8/15/11 – Tuesday

This is Tippy. Tippy has eyelid entropion and needs surgery. (You can read the details and a better explanation at his Chip-In page.) Please remember that every dollar counts, and help if you can! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading “8/15/11 – Tuesday”


This is Tippy. Tippy has eyelid entropion and needs surgery. (You can read the details and a better explanation at his Chip-In page.)

Please remember that every dollar counts, and help if you can!

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Also, Madison residents, keep an eye out for Tukey. His family misses him a great deal!

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Yesterday was my goofing-off, social day. I left the house around 8:30 and drove to Madison to visit with Katherine. Y’all know Katherine, she adopted two of Kara’s babies and now they are just spoiled rotten. Their names were Inara (now Dora) and River (now Nate), and they looked something like this, three years ago:

(That’s Nate)

(That’s Dora)

And also like this:



And then like this:



So then they went off to Madison to be loved and spoiled rotten, and I’ve seen them from time to time over the past three years. I haven’t always had my camera with me, but yesterday it just so happened that I did.

Both cats are beautiful, of course, but Nate is just strikingly gorgeous. Pictures absolutely do not do him justice.

2011-08-16 (1)

2011-08-16 (2)

2011-08-16 (3)
(Yeah, yeah. They’re all basically the same picture. I couldn’t help it. I HAD TO SHARE THEM ALL.)

2011-08-16 (7)

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Dora because she was untrusting of my intentions, but you can see what a pretty girl she is, too. (Kara made some awfully pretty babies!)

2011-08-16 (5)

2011-08-16 (4)

2011-08-16 (6)

Nate actually did come over and sniff my hand, but then he was so startled by his own bravado that he ran off and hid.

I visited with Katherine for about an hour, then I had to skedaddle because I had a 10:15 eye appointment in Huntsville. I don’t remember how long it’s been since I last had my eyes checked, but I’m sure it’s been well over a year. Possibly two years, even. The only reason I made an appointment for a checkup at this point is because I’m down to two pairs of contacts, and that makes me nervous. Also, the inexpensive glasses I bought online at… wherever the hell I bought them. Zenni Optical, I think? Anyway, the frame snapped underneath both lenses, so I figured it was time to get new glasses, too.

The appointment went just fine, and I ordered some extra contacts, and then picked out a couple of pairs of glasses, and headed to Suzanne’s house. Suzanne has always come out here in the past to visit and snuggle baby kittens and get eggs – I think I even dragged her out to meet George and Gracie and the pigs at one point. I haven’t been to her house because most of the time when I’m in her vicinity, it’s just to run a few errands at the crack of dawn and then get home to make sure the house hasn’t blown away or spontaneously combusted or something equally horrifying.

I got to meet her cats, after hearing so much about them, and oh my. She has not been kidding all this time about what gorgeous cats she has – Theo looks like Sugarbutt, only (I’m sorry, Sugarbutt. You know I love you.) prettier. Okay, and bigger. He’s a big hunk of a cat, that Theo. I got to meet the beautiful Gracie (I am telling you, so very very gorgeous), and got to pet her and Theo both. I got to see Moxie, mostly from a distance, and the kittens, Regan and Riley, also from a distance.

After some pettin’ and talking about the cats, we headed out to have lunch. We decided to have lunch at PF Chang’s, which I’d never been to, and it was really good. The only problem was that I was planning to bring the rest of my lunch home with me, but I was so into talking to Suzanne that the waitress came along and asked if we were done, and I wasn’t really paying attention and told her I was. So she took it off, and about five minutes later I realized that I hadn’t actually, y’know, ASKED for a box for my food, I think I thought she was taking it off to box it up, but not so much. Too bad, ’cause it was good!

(It was honey-something shrimp. Crispy honey shrimp? Oh, and we had lettuce wraps, too, and they were soooo good. Thanks again, Suzanne!!!)

Then we walked around and looked in a few shops. Suzanne learned my embarrassing secret, which is that I use Victoria’s Secret So Sexy shampoo on my hair.

(I imagine some guy with one of those cheesy 70s mustaches crooning “My ladyyyyy is soooooo sexyyyyyy” whenever I have to think of the horrible name of that shampoo. But I love the smell of it beyond all reason and have it for years now. I’m sure I walk around smelling like a sweet combination of Sooooo Sexyyyyy shampoo and (clean) litter dust.)

We went back to Suzanne’s for a little while, then I left and headed to pick up my glasses (remember back in The Day when your glasses would be ready in an hour? Mine weren’t quite ready yet when I got there, and it was like three hours later!), had to wait a few minutes there, then got my glasses, picked up some cat food (not at the glasses store, across the street at Petsmart, but it certainly would have been convenient to be able to get my glasses and cat food at the same establishment, no?), then headed home. I made a quick stop at Publix to pick up a few things, then got home.

Fred had forgotten that I was going to be out for the day, and he almost never comes home to find me NOT there, so I got a call from him while I was in Publix.

“Are you dead in a ditch?” he asked.

So, that was pretty much my day. It was really nice to have a day out where I got to talk to, you know, people who talk back (not that the cats don’t talk back, but sometimes I need to hear the voices of humans!) The house was still standing, thankfully (not that I was really worried, but you never know, do you? I totally need to set up a webcam for while I’m gone, so that I can check and make sure the house is still standing!), and I spent the evening catching up on email and snuggling with the babies.

Today, I garden. Also, clean the house! Yay?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2011-08-16 (17)
Harlan gets his butt kicked while the Kong bird looks on, unconcerned.

2011-08-16 (16)

2011-08-16 (15)
Harlan contemplates his next move.

2011-08-16 (14)
Harlan and Everett tussle, while Sally looks away.

2011-08-16 (13)
I sense that Everett’s going to win this one.

2011-08-16 (12)
“You say it began itching and then your eyes suddenly crossed and you can’t uncross them? How bizarre.” Dr. Harlan Peppers is on the case. (I’m sorry, this picture just makes me absolutely guffaw. I think it’s the look of concentration on his face, combined with the look of long-suffering patience on hers.)

2011-08-16 (11)
Everett goes for a climb.

2011-08-16 (10)
The kittens sure do love that scratching post. That’s Lucy up top, Sally hanging off toward the bottom, and Molly and Everett on the floor.

2011-08-16 (9)
Lucy Peppers, if you aren’t adopted in ten seconds flat, I’ll eat my hat.

2011-08-16 (8)
When I see her little face, I have to kiss her one million times. She’s not terribly crazy about that, but she puts up with me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2011-08-16 (22)
Why so stressed, Clove?

2011-08-16 (21)
Take a shot of catnip, Clove. Jeez. All your stress is stressing ME out.

2011-08-16 (20)
Ciara’s all “Her stress is stressing ME out, too. Let’s sneak some catnip into her food.”
Coriander: “Your idea has merit.”

2011-08-16 (19)
“Sign me up for a snort of the ‘nip.”

2011-08-16 (18)
“Y’all are hilarious. Now shaddup and let me sleep.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2011-08-16 (23)
“Did someone say “catnip”?” (Spanky is a catnip fiend.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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