4/9/10 – Friday

Do you guys put newspaper in the carriers? Seems like it would make cleanup easier. Unless it’s projectile. You take such good care of the cats and George and Gracie, it doesn’t matter how many you have. It’s heartbreaking how many are in the shelters. No, I usually have a small blanket or towel in … Continue reading “4/9/10 – Friday”

Do you guys put newspaper in the carriers? Seems like it would make cleanup easier. Unless it’s projectile. You take such good care of the cats and George and Gracie, it doesn’t matter how many you have. It’s heartbreaking how many are in the shelters.

No, I usually have a small blanket or towel in the carriers. Newspaper would make cleanup easier, but it doesn’t sound all that comfy to me, and god forbid any cat should be less than completely comfortable for longer than thirty seconds. Cleanup with a towel/ blanket isn’t so bad – I remove as much of the solids as I can, and toss ’em in the washer.


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Ah Ha, so I am not the only one getting my Bitchypoo blocked. At least I know there are other people trying to access the same ‘porn’ as me!

I told Fred that I should buy a new domain and mirror my entries on a weekly (or monthly) basis there, so that y’all can keep up with your Bitchypoo goodness from work instead of having to wait ’til you get home. We were watching something one evening last week (I don’t remember what), and I decided that RazzleDazzle.com would be an excellent domain – but it’s already been taken. Fred suggested SpazzleDazzle.com (heh), and I was reading an old entry and thought that FloopleTheDoop.com would be a good one, or even just Floople.com.

But it’s a moot point – having another domain and having to clean up the language before copying entries over there is both more money than I want to spend right now, and more work than I want to do. I’ll keep it in mind for the future after we’ve won the lottery and I’m a wealthy lady of leisure.


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Rhyme has the darkest M of them all.

He really does – he looks like someone took a Sharpie and wrote an “M” on his forehead!


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Living in Alabama, you have to know the rebel flag as well… or is that just in Tennessee?

I know the Confederate (rebel) flag, but I don’t really consider it a flag in the way that I consider state and country flags to be flags, if that makes any sense.


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Look at this cat.

I don’t know if your guys can master that, but I’m thinking that they have a shot at out-gaping the amazed cat in one of the other videos.

I’ve had the occasional cat (especially Sugarbutt) stand up straight, but not as long as that cat can!


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Last night my fiance told me that monkeys aren’t mammals… um, then what the hell are they? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wikipedia says Considered generalist mammals, primates exhibit a wide range of characteristics. Sounds like they’re mammals to me! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Saw this on the news this morning and thought of Maura!

Doctors Perform C-Section and Find No Baby
Two North Carolina doctors have been reprimanded for performing a caesarian on a woman, only to discover she wasn’t pregnant at all.

Doctors opened up the woman and found a nonpregnant uterus.
The incident — a rare case of pseudocyesis or a false or hysterical pregnancy — happened at the Cape Fear Medical Center in Fayetteville, N.C.

The woman reportedly appeared at the hospital with her husband asking for a C-section. A resident in charge made the pregnancy diagnosis and doctors agreed to surgery after trying to induce labor for two days.

I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh my ASS off, thinking that doctors tried to induce labor for two days before attempting a c-section.


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Hey, I do believe there’s a photo of your fosters in an article for Challenger’s House in todays Huntsville Times. I don’t get the print version, but found the article at the online news site al.com

Here’s the URL: http://blog.al.com/breaking/2010/04/challengers_house_hopes_to_rai.html

Hope they raise a lot of funds for the kittehs!

Yep, that’s the picture I provided for the story about the True Blood 6! I’m still trying to talk Fred into attending the benefit, but I’m not sure how much luck I’m having!


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I desperately want to know what the other Robyn’s reaction was to your reply email. I can only imagine that she was either nonplussed about it, thinking, huh, I don’t remember sending THAT email or that she was deeply offended and upset with herself for being so lazy! Or perhaps she has convinced herself that she’s got another personality! Imagine coming to THAT realization! Oh to have been a fly on the wall..


Hilarious! You should also send the other Robyn motivational stuff like “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and people like me!” ๐Ÿ˜€


You have GOT to start sending Robyn Anderson notes from herself! Like, “Are you sure you’re making the right decision with that thing you’re thinking about?” or “How about that dream last night! Do we have a weird subconcious or what?” Or, if you’re in an earlier time zone than her, send her notes from her future self! “You’ll regret it if you go where you’re thinking of going for lunch!”


I agree with Heidi–send that “other” Robyn regular emails “advising” her. Try “We’re going to have a super-dee-duper day today!” hehehe


You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone sending themselves e-mails on what to do that day! I’ve made lists of stuff to do and then lost the list, but mailing it to myself? Not so much….


Emailing oneself. Hmmm. I’ve send myself reminders on my phone …

I’ve been known to email myself reminders from time to time, but more often, I send a text to my email address (usually when I’ve filled up the gas tank and want to remember to enter the correct amount into Quicken. Yes, I could get a receipt, but those tend to get lost in my purse).

I would email the other Robyn helpful emails of advice (“Don’t wear that shirt again, it just is NOT flattering. I’m only telling you ’cause I love you! Call me!”), but I think I’ve decided she doesn’t have a sense of humor, because I still haven’t heard anything back, and HMPH TO HER. Also, it’s her work email, and I don’t want her to get in trouble with her bosses because I’m sending her cat pictures at work or something. Heh.


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Hilarious! Hysterical pregnancy even?

Well, she DID try to tell me she wasn’t pregnant, y’know. I guess next time a cat tells me she’s just full-figured NOT pregnant, I’ll listen!


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My mom has a set of foster kittens (and their mama) and she needs to name them. There are 6 of them and all but one are stripey (like the Bookworms). How on earth do you tell your kittens apart? I tried looking for some distinctive mark (on their head, on their tummies, on their back) but they all look too similar!

Well, the Bookworms are different enough from each other that I don’t have a problem telling them apart. There are different ways to mark kittens so you can tell the difference – with the Cookies, I put a tiny dab of brightly colored nail polish on the back of their ears (which is how they ended up with the nicknames Blue and Orange). Another way to mark them is to put a dab of nail polish on the tip of one of their claws. Also, I know that somewhere out there are temporary collars that you can put on them – they’re made of some sort of tough paper and stick to themselves so you can make them whatever size works for you – but I don’t for the life of me remember where I saw them. Anyone out there know?


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I used to have a dog, a female. (And she was spayed.) Then I got a cat, a kitten who was really too young to have left her mother but I didn’t know that at the time. After a day or two of getting to know each other, the kitten, seeking comfort, began nursing at the dog. Cue false pregnancy in the dog.

Two years later – two YEARS later!! – the swollen belly had gone away, but the dog was still walking around with milk-filled teats, and the cat was still nursing whenever she wanted. She’d walk up to the dog, yowl, perhaps pop the dog on the nose a time or two, and the dog would sigh and go find a comfortable spot to flop over. Damnedest thing.

Elayne, you crack me UP!


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Robyn, I have never before joined in the chorus when your readers start predicting that you’re going to keep this or that foster, but this time…it’s different. How in the HELL are you going to be able to let those adorable babies go? I swear, if I didn’t have two dogs, and my husband wouldn’t immediately leave me, I’d take ALL of them!

I’ll tell you what, I was able to give up this one here:

(That’s Mikey of the Wonkas, if you don’t recognize him)

and if I can give up Mikey, I can give up anyone! Seriously, we STILL talk about Mike from time to time, and just the fact that Fred even remembers who Mike is is something – he rarely remembers the names of any of our fosters, once they go off to their new homes.

So yeah, I do love the hell out of the Bookworms, and they’re awfully sweet little brats, and I know it’ll be hard to give them up and I’ll miss them when they’re gone, but we’re not keeping them. We’re not!

(I know you guys never believe me when I say that!)


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George and Gracie are gorgeous. Some of the pics of them remind me of a polar bear. Anyone else see that?

Oh, definitely!


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What happened to the chart of which cats interact with each other? I was looking forward to that all week! ha :p

Here it is (click on it to see the bigger version). It’s nothing fancy, but it gives you the idea, I think. “No” means they don’t generally interact with each other, and “LOVE”, “LIKE” and “HATE” are pretty self-explanatory. If there’s anything unclear, feel free to ask!


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Gorgeous Corbett.

Rhyme in the sun.


Rhyme in the sun.

Corbett in my lap, fighting off Reacher.

This pretty well defines this litter. Rhyme, Reacher, and Bolitar looking at something (my hand, I think), and Corbett fighting with his foot. Corbett marches to the beat of his own drummer.


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Maxi in the cat bed on Fred’s desk. She sure is pretty.


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