3/22/11 – Tuesday

I have loved the crap out of my web host since I switched over last Fall after a horrifying attempt at hosting our own web sites for several months. Here’s a tip for you if you’re thinking about doing that: if your internet goes down, so do alllllll those sites you’re hosting. When I think … Continue reading “3/22/11 – Tuesday”

I have loved the crap out of my web host since I switched over last Fall after a horrifying attempt at hosting our own web sites for several months. Here’s a tip for you if you’re thinking about doing that: if your internet goes down, so do alllllll those sites you’re hosting. When I think about how often our internet service went down when we were with PCL Cable (which was bought out by Knology just before we went screaming to Charter), it makes me mad all over again.

HOWEVER, for the past three Mondays, my sites (which are all hosted on the same damn machine) have been down for a couple of hours. It’s getting on my NERVES, and when I put in a trouble ticket yesterday, I made the subject “It must be Monday.”

They got it fixed – they always do – but OH how it pisses me off. Which, I know, first-world problems and all, but EXCUSE ME, WEB HOST, THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO NEED TO KNOW IF MY FOSTER CAT HAS BIRTHED SOME KITTENS YET!

Also, I usually write my entries the night before and set them to publish at 6 am (my secret is out! Are you horrified?), so that’s why this is going up so damn late.

If you were wondering.

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I have an utterly idiotic question that I’m hoping you guys will just answer and not judge me for: is Guinness Extra Stout something I can buy in the grocery store? As I understand it, it’s beer? Is it something I’d find around here, or must I go somewhere special? I’m wanting to make a batch of this, because I sense it’s something Fred would enjoy.

Any tips (or alternate recipes for spicy mustard!) would be appreciated.

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I think I mentioned, didn’t I, that I planted radishes, carrots and cabbage last Fall? As it turned out, the radishes were ready to be harvested, but because I’m a dumbass I didn’t harvest them before it got cold out, and they froze. The carrots never got big enough to harvest, and the cabbage didn’t either – in fact, there are three or four cabbages still sitting in the big garden trying valiantly to get big. The winter didn’t kill them, so we’re going to let them grow and see if we can actually harvest a couple of them, which would be pretty neat.

The carrots are still in the raised bed where I planted them, and when I pulled a couple of them up last weekend, there were these tiny little carrots on the end of the stalks. I think I’m going to leave about half of those in the raised bed and see if they grow to harvesting size, and then plant fresh carrot seeds in the other half.

I kind of hoped that maybe the radishes survived the winter, but when I started pulling them up, there was nothing on the end of the stalks but some radish skin; I guess the radishes pretty much composted themselves over the winter.

Okay, enough yammering about the garden. Let’s get to the kittehs.

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Last week on Facebook I linked to Barking Deals, which is one of those sites like Groupon or Woot, where they offer daily (actually, I don’t think it’s every single day, but it’s several times a week, at least) deals on dog snacks and toys. At the time, I said “They need to have a site like this for cats.”

WELL HELLO, MEOWING DEALS! Do you hear the beep-beep-beep of the money truck backing up to that web site (not that a truck can actually back up to a web site, since web sites are made of glitter and magic, but you know what I mean.) When I claim poverty in a couple of months, you’ll be able to trace it directly back to this moment.

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Love & Hisses now has its own Facebook page, here. If I did it right, you can see it without having a Facebook account or being Facebook friends with me (not that I don’t think you should be FB friends with me, just not everyone wants to be friends with everyone, or so I’ve heard.)

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Do you see this face?


And this?


He looks SO relaxed, but we couldn’t lure that boy out of the guest bedroom for anything. I’ve let cats in to visit with him (Alice spent pretty much the entire day in there with him yesterday and Corbie went in several times) and he seems to like seeing them. So when I left the door open yesterday afternoon, I expected he’d be out exploring in no time.

Not so much. In fact, he stayed as far away from that door as he possibly could, and even though I left it wide open for two hours, he stayed on his bed and just watched the cats come and go.

Last night I said to Fred “I think I’m going to just leave the door open all day tomorrow and see if he’ll venture out.” What Fred heard was “Please open the door before you leave for work tomorrow morning and don’t tell me that you’ve done so, so that when I get up, I’ll see the door open and go on a frantic search for Rufus, finally finding him huddled under the couch.”

He’s still under the couch at the moment. If he’s still there in a couple of hours, I’ll pull him out and make sure he knows where his room (ie, the litter box and food bowls) is located. Hopefully he’ll see the other cats running around and won’t be able to stop himself from coming out to play with them.

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Oh, Maggie. When you gonna give us those babies?




She certainly likes the belly rubs, but I always feel bad for her when she flops over on her side and I immediately put my hand on her belly to feel the babies moving. She’s more than a baby machine, you know! She has hopes (“You’ll bring me snacks?”) and dreams (“You’ll hold the scratcher so it doesn’t slide while I sharpen my claws?”) too!

“This is so undignified. Just for that, I’m going to hold on to these babies for another week!”

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Tommy (left) and Elwood (right) snuggle up for the evening.

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