8/9/11 – Tuesday

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Those of you who use Google Chrome as a browser, have you suddenly lost the ability to bring up the “search” box by hitting CTRL-F, or is it just me?

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I had originally intended to work in the garden this morning, but given that we had a decent amount of rain yesterday, it’s going to be a muddy mess out there, so I find that I have no particular desire to work out there today. Maybe tomorrow. Or MAYBE not ’til this weekend!

We lost a couple of tomato plants in the storm last week, I think I mentioned that. The tomato plants we have left don’t appear to be too terribly happy with their lot in life. I fertilized them over the weekend and then we got a little rain Sunday and a little more yesterday afternoon and last night. Maybe they’ll perk up, maybe not. We’ll see. Except for the corn, it hasn’t been a particularly great garden season, that’s for sure.

The cucumbers played out in the last week or so, so I yanked the plants up on Sunday. Right now all we’ve got going are some cantaloupes, watermelon, tomatoes, and the butternut and acorn squash Fred recently planted. I’m past due for getting my cabbage started, but I have been feeling unmotivated, to say the least. I also need to pull up the rest of the carrots in my raised bed.

Meh. That’s how I feel about that: meh.

We’re still getting cherry tomatoes, and I see some blooms on the big tomato plants, so the garden isn’t quite dead and gone just yet.

The cantaloupes and watermelon did so well this year that we’re talking about using a large area behind the back yard (where there used to be a pond before we stupidly paid someone to fill it in a couple of years ago) to grow watermelon and cantaloupes exclusively next year. Whatever we don’t eat, the pigs and chickens will happily take care of for us.

Speaking of, when I picked tomatoes on Saturday, I got more tomatoes that were split or had holes in them than those that weren’t. Split, half-rotten, half-eaten and otherwise blemished tomatoes go to the chickens (unless I’m looking through my tomato harvest in the house, in which case any tomatoes that aren’t up to par go into the pig bucket). Pigs and chickens love the hell out of produce from the garden. I need to take the camera out with me next time I toss some tomatoes to the chickens, because it’s awfully funny to see chickens grabbing tomatoes and running away with them so that the other chickens won’t get them.

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The Peppers Gang is doing well. They still flinch when I reach for them (which I hate – don’t they know by now that I only want to pet and kiss them??), but if they’re on the cat tree when I walk into the room, they sit up and peep at me and clearly want me to come over and pet them. If I lay down on the bed and talk to them, they’ll all eventually come from the cat tree to the bed. I’d say they’re definitely coming around.

Harlan Peppers, as some of you pointed out, does bear a certain resemblance to Corbie. You know I love me some brown tabbies!

The Many Moods of Harlan Peppers.

2011-08-09 (5)
Contemplating that he’s got an awful lot of ear floof for a little guy.

2011-08-09 (8)
Snuggling happily with Lucy and Sally.

2011-08-09 (6)
Warming his ear floof in the sun.

2011-08-09 (7)
“I am but a wee baby kitteh who needs you to give me pettins, why are you all the way over theeeeeeere?”

2011-08-09 (9)
Sleeping smugly.

2011-08-09 (11)
Getting ready to give Molly Peppers a whoopin’ for being so forward.

2011-08-09 (1)
Making plans to take over the world.

2011-08-09 (2)
Making plans to take over the food bowl.

2011-08-09 (3)
Making plans to make plans.

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Best! Box! Everrrrrrrrrrr!

2011-08-09 (14)
“I do find this box rawther awesome.”

2011-08-09 (13)
“This is a most excellent box.”

2011-08-09 (12)
“Also, tasty.”

2011-08-09 (15)

2011-08-09 (16)
I sure wish we could figure out a way to calm Ciara down. She’s so STRESSED, it breaks my heart. Do they make Valium for cats?

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Attila, I knew that if I skipped reminding y’all for one measly week, you’d completely FORGET who the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT EVERRRRRR is. So here you go. Maybe you should make a note somewhere so you’ll be reminded every day. I’d hate for you to forget again!

2011-08-09 (18)

2011-08-09 (17)
(He’s helpless against the siren call of the Best! Box! Ever!)

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