1/17/11 – Monday

Vote for Moxie in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   I think I’ve mentioned before that when our home phone rings, the phone will announce who’s calling. It doesn’t sound at all … Continue reading “1/17/11 – Monday”

Vote for Moxie in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest!!!

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I think I’ve mentioned before that when our home phone rings, the phone will announce who’s calling. It doesn’t sound at all natural, the way the phone stiltedly announces “Call. From. Fred’s. Cell.” or whatever. My favorite thing is when Fred’s sister calls. She’s listed as “R. Herlastname”, and the phone pronounces it as “Arrrr Herlastname.” It always cracks me up, and last month I was messing around with the phone, and changed her name in our phone book (if the person calling isn’t in the phone phonebook, the phone will announce the name as listed with the phone company. This is particularly fun when “Out of Area” calls.)

So I changed her name in the phone book, and then she didn’t call for a long time.

The other day, I was hanging out on my bed with the Bradys, and the phone rang. I didn’t figure it was for me, so I didn’t bother to get up to answer it (Fred was downstairs). After the second ring, the phone announced who was calling.

“What the fuck?” I said to Cindy Brady. “Who’s calling? R McGee, is that what she said?”

Cindy Brady had no opinions on the matter, and I puzzled over it for a few seconds before I remembered changing the name in the phonebook.

“R. Matey” is what I changed it to, because the “Arrrr” sounded pirate-like, and why not go the whole hog, am I right?

And once I realized what the phone was saying, OH how I laughed and laughed.

I amuse myself so.

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This weekend, I made a batch of Cinnabon-clone cinnamon rolls, using this recipe. I made them right up to the point where they needed to go in the oven, then put them in the refrigerator Friday night. Saturday morning, before we went to get groceries, I took them out to bring them to room temperature, and then when we got back, I baked them.

They were very very very very VERY DAMN good. The only down side was that Fred doesn’t much care for cream cheese on top of a cinnamon roll – he prefers a glaze – and I think I feel the same. Though, of course, that cream cheese didn’t stop me from shoving plenty of these rolls in my mouth, you understand.

Next time, I’ll try them with just a simple butter-sugar-vanilla glaze.

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I’ve been giving the bread maker a workout lately, actually. Other than the cinnamon rolls, I happened across a recipe for oatmeal bread and it’s really good. So good that I made it twice in the space of a week. (Recipe is here.) It’s good to make sandwiches with (I had an open-faced egg salad sandwich) and also good just toasted with jam on it.

(Fred toasted a piece of the bread and then got a jar of JAM FROM THE STORE out of the fridge. I was all “Are you fucking KIDDING ME? All the jam I’ve made, you want to eat JAM FROM THE STORE? I’ve got pineapple jam, I’ve got strawberry jam, I’ve got strawberry lemon marmalade and cherry jam. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.” I don’t even know where the hell that store jam came from (I mean, I KNOW. The STORE. DUH. But I don’t remember buying it, which means either it’s really old or SOMEONE ELSE bought it! The nerve! But that bastard ate that store jam on that piece of toast because he didn’t want to be WASTEFUL. Hmph.)

So my question to y’all – and I am SURE I asked this same damn question when we first got the bread maker – what’s your favorite bread maker recipe? I’m kind of enjoying using it lately!

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Guess who’s going to the adoption center very very sooooon?

Back to front: Jan, Bobby, Peter.

Bobby, working on his “I’m a sweet, innocent baby, don’t you wanna adopt meeee?” look.

Another sweet look from Bobby.

Stretchin’ Jan.

Bobby’s all “There appears to be a Cindy FAR too close to me!”

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Suggie, in the Sug cave.

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