12/14/09 – Monday

If you’re a lover of the habanero jams and hot sauces, please be aware that I have now used up all the habaneros we had saved in the freezer, and what’s listed on the jam page is what’s available. Once all that stuff is gone, there will be no more available until next Fall at … Continue reading “12/14/09 – Monday”

If you’re a lover of the habanero jams and hot sauces, please be aware that I have now used up all the habaneros we had saved in the freezer, and what’s listed on the jam page is what’s available. Once all that stuff is gone, there will be no more available until next Fall at the very earliest.


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So, I went for my mammogram on Friday. I wasn’t particularly dreading it, because it’s a bit uncomfortable, but nothing too bad, and I was mostly interested in getting it over with so I could go on with my day and get my errands run. The place where I go gets you in and out pretty quickly – my appointment for the mammogram was at 7:30, so I showed up at 7:15 as directed, and I only sat in the waiting room for about ten minutes before they called me back. And then I only had to sit in the second waiting room for about five minutes, if that, before the tech (I have no clue what her actual job title was) called me back.

As she was positioning my right breast on the pad, she said “You’ve lost a lot of weight!”

“Yes I have,” I said. “I had weight loss surgery in 2006.”

“I’d love to have weight loss surgery,” she said. “But I’d have to gain weight to qualify for it. But that might be fun, just eat whatever I want and gain all that weight so I could have the surgery!”

I smiled.

We chatted as the mammogram continued, and once it was over, she told me I was all set.

“You had surgery in 2006… so, have you lost weight in the past year that would make a difference since your last mammogram?” she said.

“No, maybe a few pounds, but nothing big,” I said. My weight generally stays within a four-pound range, and has for the last two years. She jotted a note.

As I walked out of the room, she cheerily said “Well, keep going! You’re looking good!”

“Thanks!” I said, and headed for the dressing room to change back into my clothes.

I was halfway through getting dressed when what she’d said hit me, and I sputtered indignantly.

I wanted to go back to the room where she was and knock on the door and yell “WHAT THE FUCK, LADY?! ‘KEEP GOING’?! Where the fuck am I supposed to GO?! I’m not gonna ‘KEEP GOING’ because I’m THERE. I’ve ARRIVED at where I want to be!”

But I didn’t because I would have sounded like an idiot. I’m sure she meant to be all positive and encouraging, but man. When someone who’s seen you naked from the waist up implies that you’re still a fat fattypants DESPITE THE LOSS OF ALMOST 200 POUNDS FROM YOUR HIGHEST WEIGHT, it tends to take the wind out of your sails, you know?

So it’s ironic that when I got home, Annette had left a comment telling me that I was looking skinny in the picture I’d posted of myself in the kitchen with 130 cats.


(For the record, I was not really upset by what she’d said, because I know she meant to be encouraging. It reminds me of when Fred had lost 150ish pounds and went for a massage. He looked REALLY good and did NOT need to lose any more weight, but she, too, told him to “keep going”. WTF with these people and the “keep going”?!)


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I have put up zilch in the way of Christmas decorations this year and don’t intend to, because the idea of fishing kittens out of the Christmas tree a zillion times a day and hearing ornaments bounce all over the house makes me tired.

HOWEVER, I have recently learned that they make half trees that you can hang on the wall and put lights and ornaments on. I’m missing having a Christmas tree this year, so you better believe I’ll be getting one of those half trees for next year!

Also, speaking of Christmas, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the next year hand-making Christmas cards to send out. So next year, the great Bitchypoo Christmas Card exchange will be back, because I have to admit that I’ve really missed it this year!


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I’ll be leaving in a little while to take the Cookies for their spaying and neutering. Right now they’re closed in their room, probably hungry (I took their food away at bedtime last night), and I’ll be flinging the door open in a few minutes, snatching them up, tossing them in the carrier, and hopefully I’ll have them at the vet before they know something’s up.

I’ll spend the day getting their room and litter boxes scrubbed down, and when they come home tonight, they’ll have a nice clean room to recover in.

Saturday night, after we’d put the Cookies and the Wonkas in their respective rooms, we were laying in bed, and suddenly one of the Wonkas started banging on their door. I figured they’d stop, but after it had gone on for several minutes, I suggested that we just let them stay out for the night. Fred agreed, so I let them out, and it worked out pretty well.

Gus is a very polite sleeper – he curled up against me and went right to sleep. Mike, on the other hand, would have slept on my face if I’d let him. He ended up flopped across my neck for most of the night, and I woke up several times to find him purring very loudly, gently kneading my arm. He stayed with me all night until Fred got up, and then he followed Fred downstairs. I also woke a few times to find Veruca and/ or Violet perched atop me. They’re super light girls, though, so it certainly wasn’t annoying or painful.

I love all the Wonkas, but I’ve got to admit that I’m going to miss Mike the most. Considering how hissy and spitty he was when he first came here, it continually amazes me how friendly and laid-back he is. Last night Fred picked Mike up with his hands under Mike’s armpits and then gently swung the lower half of Mike’s body forward (he said it was “The Mikey dance”), and Mike just kept on purring. It cracked me UP. Mike will just let you do anything to him, he’s happy no matter what’s going on. He prefers to be sitting in a lap or snuggled up against me when I’m at my computer – DEFINITELY a people cat, our Mikey.

I was going to say that Mike’s a ladies’ man, but since that’s Keebler right next to him, I guess I’d better say he’s a Meezers’ man.

Violet, sound asleep next to Keebler. I’m sure there was some hissing on her part before she gave up and went to sleep. She and Veruca always have to have their say when one of the little ones gets too close, but none of the other cats seem too alarmed or impressed by the growling.

Blue. I don’t know why I said Blue has those ear points like Keebler does, because she clearly doesn’t.

Miss Blue.

Gus, in the computer room, with the ear floof.

One evening last week, the Cookies had their vaccinations, and it knocked them for a loop the next day. They stayed in their room, in this bed, for the better part of the day. They finally found some energy around dinner time, but the house was certainly quiet without them running around making trouble!

Still sleepy.

Keebler (top) and Pink (bottom). Pink’s ear is bent over like that because she was in the process of shaking her head. Too bad it doesn’t stay like that; it’s particularly cute, isn’t it?

Sleepy Meezer.


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Pretty Jake.


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