4/8/11 – Friday

Good lord – those of you who weren’t reading back then should go back to March of 2008 and read about the excitement we had when the late Flappy McGee laid an egg inside an egg. There’s even a recording of us reading the newspaper article (I’m sorry, did I mention it made the FRONT … Continue reading “4/8/11 – Friday”

Good lord – those of you who weren’t reading back then should go back to March of 2008 and read about the excitement we had when the late Flappy McGee laid an egg inside an egg. There’s even a recording of us reading the newspaper article (I’m sorry, did I mention it made the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper?) and making ourselves sound like total hicks. We listened to it last night and laughed ourselves silly.

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I’m in the process of moving Love & Hisses to a new web host. I won’t badmouth my current web host until I’ve got all my sites moved to the new host (AND THEN WILL BADMOUTH THEM PLENTY), but I will say that I find it SUPER interesting that it wasn’t until after they debuted their new “VPS Service” on April 1st – that would cost me $50 a month in hosting fees (not gonna happen) – that they had any issues with the amount of bandwidth I was using.

Fuckers. Is what I’m sayin’.

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This weekend, I will be planting my onions and garlic and my carrots and radishes and purslane and romaine and brussels sprouts and cauliflower! I can’t wait to get this stuff planted, I’m ready for my fresh from the garden veggies to come rolling in!

I need to get my herbs planted, too, but I plan to plant those in containers rather than raised beds (because all my raised bed space will be growing other stuff) so it can wait a bit.

That’s what I’m doing this weekend when I’m not sitting and staring at baby kittens, that is. What do YOU have planned?

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First, the movies.

This is the really long one I warned you about. It’s just kittens sleeping and squirming, squirming and sleeping. It’s very relaxing to watch, I can tell you that!

This one’s much shorter, and it’s got wee hissing kittens in it (actually, I think it’s Fergus Simon doing the hissing both times). If time is of the essence for you, forward to 38 seconds and watch Little White Face have a conniption because I BARELY TOUCHED HER. She’s a drama queen in the making, that one.

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Let me see if I can remember the questions I wanted to answer that some of you asked.

Regarding what our cats think of the peeps coming from the foster room: they don’t seem to think anything. We have a little temporary wall up about a foot from the door (I’ll try to get a picture of it, it’s quite the sight) so that our cats can’t get to the foster door and sniff around and get Maggie all riled up. The very first set of fosters we had were Mia and her babies – the babies were only a few weeks old when I brought them home – and Mia was super protective and lost her MIND when she saw one of our cats near the door. Since then, whenever we have a momma cat, we’re sure to put up something so that she can’t see our other cats. I mean, I’m sure Maggie knows they’re out there – god knows Miz Poo is fond of walking through the house with a toy in her mouth, howling, it’s hard to miss that – but she hasn’t actually seen any of them and so has been pretty relaxed.

This is what Miz Poo does every day, many many times a day:

(That was made at our previous house.)

Regarding Maggie’s belly, it looks less like a deflated balloon than you’d think. She’s still not a thin cat (though I swear she looks smaller every day – while the kittens get bigger every day. Funny how that works, no?), and she’s got a bit of a sway to her when she walks, but I imagine that in time her belly will snap back to something resembling normal – it certainly worked that way for Kara.

Rufus’s hiding place: Nope, still haven’t figured it out. I’m going to set up the camera in the laundry room (since I’m pretty sure that’s where it is) this weekend and start vacuuming and we’ll see if we get it figured out!

Sarah, White Face says she’d love to move to New Zealand as long as I have visitation rights. 🙂

Jessica, thank you for thinking that I have a soothing voice. When I hear it, I mostly find it annoying and weird and lispy.

Y’all check out this EXCELLENT cat video over at D-Listed.

Elayne, Rufus is very soft and velvety and an all-around pleasure to pet!

Elizabeth in NC said: “Susan sexed the babies.” Perhaps someone like that shouldn’t really be working around helpless animals. which made me laugh out loud. I hated, when Maggie was pregnant, mentioning the size of her nipples because it made me feel like such a pervert. (But I felt it needed to be shared. What WOULD you all have done if you didn’t know that Maggie’s nipples were prominent?!)

Okay, I think I covered everything. Let me know if you have a burning question and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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Six days old! Today, those babies are six days old. Can you believe that? Tomorrow they will be ONE FULL WEEK OLD. In the next week, their eyes should start opening, and they should start hearing. The part where they start hearing? I highly suspect that that will lead to much hissing in my direction from them. I’ll do my best to catch that on video!

Thank you all for your name suggestions. I’ve got some favorites in mind, and I plan to formally introduce them all by name in Monday’s entry.

Maggie takes some time away from the babies to get just a little high on the KONG catnip kicker toy. She works hard, you know. She deserves a little time to herself!

Paws in the AIR like he just don’t CARE!

Truly, could you not just kiss that little pink mouth?

The legs flailing on the right side of the picture crack me UP.

Now begins the yawnapalooza.

Yawny White Face.

Yawny Pink Nose.

Annnnd they’re out again.


That look on her face makes me laugh.



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Joe Bob in a box.


Plenty big enough, obviously.


He loved that box with a deep and abiding passion. And then someone peed in it, and we had to throw it away and there’s never been another box as perfect. The end.

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