5/6/11 – Friday

I guess yesterday was the day they got the tornado sirens fixed, because in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon, the tornado siren sounded for about 30 seconds before abruptly shutting off. A couple of hours later, it happened again. You’d think there’d be a way they could make sure it was working without … Continue reading “5/6/11 – Friday”

I guess yesterday was the day they got the tornado sirens fixed, because in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon, the tornado siren sounded for about 30 seconds before abruptly shutting off. A couple of hours later, it happened again. You’d think there’d be a way they could make sure it was working without actually having to run the damn thing and giving everyone in the county a friggin’ heart attack.

If I never hear another tornado siren, it’ll be too soon.

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I went and got a few groceries yesterday, and the store was completely out of odd items. First, no Baked Lays at all. Then the Keebler cookies that were buy one, get one free were completely gone, the shelves empty and the “buy one, get one free!” signs wafting mockingly in the breeze.When I went down the baby aisle, there was one lone jar of Gerber Chicken and Gravy baby food. I looked at the other chicken baby food on offer, Chicken Noodle Soup, or something along those lines. But that one had onion powder in it (you can’t feed onions or onion products to cats), so that was no good.

(I’ve been mixing a jar of chicken baby food with a can of kitten food to convince the McMaos that they want solid food. Some of them seem more convinced than others, but of course all babies won’t wean at the same time. I wasn’t out of baby food, but I was getting low on it, and had hoped to stock up.)

I actually guess I understand why all that stuff was out of stock – they’re all shelf stable products (unless you have a partial jar of the baby food), so people probably stocked up on it while their power was out.

And while I’m thinking of it, Huntsville Utilities announced yesterday that 100% of the power has been restored, yay!

So I got the stuff on my list that I could get, and I went to check out. I always carry at least three reusable bags into the store with me, no matter how long my list is, because I figure it’s better to have too many bags than not enough. In addition, I have three more bags in my purse at all times, and when I’m buying a lot of stuff, I say “I have more bags, let me know if you need them.”


I’ll be damned, when I got my cart to the end of the line, if I wasn’t greeted with my three reusable bags and two planet-killing plastic bags. I kind of wanted to pluck the bagger’s eyeballs out of her head and kick them down the ice cream aisle. Instead, I pulled a reusable bag out of my purse and repacked the stuff from the two plastic bags into the reusable bag.

(If I were Fred the Over-Explainer, there would have been a 10 minute dissertation on how I prefer not to have plastic bags in my house because I swear to god I CAN LITERALLY HEAR THE PLANET GASPING FOR AIR WHEN I USE THEM, but I just smiled at her.)

(I hate plastic bags. They are my own personal bugaboo AND I AM NOT JUDGING YOU FOR USING THEM SO DON’T GET ALL DEFENSIVE AND UP IN MY SHIT, Mother Earth knows I love her more. (Hee.))

She apologized for forgetting that I’d said I had more bags, and I said it was no problem, and she took the two plastic bags I handed her.

And she threw them in the trash can.

Whereupon I plucked her eyeballs out of her head and kicked them down the ice cream aisle and then I had a stroke.

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Did you see the new program that is going to be on Animal Planet? Don’t know the name of it but they are going to follow 3 litters of kittens from birth to 8 weeks of age. I thought about your pictures immediately. Anyone who has followed your blog has seen birth-8 wks. several times! Love it!

I had not heard of that show, but I went looking and found that it’s called Too Cute! Kittens, and it is FOR SURE my kinda show. I’ll be setting up the DVR to catch that, believe me.

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Am I alone in this or does Kara look like Wilfred Diabeetus Brimley?

You’re definitely not alone in that – someone mentioned it back in January and I agree!

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Do you just get lucky with the pictures or do you take thousands daily?

I take a LOT of pictures. In fact, recently, my favorite camera setting is the one where you just hold down the button and it takes picture after picture. It means I have to spend a lot of time going through pictures, but it’s given me some good ones!

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Do you build a separate building for the shelter? Or is it more like reinforcing one room in your house to make it storm proof?

The kind of storm shelter we’re talking about are the ones that look like a big bubble – they’re all one piece – and they dig a hole in the ground and sink the shelter under there. Like this.

Our front porch is concrete, and I think it would be ideal to have a storm shelter dug under there, with a doorway to it in the floor of the front room, but I think that would be prohibitively expensive. Which is too bad, ’cause it would be so much easier to run tornado drills with the cats if they didn’t have to go outside to get to the shelter. 🙂

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I live in Oklahoma (tornado alley) and there are very few houses with basements here. I’ve heard it’s because the clay is so hard to dig through to build one…don’t know about that. Most people have storm shelters (fraidy holes).

I cannot wait to have our own storm shelter so I can refer to it repeatedly as a fraidy hole! (Also, “Fraidy” would be an excellent kitten name.)

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I love the quilt that Elwood and Corbie are on. Is that hand made by someone? I used to make quilts like that.


No, I got it at Kohl’s. Quilting is one of the things I’d like to take up, but it’s toward the bottom of a very long list of stuff I’d like to do!

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Robyn – I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I thought it did a bang-up job of explaining cat colorations and patterns.

Not only have I seen it, I liked it so much, I ordered the poster and it’s hanging on the foster wall right now!

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Has anyone ever mentioned to you that “mao”, when said in a flat* tone, is the word for CAT in Mandarin Chinese?

* This is the 1st of four tones, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th being up, down/up, down

No one had mentioned it to me – but knowing that makes the McMao name that much more perfect for them, doesn’t it?

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Wait — Miz Poo has issues beyond the most obvious one, her name? Sorry to hear that.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE NAME “MIZ POO,” I’ll have you know. It’s a perfectly fine family name that was passed down for generations!

(Okay, maybe not. I don’t have a clue where the name “Miz Poo” came from, but if it makes you feel any better her “legal” name is Scrappy.)

Miz Poo is our money pit cat – there’s always something going on with her, and it’s never anything cheap. She has issues with rodent ulcers in her upper lip, she’s got dandruff, she’s neurotic and licks constantly, several years ago she had a blockage in her intestines and we had to cancel a Florida vacation to pay for it (and because I didn’t want to be away from her, truth be told). About two years ago, she had a cyst by her tail that burst (we didn’t even know it was there!) and she had to be knocked out so they could clean it out and stitch her up. When she was little, she had problems with her eyes. It’s always something, she’s always needing to go to the vet, and it’s truly a miracle that she’s the sweet lovebug that she is. I’ve told her she has to live to be 30 (she’s 11 1/2) to repay us for having spent so much on her.

She’s worth every penny.

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But if they stayed this little, Robyn, you’d miss them climbing your legs stage and the resulting, most attractive AAA road map look for your gams! ;-D

I tell you what, I don’t wear shorts in that room, EVER. Even if it’s a warm day out, I put on a pair of jeans before I go in there. Those little claws are SHARP!

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I wish you’d relax a little, Dorothy!

What the pictures don’t show you of Dorothy is that she’s got this tiny little stubby tail. It’s not cut off or in any way shortened, it’s just not as long as you’d expect it to be. It certainly adds to her charm!

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If you look closely at Rufus, you’ll see that a patch of fur on his back got wet and then dried. As if someone drooled on his back (JAKE) while they were curled up asleep on the shelf in the upper left of the picture.

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Ciara on the scratcher.

“Guys! Seriously, guys! It’s amazing!” (Cillian)

Fergus Simon in my lap, peeking up to see what’s going on.

“Tell it to the paw, bro.”

Fergus Simon fell asleep while I was holding him. And then I died from the cute.

Macushla. He’s totally my favorite.

“Guys, come on over! The climbin’ is fine!”

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These little monsters sure are lucky their mama is so patient. The look she gives me at about 30 seconds cracks me UP. Like she’s saying “This is all YOUR fault!”

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Gorgeous Corbs, I love you so.

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