1/28/11 – Friday

I use a liquid bandage but if the cut is too deep for that, I pack it full of ….what the hell is the stuff in the green tin? It just flew out of my head. Oh, Bag Balm! I pack it full of Bag Balm before double bandaiding it as you describe. Helps keep … Continue reading “1/28/11 – Friday”

I use a liquid bandage but if the cut is too deep for that, I pack it full of ….what the hell is the stuff in the green tin? It just flew out of my head. Oh, Bag Balm! I pack it full of Bag Balm before double bandaiding it as you describe. Helps keep the edges of the cut soft and promotes healing. Vaseline would probably work similarly.

I don’t have Bag Balm (anymore… don’t know what I did with the tin I had), but I have vaseline, so I’ll definitely give this a try!

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How old is Spanky now? How about the age of the other cats? He sure is a gorgeous creature — but so are all your other cats. (And, of course, I’m one of those people who’s never seen an ugly cat; they’re all beautiful in their own unique way!)

Spanky’s just over 14 (I got him as an early Christmas present in ’96), Miz Poo is 11 (got her the day before Thanksgiving ’99). Sugarbutt, Tommy, and Joe Bob are 5 1/2. We’re guessing Maxi is around 7ish and Newt is around 5. Stinkerbelle will be 4 in March. Kara will be 4 in April. Jake and Elwood will be 2 in June. I haven’t got a clue how old Coltrane is, so I’m going to assign him the age of 4, and call it close enough.

So, in conclusion, the cats in order of age:

Spanky (14)
Miz Poo (11)
Maxi (7)
Sugarbutt, Tommy, Joe Bob (5 1/2)
Newt (5)
Kara, Stinkerbelle & Coltrane (4)
Jake & Elwood (2)

We are going to be hurting when the 4 and 5 year-olds hit their old age. Hopefully they don’t all fall apart at once!

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All I can think of is this song. (LANGUAGE)

I’m in a BOX! I’m in a BOX!
Everybody look at me ‘cuz I’m playing in a BOX!
I’m in a BOX! I’m in a BOX!
Take a good hard look at the motherfucking BOX!
I’m in a BOX, motherfucker, take a look at me!
Straight playing in a box on the carpet, see

Now I’m laughing too hard to do any more.

“I’m in a BOX, bitch.”

(my favorite lines in the Lonely Island version: “I’ve got a nautical-themed pashmina afghan” and “the boat engine make NOISE, motherfucker” LMFAO – I wanted to adapt Newt’s situation for those but I just can’t)

Fred said it reminded him of The Singing Shark.

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Here in Michigan they have quite a few sav-a-lots and I find them great, price wise. The canned goods aren’t name brands but taste just as good. I’ve bought just about everything in the store and haven’t found anything that I was disappointed in. It’s well worth your time to give this store a visit.

That’s kind of what I was hoping to hear. They haven’t finished our local Sav-a-Lots yet, but when they do I’ll be first in line!

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I am loving me some Newt! Is it just an unfortunate camera angle, or is he quite…ahem…corpulent? Not that it matters, of course – just adds to his overall charm.

Newt’s a short cat, but a very muscular cat, so I’m sure he looks a bit porky. He’s also carrying around some of that winter weight (he and Maxi both bulk up in the winter and slim down in the summer), so that probably doesn’t help matters.

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That is a sad sad picture. Is it the angle or was his head really that much bigger than his body?

A combination of the two, I think. He was a skinny little thing, but not as undernourished as he looks here. Bobby and Cindy were the two smallest Bradys for the longest time, but toward the end of their stay here, Jan and Cindy were the smallest, and Bobby was solidly in the middle of the pack.

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I’m with you Devil – my favorite thing for dinner is reservations! I do cook but out of economic necessity not for the JOY of Cooking!

I’m with both of you! If I never had to cook again, I’d be perfectly fine with that. When I win the lottery, I’ll be hiring a cook, first thing.

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I like this site for ideas. : What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner. It basically searches keywords (vegetarian, eggs, soup, etc.) and throws up a hyperlink with a bit of snark and foul language. Also Post Punk Kitchen or any of the many cookbooks by Isa Chandra Moskowitz: Veganomicon, vegan with a vengeance, Appetite for reduction. I’m going to have a bigger garden this year and if I get my act together I may blog about it, including recipes, etc. If I happen upon anything stellar I’ll give you a holler. Also, (sorry to be so linky) I just found a website that matches up gardeners with too much produce up with people who would love fresh, healthy produce (buy, sell, trade): The Farmer’s Garden.

Thanks for the links!

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You’re a DDD? I never would have guessed, but then I don’t spend much time staring at your chest. hahahahaha! I’d ask the doc then I’d buy bras in a few different sizes just in case.

I asked the nurse, and she said to get a bra in the size that I wear now. So I got two, and if they don’t work out, I’ll send Fred to the store to find me something better!

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Cat question for you and the readers. My co-worker, who adopted my cat’s three siblings, is having trouble with one cat who wolfs down all the food. He’s chubby, and the other two are skinny, and would probably eat a bit of their food when they’re fed and come back and pick at it later if there were any left. But there never is because “Buffalo-Butt” has glommed it all. The other two cats are starting to eat faster than they would otherwise because of this, and they often throw up from eating too fast. Have any of your cats ever been wolfers, and is there a way, other than feeding them in completely separate rooms and leaving them there for hours, to avoid this?

My cats aren’t wolfers, but I feel like I’ve seen this question before, and I believe one of the solutions was to put golf balls in their food so that they can’t just stick their faces in their bowls and chow down – they have to pick around the golf balls, which forces them to eat slower.

Readers? Suggestions?

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You gotta read this:

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks

The original article was in the NY Times but the link for this goes to an animal hospital.

Kinda scary! I had to stop using cedar litter here because the volatile oils got to the skin and three of the six started fur-mowing in areas that came in contact with the litter. Made me much more conscious of things that are touching their fur!

Jean actually sent me the link to that article last Spring, and I meant to link to it, but forgot. I always apply my progesterone cream to areas of my body that are covered by my nightgown, or that the cats don’t come into contact with. There’s certainly nothing I need LESS than the cats suddenly getting hormonal, I’ll tell you that!

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Now, did you make the candy as written, or did you do it (what I consider to be) the “right way,” with mashed potatoes? πŸ˜‰ It’s an Appalachian thing; I grew up with Potato Candy, and there were always at least two or three different kinds brought in for every bake sale I ever attended. People not from Appalachia give me the strangest looks when I tell them about it; it may even be a regional thing within Appalachia, because my West Virginian husband hadn’t heard of it before he met me! But it’s worth trying, even if it turns out to be an acquired taste thing. (Raw rhubarb is another thing I can’t get him to accept as normal. You dip it in salt, and it’s deliciously bitter.)

Katherine and I had both seen the potato candy recipe version of the peanut butter candy we made last week, and talked about how odd it sounded. (Here’s one example of the potato version.)

I can’t imagine raw rhubarb dipped in salt, but when I was younger and the spud and I lived in Maine, our next door neighbors used to give her rhubarb (although they called it “ru-bub”, so that’s the pronunciation she picked up) and sugar to dip it into. I never tried it myself, the only place I’ve ever eaten rhubarb is in jam with strawberry!

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Someone online raved (& ranted when they were out) about Starbucks petite vanilla bean scones a LONG time ago. I finally tried them about a year ago and…they were a big (tiny) nothing. I’ve had that happen with recipes, too. It’s like, WTF? All this work & $$ for some bland pile o’food?? (And no pigs to feed it to!)

That’s exactly what that scone recipe I tried last week was supposed to taste like, the Starbucks scones. I’ve never tried the Starbucks version, but the scones I ended up with at home were nothing to write home about, believe me.

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You should go make those iced cherry scones that you found on my blog a while back. Those things are FUCKING DELICIOUS, they’re crack-in-a-scone.

If you ever have to go to a new hematologist, you should write a letter to the old one telling them how much they suck and now you’re going to Dr. Newguy and see ya later! That’s gonna burn! Doctors HATE to see their competition get business.

You know what? I’d like to know why it is, when I HAD the perfect scone recipe (ie, the one at your site!), I felt the overwhelming urge to make a different scone recipe. Why is that? I think I was seduced by the “vanilla bean” name of the scones. I almost always have the ingredients on hand for the Iced Cherry Scones, and I believe I’ll make a batch of them this morning!

(And if I end up going to another hematologist, I will DEFINITELY write a letter to the old one!)

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So glad Alice is home and through her procedure! Has the vet considered whether it might be asthma? And/or an allergy? We have a cat with the wheezies and that’s what our vet thinks it is. Many purrs and best wishes for Alice.

I… do not know. I need to find out, I guess! πŸ™‚

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I remember you mentioning potential problems from the other cats when Coltrane first started coming into the house. I’m curious how the other cats are reacting to Coltrane? Is there (relative) peace among the kitties with Coltrane now?

There seems to be complete peace when it comes to Coltrane. I don’t know how it is, but none of the other cats hardly ever give him a second glance. He’s fit in well, and when we had our big snow storm a couple of weeks ago, Coltrane didn’t step foot outside for three days, and there were no issues at all. It probably helps that he’s not got those annoying “alpha cat” behaviors, and he’s quite willing to be submissive.

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I’m dying to adopt Corbett, but I’m at college and my parents said no! πŸ™ I’ve wanted him since the Bookworms first arrived, but my parents won’t get another cat. Sigh. I hope he finds a forever home soon!

Awww! Parents just don’t understand, do they?

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I think I forgot to mention that Bobby and Peter Brady were adopted on Tuesday! Bobby was adopted alone, and Peter was adopted with another Challenger’s House kitten.

This leaves Jan as the last Brady standing. I will be very surprised if she isn’t adopted this weekend – she’s such a sweet little lovebug.

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We’ve taken to calling Alice “the princess”, because she’s such a smug little brat. Fred loves how tiny she is, and how sassy she is, and how playful she is.

Which is to say, the love affair between Fred and Alice is NOT one-sided.

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I’ve probably never mentioned before that I think Corbie is the prettiest cat on earth, have I? No, surely not.

SO SO pretty.

Rhyme (snuggling with Tommy) ain’t bad, either.

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I’d say that the cat shelves in the kitchen are definitely a hit…


Kara (that bed above her is where she spends a lot of time.)


And Jake.

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