1/13/11 – Crooked Acres Thursday

Hey, remember Thelma and Louise, the kittens with Eyelid Agenesis (just like the True Blood Six) that I linked to back in December? Well, they’ve had their surgery and are doing well! You can go read about them here, or check in on them at their Chip-In page! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading “1/13/11 – Crooked Acres Thursday”

Hey, remember Thelma and Louise, the kittens with Eyelid Agenesis (just like the True Blood Six) that I linked to back in December?

Well, they’ve had their surgery and are doing well! You can go read about them here, or check in on them at their Chip-In page!

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Suzanne has entered a picture of her sweet girl Moxie in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest. If she wins, Forgotten Felines – a local cat rescue group – wins some sorely-needed money. Won’t you go vote? It just takes a few seconds, and you can vote once a day from now through next Tuesday!

Vote for Moxie!!!

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Yesterday was cold (I think the high was 30), but at least the sun shone. I’d almost rather have a cold day with sunshine than a warm day without.


I only had to trudge out to the back forty a couple of times to break the ice in the waterers and make sure everyone was okay, pet the dogs, etc.

I originally had an appointment scheduled for yesterday morning, the preop appointment with my plastic surgeon (skimmers are going “The wha? Why’s she got an appointment with the plastic surgeon? ::sputter:: ::madly searching on plastic surgeon::”, and skimmers I say to you:


Bwahaha, no I don’t. I just found that image when I was searching for the proper one:

Okay, much as I guffaw when I look at that one, that’s not the right one either. Here it is:


Long story short: surgery on February 11th. New boobs (lifted, not implants), new upper arms (ditto), new neck (ditto ditto).)

So I originally had a preop appointment yesterday, and all evening Tuesday I dithered about whether or not to show up for the appointment, since it was the first appointment of the day and no one was in the office Tuesday and I didn’t know if they’d be closed or not. I bitched about it to Fred and said “If I were working at a doctor’s office and a big snow was expected, I’d suggest someone take home the appointment book in case the office was going to be closed and patients needed to be called and informed of such.”

(I also originally had an appointment on Monday with the nutritionist I see once a year – he works with my bariatric surgeon, and this sounds very familiar to me, so I probably already babbled at you about that – and no one called to let me know the office was closed. I mean, I’m not a dumbass, I figured it out (even though it wasn’t on the list of closures, I guess they can’t list EVERY business that’s closed?) and didn’t show up, but still. What if I WERE a dumbass?)

I had decided I’d just take my chances and show up at the appointed time, and then they called my cell phone at 8:30 Tuesday night to let me know they’d be closed, and they’d gone ahead and rescheduled me for next Friday. NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT.

I hadn’t heard anything at all from the bariatric surgeon’s office about rescheduling an appointment, so I called (figuring they’d be closed) and they were open, so I rescheduled THAT appointment for this Friday.

And today I have an appointment with my gynecologist (I called to make sure they’re open; they are. You can imagine my joy).

Next week I have a physical with my Primary Care doctor. Can you tell that January is when I get all my annual exams over with?

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On Monday, Fred made Snow Cream. Now I’ve never – to my recollection – had Snow Cream, and so I was interested to give it a try. Fred scooped up a big bowl of clean snow, added sugar, milk, and vanilla to it, and I tried a spoonful.

I was not so much impressed, really. It mostly tasted like cold, watery, sweet milk. If we’d used the Southern Plate recipe, which uses sweetened, condensed milk, it might’ve been a different story.

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Sights from around a snowy Crooked Acres

I figured out what kind of bird this is about a year ago, and since then the knowledge has vacated my brain. Anyone know what it is? (You can click on the picture to see a larger version of it.)

The ditch between the front of the property and the back forty. I live in fear on icy and snowy days that I’m going to lose my footing going over the bridge, slip, and fall face-first into the water and instantly freeze to death.

Joe Bob looks reallllly happy to be out in the snow, doesn’t he? I’m pretty sure he holds me personally responsible for all this cold wet stuff.

“Are you kidding? We’re not coming out there!”

They can always be lured out with food, at least for as long as it takes them to eat it.

“I’m frolicking! I’M FROLICKING!”

“I frolicked. Gimme snack!”

Gracie makes like a polar bear. (I feel like I read somewhere that polar bears stick their nose under the snow so they’re not as visible. Did I make that up?)

Catching snowflakes.

More frolicking.

“Seriously? You came out here and didn’t bring us snacks?”

Smilin’ pig forgives the lack of snacks. THIS time.

From the back forty, looking toward the house (click on it to go to Flickr; I noted all the outbuildings so you can tell what you’re looking at.)

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“OMG! New Dean Koontz? Quick, someone learn me to read!”

Pile o’ sleepin’ Bradys.

Does Peter Brady look like a blissful little monkey, or what?

Cindy’s all “Mo-om! Greg won’t wake up and play with me!”

Here’s what’s going on here: Greg’s still flopped over the side of the cat bed, sound asleep. Peter’s trying to get away from Jake, who isn’t done grooming him. Alice is sound asleep, Cindy and Marcia (behind Reacher) are just watching the goings-in, and Jan’s sniffing out the situation.

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Today’s videos don’t involve cats! The first is a short videos of the possum who comes to our side porch to eat every evening. Warning, if you’re watching this with a kid or are easily offended: I thought Mr. Possum was going to come into the house, so there’s a mild expletive toward the end (if you watch it with the sound off, you’re not missing anything):

And the second is from last Fall. Our Silkie hen had hatched out several chicks, and at the same time another hen had hatched out several chicks. These two hens apparently agreed to co-mother, but as it turned out the Silkie ended up doing most of the mothering. (Silkies are really good mothers. They might be tiny, but they’re FIERCE.) In this video, the Silkie is calling to her chicks. I love it when they make that “come to me” sound.

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“Hey, Mom? Someone put this white stuff on the table? And it wasn’t me? Can you do something about that?” (This picture is from the day after Christmas.)

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