2/11/11 – Friday

The Goathouse Refuge has received a very generous offer for a matching grant if they can raise $10,000 by the end of March. Please donate if you can, and spread the word. Facebook, email, tweet, or even phone — however you can get the word out! Check it out here! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading “2/11/11 – Friday”

The Goathouse Refuge has received a very generous offer for a matching grant if they can raise $10,000 by the end of March.

Please donate if you can, and spread the word. Facebook, email, tweet, or even phone — however you can get the word out!

Check it out here!

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Woohoo, the day is finally here!!!!

I’m leaving here in a bit to go have all the droopy parts of my body relocated to their correct locations! AND ABOUT TIME, I SAY!

(Skimmers: I am about to have plastic surgery: neck lift, breast lift, upper arm lift. Resume skimming.)

I don’t have any idea when I’m going to feel like posting again – the upper arm lift may very well make it uncomfortable for me to spend much time at the computer. Then again, I may do nothing BUT sit at the computer. Who the hell knows?

Your best bet is to keep an eye on my Twitter – I imagine I’ll be posting there more than anywhere else. If I recall correctly, I posted on Twitter many times while I was recovering from my hysterectomy last year, and only stopped because my battery ran down. Here’s you a widget if you don’t want to haul yourself over to Twitter; you can just keep coming back here and checking.

I very well may post entries from the surgery center, too – I posted some with awful, blurry pictures last year via Flickr. If this overnight goes like the last two overnights-after-surgery that I’ve had, I’ll doze, wake up, Tweet, change the channel on the TV, doze, wake up, Tweet, watch TV, peer at the clock to see if it’s almost time to go home, see I was only dozing for five minutes, and so forth.

So, in summary: off I go, I’ll see you when I see you, and I’ll be 347% perkier!

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Is it my imagination or is Fred’s hair longer and/or darker in that picture?

It’s longer, but the color hasn’t changed since then. It was from a picture taken a few years ago. This one, to be exact (which explains the smug look on Fred’s face) :

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Awesome video for you. Hope you haven’t already seen it!

I hadn’t – and I love it!

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Is Miz Poo still your favorite cat?

Of course she is! She’s my BABY. Speaking of Miz Poo, I don’t know what’s going on with her lately, but she appears to be feeling GOOD. She’s running around playing, she’s jumping up on counters and other high places (she’s never been much of a jumper), she’s dragging toys through the house keening at the top of her lungs. It’s like she’s hit her second kittenhood!

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You do realize that you now have 13 permanent residents. I’m not a particularly superstitious person but, I think this may give you the ammunition you need to make Corbie a permanent resident too :-). Fourteen just sounds sooo much better. Enjoy your new girl!

I’m not going to argue that we need to keep Corbie – but I will say that we don’t see Coltrane all that often. He’ll spend the night inside if it’s particularly cold out, but for the most part we only see him for a little while in the afternoon and evening. I don’t think he necessarily TRULY belongs in the “Permanent Residents” category, but if he showed up at the door with one eyeball hanging out, we’d take him to the vet. So if feeding him, letting him in the house, and taking him to the vet when necessary makes him permanent, I guess he is. (But he really isn’t.)

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One of my cats looks astonishingly like Stinkerbelle – and my cat is a frightfully hefty young lady. She has a little tiny delicate head, pretty petite princess paws, but when she walks down the hallway her gut swings from side to side, and when she sits in the position Stinkerbelle is in, her hind feet have to be sprawled to accommodate the belleh. She has never been fed any more or any different from the other cats, and I don’t see her spending all that much time at the trough.

I had another cat (years and years ago) who also started out nearly completely white and grew into her soft, smoky colors as she got older, and also with the lovely blue eyes, and that cat too was a massive beast. I mean, like, she had her own gravitational pull, she was so fat.

All of which leads me to wonder: Is Stinkerbelle on the plus-size-side too (she kind of looks like it in that picture but it could just be the angle) and if so, do you think it could be linked somehow to that particular type of coloration? Anyone have any more data points?

Stinkerbelle is actually not a fat cat – she’s rather small in stature, and I think her weight fits her size just about right. These pics were taken in the last week or two.

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I have something interesting I learned today and was hoping you would share with your readers. Long story short, due to my husband’s illness this year (throat cancer) he had a g-tube (stomach tube for feeding liquid food through. He weaned himself off the tube YAY! and is eating by mouth again. So what to do with the 300 + cans of Jevity 1.2 that were left? We called Hospice, the hospital and Doctor’s office (That stuff is EXPENSIVE!) and we couldn’t return it to the home medical supply store. Hospice took some, the hospital took some but they directed us to the local humane society! Apparently they feed the liquid nutrition food to puppies or kitties and nursing mothers! Who would have thunk it! (This is NOT the Ensure or similar type drinks you buy on a shelf at a pharmacy or Target, this is usually from a home medical care supply facility filled by script.)

Not that I wish ill on any of your readers or their loved ones or their neighbors or friends, but people get sick, have stomach tubes and then get better or pass on and loved ones are stuck trying to figure out what to do with all the leftover stuff (Hospice took all the other sealed medical supplies btw). So, that might help both the animal babies and people trying to do the right thing. Because it usually expires within 6 months or so, many medical facilities cannot use it quick enough and if someone is unlucky as we are to wind up with so many extra cans (he, thank goodness, recovered quicker than anticipated!) they might could do the same. So, we were able to share with people and animals today! Just a thought that I thought your readers might tuck away in case they ever were in a position to need to know something like that.

I’m glad to hear that your husband is doing well – and thanks for the tip, I’m glad to share!

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I figured it out (before the giveaways in the comments, heh), but I have to admit it’s a little bit of a let down. Not that I didn’t figure it would happen and not that I’m not happy for y’all and for Alice, but… well, with all those exclamation points, I honest to God was looking oh-so-carefully at the books listed in your Goodreads section, and checking out every link in the “me, elsewhere.” I was certain you’d gotten a book deal of some sort and had been keeping it hush-hush until it was in print, and it had debuted on Friday and made the NYT Bestseller List over the weekend. Or that now that she’s got her own network, Oprah decided to do a reality show about animal foster parents, and you had signed a contract for a minimum of 30 episodes (Oprah having paid you significantly more than the other cast members, because you could also bring in those viewers with an interest in cooking, WLS, the necessary surgical touchups after WLS, and chickens).

I’m still HAPPY and all, it’s just… the NYT Bestseller list! and Oprah! There is a bit of mindset-adjustment that needs to happen before I can be properly excited, is all.

From your mouth to god’s – uh, I mean OPRAH’s – ear! 🙂

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NO!!!!!!! I wanted Alice! Damn. Now I have to be all jealous every time you post a new picture. I know…she’s better off there, etc. etc., but I can still be sad. Congratulations. humph.

You gotta move faster than that if you want a Crooked Acres kitty! May I offer you Elwood as a consolation prize?

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Clearly you are a saint because I almost crucified the Bunny for pissing/shitting in the dog’s bed last night. If he starts spraying, I may actually get out my tiny hammer and my tiny cat-paw-nails out! *Gives evil eye to ancient pain-in-the-ass old cat!* There are few things in this forsaken world I hate more than the laundromat, and I had to spend the whole morning there, washing a goldang dog bed. You are a saint for not murdering Spanky on the spot when you saw him saunter up and lift his tail. If I see the slightest tail twitch, I’m hollering and stamping my feet like a lunatic.

Gah! I hate cat piss!!!

I am no fan of cat pee, but with the ungodly amounts we were dealing with, I figured I’d better learn to sigh, clean it up, and move on or I’d have a stroke.

(I really thought I was going to have a stroke when Spanky peed RIGHT IN FUCKING FRONT OF ME.)

Following a couple of suggestions last week, I put a litter box back in the guest bedroom, and I put calming collars on Joe Bob and Spanky. The amount of spraying has dropped considerably. I’m going to put calming collars on Sugarbutt and Elwood (I don’t know that Elwood’s one of the offenders, but he’s been picking on Kara and just generally acting like an asshole, so I figured a collar probably wouldn’t hurt) and hopefully between the collars, the litter box, and the Feli-Way, the spraying will stop. Fingers crossed!

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Stephen King had some comments about the news of the big screen version of The Stand:

10 Things I Know about the Remake of The Stand.

Have you guys started mentally casting it? I don’t get casting older men for Trashcan Man; I always pictured him to be fairly young, as in less than 25!

I thought Matt Frewer was a decent Trashcan Man, but you’re right, he needs to be younger.

We have not begun our casting sessions as of yet. But did you hear that Javier Bardem was offered the role of Roland of Gilead? I’m actually okay with that casting – and I also think Viggo Mortensen would have been a good choice as well!

Miz Poo is hoping she’s up to play Musty in The Dark Tower.

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My cat, Kiefer, loves my fleece blankets. I now have two throws that I use to sleep in my recliner. Don’t ask why I sleep in a chair!! Anyway, he makes biscuits and does unmentionable things to the blankets even while I’m under them! I saw a fleece snuggle sack at Petsmart and I bought it immediately.

Problem: All the cats totally ignore it. I tried spraying catnip on it. The fleece is exactly like my blankets. I’m going to sleep with the sack next to my body tonight thinking it just doesn’t smell right.

Anyone have any ideas how I can entice Kiefer to make his biscuits on the snuggle sack?

Do you have any catnip – not the spray, the dry crumbly herb? I’d try sprinkling that on it just to get them to give it a try, and I think your idea of sleeping with it next to you is a good one. It may just take time – sometimes when I bring something new home, the cats act like I’ve brought home some sort of torture device, and they won’t go near it. Then time goes by and all of a sudden they all LOVE it.

How about it, readers – anyone got suggestions for encouraging Kiefer to do his kneading on the snuggle sack?

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She only really counts as half a cat right? Since she is so tiny:) One of my 3 is a teeny cat too, about 5 pounds and 6 yrs old, and she rules the roost here.


Alice is a fractional cat, so if you round down….

Alice is a fractional cat, and Coltrane’s only here a fractional amount of time – between the two of them, they make one cat. Which means we really only have 12 permanent residents? No? 🙂

Seriously, with Reacher and Rhyme gone, it’s ridiculously quiet around here. It’s been almost a year since Fred brought home the Bookworms (mid-March is when that happened), and so for the better part of the year, we’ve had at least the four Bookworms plus whatever other fosters we had. At the moment, we’re at the lowest number of cats in residence in almost a year.

And it’s QUIET.

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Kara would like me to know that she’s got her eye on that smug little princess brat.

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