9/3/10 – Friday

Have you ever tried caffeine-free Diet Coke. It is not so bad…… I’ve tried it in the past and don’t like it – it tastes kind of metallic to me. I figure, I’ve only got a couple more days, depriving myself for that much longer won’t kill me, right?   @ @ @ @   … Continue reading “9/3/10 – Friday”

Have you ever tried caffeine-free Diet Coke. It is not so bad……

I’ve tried it in the past and don’t like it – it tastes kind of metallic to me. I figure, I’ve only got a couple more days, depriving myself for that much longer won’t kill me, right?


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You guys have done well with the piggies and chickens. Have you given any thought into raising your own cow? I imagine it would be much more difficult of a process at the end – but a homegrown, properly aged ribeye is sounding mighty tasty.

We’ve talked about it, but we’re both hesitant to add any more animals to the farm. Last year it just so happened that the guy who processed our pigs had a cow that was ready for processing. We traded (I think) a whole pig for half a cow (a friend bought the other half of the cow), and that worked out really well for us. Fred called the guy a few months ago, and we may be doing the trade again next Spring. It’s working out well, and we don’t have to build a barn for a cow someone else is raising, so I’m calling that win-win!


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Is it too much to request a photo of your litter box setup? I can’t wrap my mind around the description.

I just snapped these pictures about five minutes ago. Please forgive the dust around the top of the litter boxes. I usually wipe it off when it starts to annoy me, but I was more focused on getting the pictures than what the area really looked like. (I’d just scooped, so at least the litter boxes were clean!) Also, just keep in mind it’s been a couple of days since I vacuumed, so I’ll be vacuuming later today. It’s not ordinarily that much of a mess, I swear it!

Upstairs in the foster room.

Upstairs in the nook in my bathroom.

Downstairs in the guest bedroom. This litter box is about to go away – the only reason it was there is because we were putting the Bookworms in the guest bedroom at night before I took Bolitar and Rhyme to the adoption center, so they needed to have access to a litter box. Now that there are only two Bookworms, we’ve been letting them stay out at night, and as a result, this litter box isn’t needed – and is hardly ever used.

I didn’t snap a picture of the “main” litter boxes in the laundry room because they don’t have anything to catch the litter and there’s nothing special about the setup. Litter gets all over the place in the laundry room, but I keep it under control by sweeping every morning after I scoop.


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You must try the C0ke Zer0…oh, the Heaven, the Bliss (of course, I may earn the Skimmer Of The Day Award, if you’ve already written about trying it and how you hets it and will always lub the DiCo).

I think I will always lub the regular Diet Coke – but now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried Coke Zero. I think maybe I should give it a try. I might be missing out on something even better!


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I’ve also had some sort of lower-intestinal bug thing for the past several days. It was BAD yesterday, a bit better today. Robyn, you’ve infected your readers! All the way to California!!!

I am nothing if not a giver. I’m the Oprah of the journaling world. Diarrhea for YOU and YOU and YOU and YOUUUUUUU! Diarrhea for EVERYONE!!!!


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I just read the August 26th entry at this blog and thought you and others would enjoy it.

I love a happy ending!


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I need to know – did you watch RHONJ Reunion show last night??? What a circus!

I finally watched the Reunion, and I have got to say that there is something SERIOUSLY friggin’ wrong with Teresa. What an asshole. I know I’ve said before that Danielle’s a drama queen who manufactures drama where there is none, but the fact that she mostly sat back and was quiet and not out of control certainly made the rest of the “cast” look like bullying assholes.

Frankly, she was the least assholish of the bunch, I think. Just once, when Caroline’s threateningly saying “You don’t talk about Dina!” or “You shut your mouth!” to Danielle, I’d like Danielle to say “Or what?” What the fuck control does Caroline think she’s got over Danielle?

There was no one on that set who wasn’t an asshole, though. Even Andy Cohen was an asshole. Talking about how strong Teresa was, when she pushed him down! He should have put her in a wrestling hold and forced her to apologize to Danielle.

I didn’t like what ANYONE was wearing, either. Well, except Andy Cohen. He always looks stylish. The women, though, no. Caroline’s dress and hair style made her look 10 years older (she looked like she’d escaped from an episode of Falcon Crest). There’s nothing Jacqueline can wear that makes her look remotely attractive (and she has the personality of a wet rag) and I sure don’t need to see that much of her boobs. I don’t remember what Teresa was wearing, but I’m sure it looked hideous. As for that rig Danielle had on? She looked like she rolled out of bed and pulled on whatever was in arm’s reach.

You know I cannot wait to see the second half of this reunion. It’s far and away more interesting than ANY of the shows this season have been.


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Yesterday after I dropped Melodie, Martin, and Dodger off at the vet for their operation, I headed into Huntsville to stop by Sam’s Club.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Huntsville or where I live, you might not know that to get from Sam’s Club to home, I had to go RIGHT by Petsmart. I stopped, of course, because I am only so strong. I just wanted to peek at Bolitar and Rhyme and make sure they were okay. So I got to a point at the end of an aisle where I could peek into their cage and they couldn’t see me. I peered around the corner, and Bolitar was sitting next to the litter box, and the instant I peered around the corner, his head SNAPPED around, and he saw me immediately.

I couldn’t help myself, I went over to the cage and started talking to him. I couldn’t figure out where Rhyme was, so I looked and looked, and finally realized that he was in the litter box, sound asleep. I spoke to him and got his attention, and just hearing my voice, he came out of the litter box and stretched and pawed at the glass.

Well. What would YOU do? I couldn’t just leave!

No, I didn’t snatch him up and bring him home – but I did go find a manager to let me into the cat room, and I let them out of their cage, and I sat there on the floor and cuddled and kissed and played with them for 45 minutes. They were SO happy to see me. They climbed into my lap, they purred, they hugged me. They showed me their toys, they ran back and forth, stretching their legs, and they climbed into my lap for more love.

After 45 minutes, they were ready to go back into their cage for some food and a nap, so I gave them each one last kiss and cuddle, and left.

I was so relaxed that I felt like I’d had a massage.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone falls in love with them tonight or tomorrow during adoption hours. But if they don’t, I know I can always go back to Petsmart and spend more time with them.

I forgot to mention this – Amy asked how it was that Bolitar and Rhyme were the first to depart. Basically, we were having an issue with Bolitar picking on the babies upstairs and also with him getting out into the back yard and then OUT of the back yard a couple of times, so even though (I know this will shock you) he was my favorite, I decided that he should probably be the first to go. And since he and Rhyme are best buddies, I let Rhyme go with him.

An interesting side note is that when I was at Petsmart with Bolitar and Rhyme, Bolitar went over to a cage of smaller kittens and sniffed at them… and then he did NOT hiss or growl or smack at them. Very interesting. So maybe when he was picking on the babies upstairs, he thought he was defending his territory or trying to establish dominance, and in a new setting like at Petsmart, he didn’t feel like he needed to do that? Then again, maybe it’ll just take a few days for him to be comfortable enough to let his inner drama queen out.


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Dodger, Melodie, and Martin are now spayed and neutered. All the way to the vet’s office, I expected them to start howling, but after I got them into the carrier, they did not make a single peep all the way there, and when I picked them up last night, they didn’t make a peep all the way home, either. None of them seem to know they’ve had anything done at all – the instant I let them out of the carrier last night, they ran around like their tails were on fire, and they played hard all evening long. I was worried that Melodie would revert to her scaredy-cat ways, and she was a wee bit nervous this morning, but she came over to me pretty quickly to be petted.

So they’re ready to go to the adoption center when room is available, but I’m guessing that it’s going to be a while before that happens!

(Someone asked a couple of days ago whether Martin’s meow has changed since he was little. He still has a pretty distinctive meow, but I intend to get another movie of what he sounds like now, so y’all can judge for yourselves! It’ll take me a few days to get that done, though.)

Melodie, pre-spay.

Dodger shows his teeth and claws.





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Reacher has turned out to be a middle-of-the-night foot attacker. But that’s okay – he also respects the can of compressed air.

I just cannot stand how GORGEOUS these boys are!


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Spanky would like you to know that he’s no dummy. Since he doesn’t wear a collar (he’s never ever climbed over the fence, so we consider it safe to leave him collarless), he can get right up against the fence and the collared cats can’t get to where he is (or they’ll get zapped from their collars), and so they can’t bug him. HA HA HA ON THEM!


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