10/17/11 – Monday

Vote for Gracie! It’s the last week of voting. Gracie’s currently solidly in first place, and I’d like to keep her that way. After Friday, the three judges get to decide who wins, so it’s not in the bag for Gracie even if she gets a bazillion votes – but it certainly won’t hurt! ~ … Continue reading “10/17/11 – Monday”

Vote for Gracie! It’s the last week of voting. Gracie’s currently solidly in first place, and I’d like to keep her that way. After Friday, the three judges get to decide who wins, so it’s not in the bag for Gracie even if she gets a bazillion votes – but it certainly won’t hurt!

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So, I am back from Myrtle Beach! I had a really good time, although the weather didn’t much cooperate. It was warm, but until the last day I was there, it was overcast and rainy and very very windy. The day I left, it was hot and sunny, and if I hadn’t been already packed and ready to go, I would totally have gone for a swim.

We did a lot of shopping – more browsing than buying – and one of the rainy days, we went to see Ides of March, which I thought was really good.

We were definitely not the only ones who came up with the idea of going to the movies that day, either – the theater was pretty packed. I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find decent seats, so as soon as we got our tickets, we went in and got our seats, then my mother and I went out to the snack bar for popcorn and drinks. When we got back, there were people sitting next to us, and they had to stand up so we could go by to get to our seats. As soon as I sat down, the woman sitting next to me stood up, beckoned to her husband, and huffed off.

Well, pardon me for existing, BITCH.

Tuesday, we drove from Myrtle Beach to Charleston so that I could see the area (my parents have spent the better part of the past two winters on Kiawah Island) and BOY is that a gorgeous area.

Since the cats peed on my good camera, I had to take the small camera with me instead. I got some good pictures, but I’m going to save those for Thursday’s entry.

I’m going in for surgery on Wednesday for my neck lift revision. The surgery and recovery will be relatively quick compared to the breast lift/ upper arm lift/ neck lift I had back in February. I can’t scoop litter boxes or lift anything heavy (or turn my head sharply to either side) for two weeks, but after that I should be good to go. I’m tired of these surgeries, and I seriously considered just not having this surgery, but that area really bugs me and the surgery is costing me nothing at all, so I decided to just shut up and do it.

I spent most of the weekend getting the house whipped back into shape and working out in the yard. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees seriously now, and so I raked up a ton of them from the side yard and tossed them in my largest raised bed in hopes that they’ll compost and provide dirt that something might want to grow in next summer. Next time I rake, I’ll put the leaves around the bushes in the front flower beds, and once that’s done I’ll start tossing leaves on the garden before Fred tills it. With all these leaves falling, we might as well use them rather than rake them up and burn them, is what I think.

The most exciting news is that these were dropped off here over the weekend:

2011-10-17 (12)

2011-10-17 (11)

and the guys are supposed to be here this morning to start digging THE POND! They came on Saturday to spray paint the spots where they’ll be digging, and that is going to be one BIG pond. They estimate that it’ll take all week to get the job done.

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Regarding the dark spot in Tommy’s eye, which you can see pretty well in this picture:

2011-10-05 (17)

and this one:

2011-09-27 (17)

I originally had an appointment for Tommy at the vet’s last Thursday, the day after I got back from Myrtle Beach. But I was fretting about it so much that Fred offered to take him on Monday just to shut me up.

Fred reported that the vet carefully looked at Tommy’s eye and then said that he shares our concern. We’re to keep an eye on his eye (heh) for the next two months. If the spot keeps growing, then Tommy’s eye will need to be removed.

I will, of course, keep y’all informed.

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I weighed all the kittens over the weekend, and was very much NOT surprised that Harlan Peppers weighed in the heaviest at 5 pounds, 13 ounces. Everett was a distant second at 5 pounds, 4 ounces. Sally and Lucy were 4 pounds, 4 ounces (Sally) and 4 pounds 3 ounces (Lucy), and Molly was the lightest big Pepper at 3 pounds 7 ounces.

Those of you who feel bad for Charlie Peppers for being bullied? Don’t feel too bad for him. He stands up for himself quite well, and most of the time Molly puts up with him. He weighed in not much lighter than her, at 3 pounds 2 ounces, and little Patty Peppers was 2 pounds 10 ounces.

This is where Charlie and Patty, when they’ren not running around like wild things, like to hang out:

2011-10-17 (1)

2011-10-17 (2)

2011-10-17 (3)

Several times a day, they curl up there and nap or watch the other cats run around. Charlie has turned into the biggest lovebug, and will sit at my feet or at Fred’s feet, and howl to be picked up and snuggled. Patty will put up with being snuggled, but she won’t ask for it, and if she’s not in the right mood for snuggling, she’ll run off if you reach for her.

2011-10-17 (4)
Charlie in the sun.

2011-10-17 (5)
Would you look at Harlan and Molly, resting after their hard work of ripping up that scratching post? Brats.

2011-10-17 (6)
The huge Harlan Peppers.

2011-10-17 (7)
“What? I’m sleeping. You go ‘way.”

2011-10-17 (8)
Yes, I know, I need to tuck the blinds cord up out of the way. I did, after I snapped the picture.

2011-10-17 (9)

2011-10-17 (10)
I love how Sally and Everett’s stripes show up in this picture.

I sent my camera off to be (hopefully) fixed. I am DYING without it; using my little DSC-W300 is just NOT the same!

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2011-10-17 (15)

2011-10-17 (14)
Hmm. Appears Jake might have a case of the loonies. How unusual.

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