12/10/09 – Thursday

If you check out my blog you will see some photos of deer in our neighborhood that have been horribly treated. Not only are these living animals these activities are illegal. Can you help me spread the word that these gentle creatures are not to be kept as pets or treated as targets for practice? … Continue reading “12/10/09 – Thursday”

If you check out my blog you will see some photos of deer in our neighborhood that have been horribly treated. Not only are these living animals these activities are illegal. Can you help me spread the word that these gentle creatures are not to be kept as pets or treated as targets for practice? I was hoping you might be able to help me spread the word. Thanks, Wendy


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Tuesday it rained all day, and that night when Fred went off to bed, he called me into his room to look out the window. The entire back forty was covered in water, the garden was covered, the back yard was covered. As far as I could see, there was nothing but water.

Half worried that we were all going to float away (or at least that the chicken coops might), I went to bed.

Yesterday morning it was clear and bright and sunny, and the water had receded quite a bit.

Last night, the temperatures dropped into the 20s, and it’s supposed to be COLD AS SHIT for the foreseeable future. I’m actually not complaining, believe it or not, because I’d rather the ground get cold and hard so every time I go out to the back forty, I don’t sink into six inches of mud.


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I finally got around to watching Hoarders. I know y’all mentioned it to me when it first came on, and I swear I thought we didn’t get A&E, so I made a mental note to watch an episode or two online. I never got around to it – mostly because I hate sitting and watching anything longer than a few minutes on the computer – and then last week I checked again, and lo and behold, we DO get A&E. I set up to tape, and have recorded a few episodes.

Tuesday, I decided I was going to have a lazy-ass day, so I snuggled up on the couch with a varying number of kittens, and watched TV.


1. That whole shit with Nora and Simon and her ending up giving him money is so OBVIOUS AND HAM-HANDED that I’m embarrassed to watch that shit. I tell you what, if I ever end up a rich widow and start dating some guy who runs a “charitable organization” and needs “funding”, I will boot him out on his ass so fast he won’t know what hit him. DON’T BE A VICTIM, NORA. (That said, I’m sure it’ll end up being TOTALLY legit. Or whatever. I don’t care for this particular storyline, though Kitty stumbling across Nora and Simon in the shower cracked me UP.

2. Why the fuck do people who have serious illnesses feel the need to hide shit from the people around them? I hate that shit.

3. Oh, and of COURSE Kitty’s got to collapse at Justin and Rebecca’s wedding. Did I mention “ham-handed” and “obvious”? Also, that blond wig has got to GO. I cannot believe Rebecca would ever want to marry into that crazy-ass


So then I watched three episodes of Hoarders. And why did two of them have to feature people who had DEAD CATS in their houses? I was watching the one with the elderly couple who had cats all through their house (they thought they had 20 or 25, but as it turned out, there were 70-something cats in the house, about half of them dead) and I was watching them walk around putting cat food on plates for cats in various parts of the house, and I had a mental image of myself EVERY FUCKING NIGHT standing in the kitchen with ten million cats dancing around me and squawking and whining about how starving they are, and how I’ve started putting Stinkerbelle’s nightly snack on the top of the canning cabinet because she’s all “I am hungry, but THEY’S TOO GODDAMN MANY CATS IN THERE” and then how I follow Spanky to another room because he’s all “I would enjoy a snack but THEY’S TOO GODDAMN MANY CATS IN THERE” and I leave the snack wherever he settles, and I was all “HELLO I AM SEEING MY FUTURE.”

When your cats are telling you that you’ve got too many cats? You might have too many cats.

(But does the fact that nine of them are transitory make a difference? And also, I don’t use paper plates? I use REAL plates. And then I wash them. Oh god help me, I’m a fucking lunatic, aren’t I? I’m going to go look under my bed and make sure there are no dead cats.)

The last one I watched, that I finished watching and then COINCIDENTALLY got up and started cleaning house, no correlation between the two, of course not, was the woman in Louisiana whose house was so bad that they devoted the entire show to her. Who had had no plumbing for six years, and the cleaning crew started cleaning her house, hit the bathroom and were all like “Um, FUCK NO THANK YOU, WE’LL WAIT OUT HERE.” They hauled something like 8,000 pounds of garbage out of her house.

Watching that shit makes me itchy, because OF COURSE I have hoarding tendencies. If one cat bed is good, sixteen is sixteen times better, right?


Seriously – if you’re not watching Hoarders, you’ve gotta give it an episode or two. Trust me.


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My Kindle arrived on Tuesday. I gave it to Fred to play with, and downloaded Uncle Tom’s Cabin for him (because it’s free), and after about fifteen minutes of him using the Kindle, he came in and gave it back to me and declared that he doesn’t like it.


(Still can’t believe I have to wait ’til Christmas Eve to get Under the Dome on my Kindle. FUCKERS.)

I haven’t downloaded any books yet, mostly because I’m kind of stocked up on real books, and I ain’t gonna go pay for the same book again. I’m sure I’ll find something I want immediately, it’ll just take me time to figure out what.

Oh, and for the record? I REALLY like the Kindle.


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Anyone know what this bug might be?


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Miss Pink.

I know not why, but every kitten in the house adores playing in the can where I toss all my junk mail and magazines to recycle.

Keebler, pondering.

I don’t know why Elwood’s got that grumpy look on his face – he LOVES to snuggle with the little ones, and it’s not like they’re crowding him.

Five Cookies in one bed (you’ll note that Miss Orange almost always has her eyes on me. She’s a lovah, that one.)


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The many faces of Mike Teevee.



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Newt, in the back yard. Not lookin’ for trouble – but somehow, trouble always finds him.


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