3/22/10 – Monday

We had a very quiet and low-key weekend ’round these parts. I suspect we would have gotten more accomplished if it hadn’t been RAINING and overcast and ugly and cold(ish) most of the weekend, but OH WELL. Spring? What Spring? The high today’s only supposed to hit 49. Also, it’s currently 37 and spitting snow. … Continue reading “3/22/10 – Monday”

We had a very quiet and low-key weekend ’round these parts. I suspect we would have gotten more accomplished if it hadn’t been RAINING and overcast and ugly and cold(ish) most of the weekend, but OH WELL.

Spring? What Spring?

The high today’s only supposed to hit 49. Also, it’s currently 37 and spitting snow. I OBJECT.

I could use some warm weather, I’m telling you.

Saturday, we got up and headed out later than Fred would have liked. I was making him get groceries with me since I have not officially been cleared to lift stuff, and I like having company at the grocery store, so I was milking it for all it was worth. I expect next weekend I’ll be on grocery duty all by myself. We stopped by Lowe’s first because the light over the sink had gone out, and we needed a replacement bulb. We also needed a new light for the laundry room. I guess three years is about how long those fluorescent lights last, which I’m thinking isn’t bad, especially considering that the kitchen light gets a lot of use.

As we walked into the store, I said “You have the gift card, right?” Fred got a Lowe’s gift card at Christmas, which he hadn’t used and I’d rediscovered Friday afternoon, and which I immediately gave to him to put in his wallet.

“Oh,” he said. “No, you didn’t remind me.”

Remember in the last season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 when Jon went somewhere to buy a shower head for the new house, and he got home and Kate was all “Did you use the coupons?” and he was all “No, I didn’t take any coupons with me” and before our very eyes, she turned into a shrieking harpy, her voice went up sixty-three octaves and she screamed “YOU DIDN’T USE THE COOOOOOOOOOOUPONS?!” in the same tone you or I would scream “YOU THREW THE CHILDREN INTO A CAGE OF HUNGRY TIIIIIIIIIIGERS?!” and yanked open the coupon drawer and held out a handful of coupons in shrieking appeal to him, all “WHY DO YOU THINK WE HAVE THE COUPONS IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO USE THEM?!” and he shrugged and wandered off (that could be a summary of Jon Gosselin’s role on that show, shrugging and wandering off), probably thinking to himself We bought a three million dollar home and I’m a man whore who sleeps with any 19 year-old skank who’ll have me, and your issue is that I didn’t save $1.99 on the shower head?


So I got all shrieking harpy, “WHERE did you PUT the gift card? WHY do you think I gave it to you? WHY wouldn’t you just put it in your wallet when I handed it to you?” and he shrugged and wandered off.

As it turned out, Lowe’s had the laundry room light, but not the one we needed for the kitchen, so we bought what we needed and left. PAYING CASH FOR OUR PURCHASES BECAUSE THE GIFT CARD WAS ON HIS DESK AT HOME.


We went to get groceries, and it was a quick trip, because these days our grocery lists tend to be pretty short.

Once home, Fred made breakfast (over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten into the habit of having a bacon-sausage-eggs breakfast on Saturday mornings), we ate, and then I spent a good long time with the kittens and with Maura.

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to get dinner and to stop by the dollar store. The only place I’ve been able to find simple clay litter around here is at the dollar store. (With kittens, you need to start them out on clay litter, because they tend to try to eat the litter at first, and eating clumpable litter is a bad thing when it comes to tiny digestive systems.) We went into the dollar store, Fred loaded up a couple of bags of litter, and then we stood in line.

We stood in line for, literally, ten minutes. There were four or five people in line in front of us, and in that ten minutes, only one of them finished their transaction and left. (Some issue with the PIN pad or a food stamps card or something, I wasn’t paying attention.) Finally, Fred turned to me and said desperately “Can we go to another dollar store?” I said we could, he put the litter back, and we left.

In town, we stopped by one of the myriad dollar stores to buy litter, and although it was a lot busier than the first dollar store, we were in and out of there pretty quickly. We picked up dinner, and came home.

We spent the evening watching a couple of episodes of the second season of Breaking Bad (we’d started watching that season, but about three episodes in, we switched from one satellite cable provider to another, and we currently don’t get whatever channel Breaking Bad comes on – AMC, maybe?), then hung out with the kittens and then with Maura.

Sunday was a day where we really did nothing at all. It was crappy and rainy out, so we decided to spend the afternoon watching TV. We finished off the second disc of Breaking Bad, and then at Fred’s suggestion, we watched The Girl Next Door. This is not, as you might think, the craptastic Elisha Cuthbert movie, but rather the movie based on the book by Jack Ketchum. Fred read it last week, and said it was “disturbing” and decided he wanted to watch the movie. Since it was available instantly via Netflix, we watched it.

It was disturbing, I’ll give you that, but it was also horribly acted and I really don’t recommend it. At least it was only an hour and a half long.

Annnnd… that was our weekend! Exciting, no?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Check out this video – it made me laugh out loud.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Bookworms are doing just fine. They’re down to getting a bowl of (watered-down) formula two times a day now. They could probably go without, but I want to be sure, since they’re not eating canned food, that they get enough liquid in. There’s a bowl of water in the room, and they’ve all sniffed at it, but they’re not terribly interested in it just yet.

They are just the sweetest little guys, I can barely stand it!

Corbett, considering whether he wants to climb up into my lap.

Active little monkeys – Reacher’s biting the stuffed Mama cat. Rhyme is biting the bed. And Bolitar is fighting with the carrier.

Bolitar, scaling the carrier. They ADORE this carrier – they like to hang out inside and fight with each other. They also like to climb up to the top of it and then go back down the other side. It’s particularly funny when three of them are hanging off the carrier.

Sweet, innocent little face. Don’t be fooled!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“What babies?”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Sugarbutt and Tommy: brudderly love.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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