11/4/10 – Thursday

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2011 calendars for sale ——–>

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My gastroenterologist called yesterday morning to let me know that the biopsy results were back. There was some inflammation “under the surface”, likely due to a virus. No signs of colitis at all, my bloodwork was fine, go back and see him in six months.

Later today I’ll be making that appointment along with an appointment with my primary care physician for my yearly physical, and an appointment with my gynecologist for THAT yearly physical. I guess this is the time of year for my yearly stuff – which is odd, because I know at one point I had it set up so that all my yearly physicals were scheduled for January. I figured, since I was turning another year older, why not compound the horror?

Anyway, thought I’d let you guys know that the biopsy results came back fine and there’ll be no monthly colonoscopies for me!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.
(The house tour is in the next section.)

“‘Allo, Guv’na, just stopping by to wet the ol’ whistle! Pip pip!”

Fred was looking for something in his workshop over the weekend, and came across this huge-ass snake skin. I’m sure glad I didn’t come face to face with THAT snake while he was shedding his skin.

We tossed it in the back yard to see what the cats would do. First they sniffed it, then they dragged it around the back yard. It hasn’t made its way inside the house just yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Speaking of bringing things inside the house, Corbie the hunter-gatherer brought this big-ass piece of bark into the house. Here it is with a kitten for size comparison.


Not actually at Crooked Acres – last weekend when we went up to Tennessee, we stopped at our favorite feed store to buy cat food. This alpaca (llama?) is new. Before you ask, we don’t have an alpaca/llama because we only have five acres. If we get more land, we might revisit the idea of having an alpaca/llama just for shits and giggles.

Corbie wants to know why you haven’t come to adopt him yet. He’s WAITING.

In the back yard, there was this tree. It was diseased and falling down, so Fred cut it down. This stuff grew where the stump is. We talked about cutting it down, but the cats like to hang out under it, and it gives us a little privacy from the house next door, so we let it grow. Apparently Tommy’s taking to climbing up in it and sitting there. Elwood can’t figure out exactly how he did it.

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Crooked Acres Tour – kitchen and laundry room.
(Click on any picture to view the larger version.)

From the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.

From the corner by the sink, looking toward the doorway. That’s the Amish pantry to the left, beyond the refrigerator. It actually has doors that go on it, but they need a coat of polyurethane. Which I was going to do this week, but we didn’t have any polyurethane, so maybe next week.

From the other corner by the sink.

From the laundry room doorway.

A closer view of the pantry, ’cause I know you wanna see.

From the doorway between the kitchen and laundry room. That’s the door to the back yard.

From the corner by the litter boxes.

From the same spot, different angle. Storage unit and cat food bowls. (There’s one more beside the utility sink, to the left of the picture, and one next to the pantry in the kitchen. There are usually only two bowls beside the storage unit, but I’m trying a new food in those bowls to the left – EVO grain-free. They seem to like the EVO Herring and whatever more than the EVO Chicken and whatever.)

And the view from over by the washer and dryer, toward the litter box area.

Y’all let me know if you’re wanting a close-up view of anything in these pictures, or have any questions.

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Guess who’s going to be neutered and get their ID chips in a little while? Can you believe they’re over two pounds already? When I got back from Myrtle Beach two weeks ago, they were both at about 1 1/4 pounds. Then, with the help of regular morning and evening canned food snacks, they packed on another half pound in a matter of days. Last Monday I weighed them both to find that they were over two pounds, so I made the appointment.

Once they’re neutered and have their ID chip, it’ll just be a matter of waiting for room to be available at the Petsmart adoption center. The way adoptions are going, it could be a little while. You can imagine how heart-broken I am at the idea of having them around for a while longer!

Doesn’t it look like Hutch is about twice as big as Starsky? Somehow, he’s always looked huge compared to Starsky, but they’ve always weighed within an ounce of what the other weighs. Maybe Starsky has heavy bones.

When I’m at my computer, they can usually be found in the bed to the left of my monitor… or the bed to the right of my monitor. They’re not picky – whatever’s available is fine with them.

(He’s no dummy. He waited ’til she was sound asleep!)

Grumpy boy.

Sleepy boy.

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“I had a nightmare there was a kitten snuggled up next to me.”

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