12/2/10 – Crooked Acres Thursday

Thelma and Louise have Eyelid Agenesis (the same condition our sweet True Bloods had last year) and Forgotten Felines needs to raise funds for surgery. Pass the word? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Danielle sent me an … Continue reading “12/2/10 – Crooked Acres Thursday”

Thelma and Louise have Eyelid Agenesis (the same condition our sweet True Bloods had last year) and Forgotten Felines needs to raise funds for surgery. Pass the word?

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Danielle sent me an email the other day, and I checked to be sure it was okay to share it (and the pictures she sent) with y’all.

I don’t know of anyone else with as much kitty experience as you so I was wondering if you (or your readers) have a clue about this. We adopted our newest kitten in July and she is now approximately 8 months old, though there was confusion because she’s very small. She’s got a bunch of extra toes but it’s not like other double-pawed cats I’ve seen because they are small and shoved in between her other toes, no more than two extras a foot. Her nails on these toes are a normal length. When the vet checked her out, he said that he might recommend declawing if they get in the way but so far she seems ok. The thing that’s weirding me out if that often, even when she’s resting, the claws on her back feet stay out, and they seem to be coming/staying WAY out, like I’ve never seen so much nail on a cat before. Maybe she just hasn’t learned how to properly retract them and it’s a kitten thing? I’m just worried that this might be an example of her creepy feet functioning abnormally. (One of the nubs on her back foot specifically doesn’t seem to have a lot of tissue connecting it to the rest of her foot and it like…dangles back and forth when you play with it.) So far, with frequent trimming, the toes haven’t been getting in the way of any of her activities, and she never seems to be in pain. But she never has this problem retracting her front nails.

Sorry that this is such a long question all about my cat’s toes. I wouldn’t feel right sending this to any other person, because it is so bizarre, but I have no problem emailing you! Weird? And I attached a picture, the best one I could get of the frankenfeet.

I told Danielle that I haven’t seen anything like that before (but how CUTE are those little paws!) – how about y’all? Ever seen anything like this before? (I suggested that perhaps the kitten was a twin and she ABSORBED her twin and perhaps will eventually grow an ear out of her back or something cool like that, but I was kidding. Even though that would be COOL.)

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Scenes from around Crooked Acres.

I knew it’d only be a matter of time before Jake had company in his bed atop the kitchen. I got home from running errands to find that Rhyme had made himself at home. The Bookworms do love them some Jake.

The back forty and some scary clouds.

I love seeing the moon during the day, for some reason.

Da pig (I don’t know where the other one was – probably sleeping off a sugar high in the shelter.)

We got a ton of rain yesterday, and this is what the back of the property looked like when I woke up.

(Blue building: the original chicken coop, which will be converted to a kitten coop whenever we get our butts in gear and start working on it.)

(Green building: the chicken coop where all the chickens (and George and Gracie) live now.

(The wood shelter nearish to the cement pad: wood shed. The red building off in the distance: garden shed where most of the tractor implements live.)

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The last of the Crooked Acres House Tour!

This is the upstairs bathroom, across from my bedroom, which is usually referred to as my bathroom. It’s where I shower and bathe kitties – not usually at the same time. I like the color, but let me point out that the purple isn’t quite as eye-searing as it looks here. Or, okay, maybe it is and I’ve just gotten accustomed to it.

To the right of the doorway is this little nook, perfect for a litter box or two.

And, to the left of the doorway (behind the door, really.)

The kitten room. That rug will be going away, because it’s had so much damn kitten poop on it that it’s practically visibly crawling with germs. I’m getting some foam flooring to put there instead. The chair will also be going, too – kittens have been peeing on it, and I can’t stand it anymore.

From the windows, looking back toward the hallway, obviously.

The closet where the litter boxes and cat supplies live.

Kitten supplies, toys, bedding. I hate the way this stuff is, it’s so hard to find anything. I want to get a dresser to put in there – found a couple of candidates on Craigslist last weekend – but Fred put me off ’cause he wasn’t in the mood for dealing with strangers. (I need a doormat that says “Husband don’t take too kindly to strangers.”)

Annnd, back down the hall. That’s the bathroom on the left, my room on the right, and Fred’s room straight ahead.

Are y’all dying to see the garage?

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Jan and Bobby are continuing to improve. I let them stay out of their cage for most of the day and didn’t find too many unwelcome surprises when I went to check on them. I did put them back in the cage overnight – just to be safe – and haven’t been in there yet this morning. If their level of playfulness is anything to go by, they are definitely on the mend. Jan, especially, is THE most playful thing. It didn’t hurt, I suspect, that yesterday was a lovely, sunny day and they were able to spend some time soaking up the sun.

Sweet miss Marcia.

Oh, I’m sorry. Am I BOTHERING you, brats?

Marcia’s by far the biggest Brady.

Bobby? He haz a complaint. He haz lots of complaints. Often. He’s a complaining little brat, is what I’m saying.

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Corbie on the couch.

Rhyme on the couch.

Corbie in the guest bedroom. (He IS SO BEAUTIFUL I CANNOT STAND IT. His long legs and skinny, lanky grace reminds me a lot of his half-brother Gus.)

Corbie in the guest bedroom again. I love this picture so much that I made it my desktop background.

I feel like he’s looking judgmentally at the icons on my desktop, like he’s thinking “Really? Weren’t you in Myrtle Beach, like, MONTHS ago? You still haven’t moved those pictures to the permanent pictures folder? Really? Corbie’s not calling you a slacker but, well. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from my judgy face.”

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Spanky lurves his purple bed. This is where he spends his days, on the cat bed in the computer room. He spends his evenings perched by Fred on the couch, smacking any other cat who gets too close. He lives the life, our Spanky.

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