11/8/11 – Tuesday

2012 calendars. —————–> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   After being lost in the AA baggage terminal for two months and finally found and taken to the vet, Jack the cat was unable to recover from his injuries … Continue reading “11/8/11 – Tuesday”

2012 calendars. —————–>

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After being lost in the AA baggage terminal for two months and finally found and taken to the vet, Jack the cat was unable to recover from his injuries and was euthanized on Sunday, poor guy. You can read more about him on the Facebook page that was started up soon after he was lost.

Please take a moment and go read and sign the petition over here, would you?

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Is it just me, or does Kim Kardashian perpetually look stunned, like she’s been zapped in the ass by a cattle prod and she’s trying to determine whether she liked it or not?

I unfortunately exposed myself to a few hours of that Kardashian show (I truly don’t know the name of it. Growing Up Kardashian? Kicking it Kardashian Style? Where are the NBA Players, Here Come the Kardashians?) when I was recovering from surgery. It was oddly easy to snooze to (also very easy to snooze to: Nancy Grace. I’ve never watched a minute of her show, but I happened to stop on whatever channel she’s on for a moment, and the next thing I knew it was an hour later and I was waking up feeling rested and refreshed.)

As far as I can determine, there’s Kim (Porny Spice), Khloe (Amazon Spice), and Kourtney (Living with that Douchey Looking Guy Spice), Kris (Attention Whore Mama Spice), Rob (Boy Spice), and an assortment of younger girls who are not really Kardashians (Jenner Spices). They all seem really annoying, and now that I’m mostly recovered from surgery, I can’t believe I was able to sit through any of those shows, let alone like six of them AND the wedding.

(Fred walked in while I was snoozing through one of the shows and was HORRIFIED because he thought I had recorded it with the DVR. I am not THAT desperate, thank you, especially when I have like 40 episodes of Friends on the DVR. God, I still love that show.)

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Speaking of recovering from surgery, I had Fred take the recliner upstairs on Sunday, and am back to the couch when I watch TV, and the living room looks a lot better. I’m able to lift more (though Fred’s still doing the heavy lifting for another week and a half), I’m doing the cooking, and I even drove to the grocery store yesterday. I’m still not supposed to – and don’t – turn my head all the way to one side or the other or all the way up or down, but that’s pretty much it as far as limitations go.

YES, I KNOW YOU WANT PICTURES. I’ll get on it soon. Maybe. Probably. Some day. I don’t expect that y’all will see the difference as much as I do, because I think that it’s not the sort of difference everyone else would immediately notice, but I notice it every time I look in the mirror, and I am really happy with how I’m looking in the under-chinnal area these days.

I’m still wearing the stupid head garment for a little while during the day and all night long, but I’m getting to the point where it’s making my ears hurt (because they rub against the material), so I told Fred that I’ll wear it during the day ’til tomorrow, and then I’m calling three weeks good enough, and will just wear it at night. I think I’ve healed enough that nothing will snap loose and re-jowl me.

Guess what I get to do tomorrow? VACUUM. Don’t mock me, I’m kind of excited about it. Fred does a good enough job, but he doesn’t do MY kind of vacuuming job and I don’t really expect him to.

Perhaps in another week or so, I’ll even clean the bathrooms. You know you want my exciting life.

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Lisa’s comment yesterday made me laaaaaaaaugh:

I laughed my arse off at the video, because like others have mentioned, it sounds EXACTLY like hubby and I. This week-end, I was on the receiving end and it did *not* go well. I was clearing off my desk, occasionally shredding a sheet of paper. WHILE MY BACK WAS TURNED, Steve decided it was vitally important for him to call somebody he works with to discuss who-the-fuck-cares. Being unaware his very special ass was now on the phone, I ran a couple more things through the shredder. And then, THEN, he YELLED at me, “Hey, you want to hold it down over there? I’m on the phone!” Perhaps feeling his life wasn’t in *quite* enough danger at that point, he SNAPPED HIS FINGERS and POINTED at me! Yes, he did! I will leave you to imagine what I told him (after he got off the phone, because *I* have some manners!), but the gist of it was that he was going to end up with either a phone or his pointer finger jammed up his ass if he EVER pulled that shit again. He just kinda giggled weakly, because he knew I meant it!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up the phone and called someone while he was sitting behind me, and I always assume he hears me dialing the phone, but then I say “Hi.” and he says “Hey.” I say “What are you doing?” and he says “Sitting at my computer.” Then I have to turn and say “I’m on the phone” so he won’t continue responding to me.

(I have also snapped my fingers and pointed at Fred, but only when he’s being deliberately annoying.)

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Lisa, by the way, is the same evil woman who directed me to Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings recipe. I halved it and made it over the weekend and OH MY GOD, that stuff is SO good. Also the easiest thing I’ve ever made!

I actually had a second can of croissants, and I used it to make this stuff which was basically sugar and butter sprinkled on the top and baked, then topped with a glaze, and we were both completely unimpressed. I was kicking myself and wishing that I’d just made a whole batch of Apple Dumplings – but probably it’s best that I didn’t.

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In Friday’s comments, Paula mentioned that her friend works at the company that produces Cat’s Pride litter, and they’ve recently come out with a version called Fresh & Light and that I might want to give it a try. Since I am ALWAYS ready to try another litter in hopes of finding the perfect one (I’m a litter slut, I’ll go where the wind blows, I KNOW the perfect litter that isn’t dusty, clumps well, and holds down the stank is OUT THERE, I just need to find it!), I asked Fred to pick up a box of it when he went to Walmart Saturday morning. He did, and Saturday evening when we emptied, scrubbed out, and refilled the litter boxes in the upstairs bathroom and in the foster room, I filled one of them with the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light.

I can tell you that it is possibly the least dusty litter I’ve used yet – Fred said that he thinks it’s even less dusty than the Cat Attract. It clumps well, but it just so happens that that litter box is one of the lesser-used ones, so I’m thinking of moving it either into the bathroom or switching it with one of the ones in the guest bedroom. I can’t speak to how it is with holding down the litter box stank, at least not yet, but probably by mid-week next week I’ll know whether it’s a litter worth sticking with or not. If I decide it’s worth switching over to, I’ll do it ever so slowly, so as not to set off the spraying bandits in the house.

I’ll try to remember to let y’all know how it holds up – if I forget to and you’re wondering, feel free to remind me. I tend to forget to follow up. Y’all know how I am.

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2011-11-08 (1)
“I HAVE YOU, feather teaser!”

2011-11-08 (2)
Tiptoe through the tulips. Er, the foster room.

2011-11-08 (3)
Lucy has the giggles.

2011-11-08 (4)
“Dude. Your toenails are UP MY NOSE!”

2011-11-08 (5)
Tasty, tasty feather teaser.

2011-11-08 (6)
Would you look at the monster paw on that guy?

2011-11-08 (7)
Harlan keeps an eye on Everett.

2011-11-08 (8)
If you’re Facebook friends with Love & Hisses, you’ve already seen this picture. Corbie was in the big bed on the table, snoozing, when that little hussy Molly climbed right in with him.

2011-11-08 (9)
He was like “Dude. You see what I have to put up with, here?”
Newt just kept sleeping.

That much beautiful stripey goodness in one cat bed? It’s unheard of. I’m surprised the bed didn’t have some sort of nuclear reaction and blow to bits.

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2011-11-08 (12)
Tom Cullen is a fine figure of a mancat.

2011-11-08 (11)
And he knows it.

2011-11-08 (10)
But he’s not such a manly mancat that he isn’t willing to help with the groceries!

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