oddly, despite the fact that her eyelids required less work than Terry’s, she actually looks worse than he does.

Don’t they look sore?

She was fine, though, racing around and snuggling up to her brothers, and eating like a horse.

When we’ve hit the two-week mark after surgery for Terry and Sookie, I’ll feel like I can relax a little. Until then, I’ll be casting many a worried look at them, I’m sure!

(I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next week brings zero trips to the vet. I’m ready to NOT make that trip for a little while!)


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