9/21/10 – Tuesday

Yesterday was my errand-running day. I was getting low on essential stuff that I usually buy at Sam’s, and since I was headed that way, I opted to stop at Michael’s and Target and Petsmart and get all my errand-running done on the same day. I got up and got a bunch of stuff done … Continue reading “9/21/10 – Tuesday”

Yesterday was my errand-running day. I was getting low on essential stuff that I usually buy at Sam’s, and since I was headed that way, I opted to stop at Michael’s and Target and Petsmart and get all my errand-running done on the same day. I got up and got a bunch of stuff done around the house (I’m finding that leaving a list of essential stuff that needs to be done that day taped to the microwave is a step toward actually getting it done. Well, at least until I wake up in a bad mood and tell the List of the Day to go fuck itself, that is.), got some packages ready to go, and left the house a little before 9:00.

Driving to Sam’s was a breeze. I have the bad habit of leaving the house at 8 to go to Sam’s (so I can get my shopping done before the peasants show up, since I have the super-special GOLD membership, FEAR ME), and then being taken by surprise by the morning traffic. But I got there about 9:30, which is a good half hour before Sam’s is open to the regular members. I intended to go in, grab the stuff on my (lengthy) list and get out of there before 10, but as it turned out, I wandered around that damn store for over an hour. They’ve changed the locations of a lot of my usual stuff so I did a lot of backtracking. I also remembered several things I hadn’t put on the list (Granny Smith apples, for one), and as a result, I would head for the checkout, then have to go way back to the back of the store to get what I needed.

I know they change the location of stuff regularly so you’ll end up wandering around the store and hopefully make impulse purchases, but I have to say that it is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING to have to search all over hell and creation for stuff that’s been in one particular location for years. Probably doesn’t help that I’m apparently half blind, because I walked by the 3-pack of compressed air no fewer than three times before I actually saw it.

I got out of there, loaded everything into the car, thought about getting an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s (my favorite fast food breakfast, by far), decided I wasn’t hungry, and headed for Michael’s.

Remember how every year I send out a Christmas card? And then how last year I didn’t because we were afraid Fred was going to lose his job at any moment and I was trying to cut costs? Then I said that the cards WILL be going out this year, but in an attempt to spend less, I’d be making them myself? And I was going to make sure I made a certain number every month so that when December rolled around, they’d be all ready to be signed and sent out?

Yeah. Guess who hasn’t done a damn thing about making those cards? And guess who hasn’t got one single crafty bone in her body?

Oh, the cards ARE going to be going out, but you’re basically going to be getting a picture stuck to the front of a card, and something written inside. Because, really, that’s what I’ve sent out in the past, it just happened that the picture’s been printed on the front of the card by a professional printing company. THIS year, you’re going to get a picture that will no doubt be crookedly affixed to the front of the card, and the sentiment inside will be crooked and sloppily written, and it’ll look like a 3 year-old made it.


So I bought the stuff I needed for that (and wait ’til you guys see the picture I’m using it. It makes me giggle every time I look at it!), then I puttered around the store, looking at various and sundry things that I did not need. And lo and behold, I left the store with only what was on my list.

Then I went over to Target and I bought a lemon juice extractor thingy and I looked at the cat stuff, and I looked at the hair stuff, and then I bought the lemon extractor thingy and left.

THEN I went over to Petsmart and walked around the store looking at the stuff and it must have been a banner day, because I did not buy one single solitary toy. I KNOW, right?

I went over to see what Bolitar and Rhyme were doing, and they were curled up sound asleep in their cat bed. I thought about going in and waking them up, but decided not to because that would have been mean.

I thought about stopping at TJ Maxx on the way home, but decided it was time to get my ass home, and by the time I was home and had the car unloaded and everything put away, it was time for lunch.

I like getting out of the house, but it kind of messes up the rest of my day when I’m gone so long. Today, I’ll be doing all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday because I was out running errands. Fixing the fence, making muscadine jam, making habanero jams, filling bird feeders, cleaning out the bird bath. The list is endless!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Also, why the hell were there no fresh cranberries at Sam’s? What the hell? How’m I gonna make cranberry-habanero jam?!?!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Did I mention that it was around 100º yesterday? And it’s going to be around that today? I better get that fence work done early, before it gets too hot. If I don’t post tomorrow, it’ll be because I collapsed of heat stroke and Fred came home to find that the chickens had pecked my eyeballs right out of my head.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Moxie has a crush.

It was so hot here yesterday that cats were melting right out of their beds!

Moxie, helping with the groceries.

All four of the upstairs fosters really like to hang out in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. I guess so they can flee upstairs if they feel threatened.

Pretty miss Melodie.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Tommy and Sugarbutt (inside the back yard fence) keep an eye on the chickens I call The Wanderers. The Wanderers escape the fence around the chicken yard regularly and wander around our property all day. I’ll be working on fixing the fence so they’ll only have their 2 1/2 acres to roam. Oh, the humanity! (I don’t mind having them wander on our property, but it bugs me to see them go onto the neighbor’s property. She’s never complained (and I don’t think it bothers her), but I don’t like it! Also, if they’re not inside the fenced area and a stray dog comes onto the property, George and Gracie can’t protect them.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


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