1/24/10 – Sunday (kittehs)

They’re 81% of the way to goal for sweet Misty!   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   A wonderful update on Mike and Gus (who are now Topher and Dorian)! I swear, when I … Continue reading “1/24/10 – Sunday (kittehs)”

They’re 81% of the way to goal for sweet Misty!


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A wonderful update on Mike and Gus (who are now Topher and Dorian)! I swear, when I opened the email and saw those pictures of the boys, I SQUEALED, I was so delighted to see them!

Updates on our beloved Mike & Gus (we’ve successfully
switched Gus’s name to Dorian now, but still occasionally call
Topher Mike out of habit)

They’ve both warmed to us. Mike, especially, is SUCH a HUGE baby!
I’ve never seen a cat that dog-like in his desire for attention (in a
good way). He turns into a loud purring machine as soon as we get
close to him, and purrs nonstop while we pet him. He’ll actively
climb onto us and roll around like a baby, aggressively rub his head
and nose and cheeks against our hands and just BASK in love with this
blissful look on his face, it’s so funny! Dorian, on the other hand,
fits his new name perfectly. He’s a beautiful, graceful, and an
exceedingly inquisitive creature. He likes being near us – he’ll walk
over to us, rub our legs with his magnificent fur, and grace us with
his presence. Mike, on the other hand, will climb onto us, put his
head under our arms and flip over asking for a belly rub. He even
drools sometimes when we pet him, and then rub his drool-y cheeks all
over our hands! Is that adorable or what! Dorian, by the way,
LOVES to play. Mike does too. Mike plays in this cute clumsy way –
he’ll chase and chase and jump but just not quite catch the jingling
feather teaser. Dorian, on the other hand, will stalk, watch, and at
the right moment pounce, sprint, leap, and catch the teaser with dead
precision in midair (the teaser is moving rapidly in midair, mind you,
it’s not like we hold it still for him) with his claws and mouth, flip
over, land, and hold on to it tightly while growling and looking
around. I love watching Dorian play, he’s amazingly graceful and
precise in his movements, and the speed with which he sprints! We
play with them multiple times daily and we’re still impressed by him.

Here are some pictures of them we took. I apologize for the lack of
action-pictures. My camera is shitty and action pictures generally
turn into a blur, which is just too bad because they do the cutest
things when playing.

Beautiful Dorian and Topher napping on our couch.

Topher, HUGGING Dorian as they napped.

Dorian, showing off his leg. I couldn’t resist taking
this picture because it looked like a heart-shaped kitty nappy

One of Dorian’s favorite hang-out places. My bookshelf.

Another GQ shot of Dorian, this time endorsing a lens cleanser.

We noticed today that Topher’s super long “eyebrows”
have twirly ends! How did that happen?!

Dorian, being a successful jingling-feather predator.


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