3/9/10 – Tuesday

A few weeks ago, as you might recall, I posted about Hoyt, one of the foster kittens from the True Blood 6. The people who adopted him found out, through an emergency visit, that he had Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). They asked the shelter manager if she knew of any good homes because … Continue reading “3/9/10 – Tuesday”

A few weeks ago, as you might recall, I posted about Hoyt, one of the foster kittens from the True Blood 6. The people who adopted him found out, through an emergency visit, that he had Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). They asked the shelter manager if she knew of any good homes because if this turned into a chronic condition, they weren’t going to be able to afford regular $1500 emergency vet visits.

I didn’t expect anything to come of it, but I posted about it just to see, and then Michelle came forward and said that she wanted him!

I held my breath and emailed her to make sure she was serious, then sent her the contact information for the shelter. She did all the usual stuff, filled out the application, talked to the shelter manager, and then the shelter manager talked to Hoyt’s parents to make sure they were really prepared to give him up. They were, and the date was set for the transfer, and I was even invited to come to the shelter to meet Michelle and see Hoyt again.

Did I mention that Michelle lives in North Carolina?

So, I fretted for two weeks about the whole thing – fretted that Michelle would change her mind (though she never once gave ANY kind of indication, in fact she was thrilled to be adopting Hoyt, but I’m never so happy as when I’m worrying, you know), fretted that her car would break down on the 7-8 hour trip to Alabama, fretted that she’d get here, we’d meet up at the shelter, and then Hoyt’s parents would change their minds about giving him up.

In other words, it was business as usual for me. At least I had somewhere to direct my need to worry, right?

This past Saturday came, and I left the house, headed for the shelter. Michelle was already there when I arrived, filling out paperwork, so I crossed THAT worry off my list. We went into one of the cat rooms and petted cats and waited for Hoyt and his parents to show up. They did, so I crossed THAT worry off my list, too.

(I don’t know what I’m going to worry about now!)

So Hoyt’s parents put him in the small bathroom so that he could use the litter box and calm down a little from the drive and then we stood around and talked about Hoyt.

You guys, there is no doubt in my mind that Hoyt’s parents love him and were heartbroken to be giving him up. They told us story after story about him, and he is obviously growing up to be one sweet, silly character of a kitty. He’s a talker, and will hold conversations with you, or with the wall (heh), and he loves to be held on his back like a baby. And gorgeous? OH so gorgeous!

Did I bring my camera with me. OF COURSE, I’m offended that you’d even ask such an obvious question.

Did that camera have a memory stick in it? OF COURSE NOT. Gah!

So since Hoyt had had time to chill out (though I think he might live in a state of chill, really), we went to see how he was doing. He was doing just fine, thank you, and Michelle got to hold him, and I got to pet him, and he settled down in Michelle’s arms and watched the cats in the cat room through the windows. He talked a few times, and I don’t know WHY I was so surprised, but his voice sounded exactly the same as when he lived with me!

We talked for a while longer, and then it was time to put Hoyt in his carrier and load him in Michelle’s car. Hoyt’s mom and dad said goodbye to him, and then went off to their car before they started crying (which was a relief, because no one cries alone when I’m around!), and then off Hoyt went to his new home in North Carolina!

I fretted a little, as is my way, while waiting to get word that they’d made it home safely, but Michelle was kind enough to let everyone know that she and Hoyt had made it just fine. She also reported that whenever she said something to another driver, Hoyt popped up to give ’em hell, too. HEE.

Here are a couple of pictures that Hoyt’s mom and dad shared:

Don’t his eyes look GREAT?

And then yesterday, Hoyt took paw to keyboard to send an email to let everyone know how he’s doing.

Hi Mom & Dad,

I made it to NC after a long & boring car trip. I miss you but I’m doing fine. I’ve met the other lady Julie and my big brother PitStop. That’s him in the picture. LOL the lady keeps trying to take my picture but I won’t stay still more than a minute 🙂 It’s fun watching her try.

Yesterday, the door opened and there was a big gate thing up in the doorway (baby gate) and me & my brother could see each other. He’s kind of big so I puffed up and tried to look as intimidating as I could. I don’t think it worked because he just kept coming back to the gate to see me. We chatted and smelled things out and before you know it we touched noses a few times. Then the gate was taken down (see the picture? no more gate!) and wow was I happy to see the rest of my new place!

There are STAIRS with a turn in the middle! I LOVE playing on them. You can see in my picture I am at the top of the stairs just waiting for someone to come up. I have been getting exercise by running up and down and all around. HA my big brother is SO slow; he can’t keep up with me. I have been exploring everywhere and checking it out. I like the windows so I can stalk the birds and lay in the sun. Pretty cool.

I think they are head over heels for me – I am adorable you know 🙂 pretty sweet set-up. As soon as me & my big brother know each other a little better we can team up and live like rockstars! All we have to do is be sweet and lovey to the ladies and we’ve got them wrapped around our kitty toes.

I have been eating and drinking and using the scratching post and doing all the good stuff I’m supposed to so don’t worry. You took good care of me and just so you know I gave her all kinds of hell getting that pill down me! What a rookie 🙂 lol.

Thanks for letting me come here – I will write you again soon!

This is PitStop, Hoyt’s big brother. This picture is cracking me UP. He’s all “HelLEW, laydeez!”

He’s a very good typist for a cat, isn’t he? 🙂

Thanks, Michelle, both for adopting Hoyt and for sending pictures and an update. I know that Hoyt will be happy in his new home and very well taken care of!


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