11/12/10 – Friday

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Have you seen Shae? Spread the word!

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©Heaven Mahle

This is Dirty Feet – she belongs to Heaven, a foster mum for Challenger’s House. (You guys think I have a lot of cats in my house at one time? Heaven routinely has WAY more fosters in her house at one time than I do. And she’s a miracle worker. I’ve seen kittens that don’t look like they’re going to make it one more hour when she gets them turn out to be the most beautiful, healthy cats. Which you already know if you’re Facebook friends with her!)

Last week, Dirty Feet was ill, and ended up at the vet’s where she was for most of the week. They couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on with her until Heaven took her to another vet who was able to ultrasound Dirty Feet and find the blockage causing her illness. She had surgery on Friday and as of today is recovering at home and doing well.

©Heaven Mahle

Like so many of us do, Heaven spent every penny she had to save Dirty Feet, and she still owes money to the vet. I encouraged her to sign up for a Chip In fundraiser, and I hope y’all will consider helping out. The widget should show up below, but if it doesn’t, you can go here to see her Chip In page. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give!And here are some pictures of Dirty Feet as a baby, because I knew you’d want to see them!

All above pictures ©Heaven Mahle

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This is neat. I never make bows, so it wouldn’t be a handy tip for me, but I just had to share.

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My cat, Steve, was just diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his bladder. To let me know, he peed a bloody clot on my bed at 9:30 Sunday morning, after 6 hours of trying to tell me something was wrong. (I was trying to sleep, and I don’t speak “Cat”. Yet-working on it!)

The lucky guy then spent 30 hours with doctors, IVs, and minimal food (which he thoroughly loved – cough cough).

To prevent further outside-the-box peeing, should I trash the bedding, or since this was because of illness, might Nature’s Miracle or something else suffice? I think the down comforter may be irreparable, but the pillows, sheets….mattress…???

Any help and advice will greatly appreciated!!!

This is what I would do – if you think the down comforter is irreparable and you’re not too torn up about losing it, I’d toss it. Those things are big and bulky and hard to deal with, and the less stuff you have to deal with, the better.

The pillows and sheets can go into the washer. I’d put them on the “soak” cycle, put in a cap of detergent, and then a buttload – maybe a cup – of baking soda in the water as it’s filling up, and then let everything soak for a couple of hours. Let it drain, then run it through a regular wash cycle, using white vinegar as your fabric softener (everything will smell like vinegar when you first take it out of the washer, but trust me, that will go away as it dries). If you have a clothesline, hang everything out in the sun for a day – two, if you can swing it. If you don’t, put everything in the dryer and dry the hell out of it. (You may need to finish the pillows in the dryer, anyway, since they take forever to dry.)

For the mattress, you can use Nature’s Miracle, but keep in mind that it takes a couple of weeks to work (it doesn’t kill the smell immediately), and it’s going to be stinky in the meantime. I’ve heard good things about Anti Ickypoo (maybe from one of you guys?), which I believe will kill the smell immediately and also kill it in the long term – ie, it won’t come back after a few months.

Now I know you guys have suggestions on this topic – chime in in the comments, won’t you?

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Is it just me or does the picture titled “and running” make him look like a kangaroo???

It certainly does! It also reminds me of this picture I got of Mister Boogers from yeeeeears ago:

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If you haven’t found the Robin Williams routine yet, I must encourage you to do so. I wept.

LOVE it!

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I found damnyouautocorrect.com and have scared the baby more than once laughing so loud.

That site absolutely kills me. Last night I was laughing so hard I was sobbing at every single fucking post. I finally had to turn the laptop off, I was afraid I’d wake Fred up!

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Is it wrong to say that I’d give my kids up for adoption if they reacted that way to a surprise trip to Disney World? I think, as a parent, I’d be saying, “I’m done.” 🙂 I can only imagine those parents dropped a load of money on that trip!! I’ll bet the kids went on to have a blast, though. 🙂

Before the lady who uploaded it closed comments, she said that once they got to Disney, they had a really good time. I think it was just that they’d spent all night driving, expected they were going to Dick’s house, and then found out they were actually going to Disney that made them react that way.

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I used Zenni Optical one time and ordered some super cool rimless transition glasses from them. I used to have long hair that I wore in a ponytail and since I’m only near-sighted (can’t see far away) I would slide them up on top of my head to look at close objects. About 3 months into the new super cool glasses I got them caught in my hair and snapped them at the lens near the holder thingie on the ear piece. I write to them and asked “could you please replace this one lens?” They said “NO, we don’t do special orders” butt butt butt YOU MADE THEM. It would have cost more to renew that one lens locally than it did for the whole pair of glasses. No customer support what so ever. Bite my big fat you know what Zenni.

Now I go to eyebuydirect.com.

Thanks for the feedback – I may give eyebuydirect.com a try, since I’ve decided I need a second (emergency) pair of glasses!

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Do you have an issue with kittehs nosing their way into your cabinets? I’m having that issue right now and am thinking about putting some magnetic catches or some kind of locks so they can’t get into them.

Not in the kitchen, really – I think the doors are probably too heavy for my guys to nose open (though every time I have to open a cabinet door, cats come running to climb into the cabinet and see the Super! Exciting! Cookie sheets!).

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I just thought of a way you could help with those invisible high and big shelves: mirrors!
I was trying to think of a way to make some inexpensive lightweight ones out of plastic and Krylon paint, but thought it through and couldn’t. Sorry. Fred would end up cutting glass, and I know he already has a long assed to-do-last week list. So sorry.

I could probably keep a hand mirror in the junk drawer and use it when I need to see what the hell is up there!

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We used to buy that Popov vodka from Sam’s club till I unclenched and bought some Absolut. Now I’ll never go back. You do know you’re supposed to keep vodka in the freezer, right? Maybe only boozehounds like me know that?

Are you supposed to keep vodka in the freezer because it makes it taste better, or so it’ll be cold when you drink it, or what? I only use vodka to make homemade vanilla, but if keeping it in the cabinet makes it taste bad, I’ll move it to the freezer!

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When we bought our house there was a lazy susan in the upper corner cabinet. Cut down on the storage size but it was convenient. Then we redid the kitchen. Still have the corner cabinet but no lazy susan anymore! Pain!!

I’m trying to convince Fred that we should install lazy susans in the corner cabinets, but (AS USUAL) he doesn’t seem to agree that it’s high on the list of priorities.

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Make your cookie sheets do double duty by using them as shelf sliders. Then you can have a lot more cookie sheets since you’re using them all the time.

Put a piece of craft paper down the cookie sheet — that will keep it cleaner and protect it from scratches. If you have an old banged up cookie sheet, use it for a slider instead of throwing it out; rub a little candle wax on the bottom side to help the old sheet slide better (or use a quick spray of Pam and let it dry for a couple of hours — don’t use the flavored Pam).

If you have the right tools (sheet metal cutter) and an old cookie sheet, you can customize the sheet to fit that odd angle in corner or “L” shape cabinets. Just make sure to curl the raw cut edge of the sheet over & crimp it closed to protect yourself and anyone else.

LOVE this idea!!!

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Once upon a time, I had organized spice jars and I would even write the date on a label one the bottom of each one so I would know if they were too old. Then I moved and I think they are in my parent’s storage building. Now, my focus is on plastic containers. One day they will all be matchy and organized.

Also, your fridge looks a little empty to me. That’s probably because mine is such a mess and I need to do a serious purging.

You know, with the huge number of spices I have, you’d think I’d always be spicing up the stuff I cook, but if left to my own devices, I’ll generally salt and pepper whatever I’m cooking, and call it good enough.

And did you know you’re supposed to replace your spices after six months? I just read that in a magazine. That is LUDICROUS to me – I have some spices that are years – if not a decade – old, and they still seem okay to me. Of course, I don’t have the most refined palate, either.

It’s funny that my fridge looks empty to you – to me, it looks like it’s practically stuffed full. 🙂

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Looks like a little angel, doesn’t he? DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Note the claws, extended and ready for use!

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Buster can’t get away from those crazy women on Dr. Phil fast enough.

Corbie the beautiful.

Striped Corbie belleh.

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Spanky in the sun!

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