1/6/12 – Friday

Note: I did not EVEN proofread this monster of an entry. If I made any embarrassing and/ or obvious typos, please let me know so I can correct them, thx. I hope you are watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Mob Wives because I am dying to hear what you have to say about … Continue reading “1/6/12 – Friday”

Note: I did not EVEN proofread this monster of an entry. If I made any embarrassing and/ or obvious typos, please let me know so I can correct them, thx.

I hope you are watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Mob Wives because I am dying to hear what you have to say about them!!!!!

I’m watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but have never watched Mob Wives – I thought about it, but I’m trying to get back to reading more, so I have to be picky about what I watch (HA!). I watch all the Housewives seasons except for Miami, because I saw a picture of the cast of Miami and got the shit scared out of me. One of those women is SO FUCKING SCARY.

I’m spending a lot of time squirming while watching this season of BH, ESPECIALLY in the last episode when Russell was all like “Well, it’s an out-and-out lie!”, and Taylor got the “Yeah, not so much” look on her face. Also, I hate seeing Russell because – I know, I’m evil – the man gives (gave?) me serial killer vibes in a big way. Also, Taylor has dead eyes.

Also, Brandi alternately cracks me up and annoys me. And I want to like Kim, because I thought she was THE bomb-diggity when I was a kid and saw her on the Witch Mountain movies, I thought she was the most beautiful girl on earth, but she is just so ODD and WEIRD and her boyfriend has serial killer eyes. Also, Kyle can shut her face about never having had plastic surgery, because I’m sorry. Botox is plastic surgery, and not one of those women could frown if their lives depended on it.

That’s all I can think of at the moment – y’all feel free to chime in with your observations on those crazy bitches.

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How do you like the Kindle Fire. I was all set to buy one, but went with the ASUS Transformer instead because of extra features like being able to lock it and the removable keyboard (which I need when I travel)

I am really liking my Kindle Fire, but I have to say that it’s definitely not a replacement for my netbook. If I were traveling and didn’t expect to post entries or do much typing, or if I had a day where I needed something to help me kill time, I’d take the Kindle because it’s all about entertainment. If I were traveling and planned to post entries or answer a lot of email, I’d take the netbook.

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OH MAH GAH. Just when I think I can’t love coming here any more with the kitten and cat pics and the dawgs and the funny ducks and chickens and not to even mention your hilarious comments, I find out that you HATED We Were The Mulvaneys. I thought I was the only one! I am still not over that wretched, vile book! Have never forgiven Oprah. That is the book against which I judge all other sub-par books, and believe me, so far NOTHING has even come close. OH, I feel so vindicated.

I’m sure you know that Lifetime made a movie out of it. But then Lifetime would make a movie out of a steaming dog turd if it could get enough people to star in it.

It has been more than ten years since I read that book – I first wrote of my hatred for it here – and I still just loathe the holy hell out of it. Whenever I see it in a book store, I fantasize for a moment of buying up every copy and burning them so as to prevent some other sucker from setting eyes upon it and thinking “Hey, Oprah thought this book was good! Good enough for me!” That wasn’t the very last Oprah recommendation I bought and read, but I was certainly never as suckered in by her recommendations after that.

I remember seeing the commercial for that damn TV movie, and thinking “I should watch – wait, IT’S THOSE FUCKING MULVANEYS.” Ugh. Stupid Mulvaneys.

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I remember a really long thread on some forum about how (generally) men do not believe that anything their wives say is sensible. Men (again, generally) will listen to a neighbor, co-worker, stranger-off-the-street give the EXACT same advice and take it as the gospel truth. But, when the wife gives the advice she can’t possibly know what she’s talking about.
I was surprised how many wives piped up about this.

I cannot think of an example, and I can’t swear that this has ever happened, but I can certainly imagine making a suggestion to Fred, having him brush it off, and then some complete stranger giving the same suggestion, and Fred saying “That’s a really good idea! We should try that!”

I kind of want to go smack him upside his head, just thinking about it.

How many times have I suggested something to him to have him shrug it off, only to turn around day or hours or MINUTES later and then present the idea back to me AS IF HE’D JUST COME UP WITH IT ON HIS VERY OWN.


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What case do you have for your Kindle Fire? What do you think?

I have two cases for my Kindle Fire. The first one is this one, a plain and simple leather case, I got black. It worked really well, and I like having it as a backup. The other case I have, the one I kind of prefer, is this one, in pink. I like that it’s a hard case, and I like that I can use the cover as a stand, and really I just like the overall look and feel of the case. I think they’re both good cases, and you can’t go wrong with either of them, it really just depends on what you like in a case.

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I wanted to tell you about the dream I had while I was on vacation this last week, I thought it was pretty funny. I dreamt that a bunch of us Bitchypoo readers got together and rented a bus to visit you and Fred. You didn’t know we were coming, and when we got there, you were surprised, but very gracious. Fred put us all to work building goat pens (??), but here is the funniest part…the cats had their own house on your property, a really pretty Victorian style bungalow. A regular sized house that they all lived in. I woke up laughing because the house was so pretty, I was thinking maybe you and Fred would want to live there instead of the cats!

HA – you know, when the house next door was up for sale, I tried my best to convince Fred that we should buy it and turn it into a house for fostering cats. For some reason he wouldn’t go for that, go figure – it’s not a Victorian style bungalow, though. Maybe if it were, I’d be able to convince him. 🙂

(And we are NOT getting goats, so stop dreaming about goat pens!)

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On one other note I made use of “boxing day” here in the uk to turn boxes in to a cat tank. I’m not sure they fully approve yet but my cats will one day turn against me and use the tank. Hope you like it! Its not as good as a shop bought one but gave me hours of fun making it.

Time to Tank

I LOVE IT! I also love that you spent hours making it, because that sounds exactly like something I would do!

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Opie’s triangle marking on his face reminds me of Tubby.

Several people have mentioned that. Tubby, for those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him, was our great big 20+ pound cat. I believe he was our first adoption from Challenger’s House, we got him in the summer of 1997. He was a bit of an odd duck, but was loaded with personality and always cracked us up. He was very vocal when food was involved.

Here’s Tubby:

Tubby Collage

And Tubby side by side with Opie:

Tubby/ Opie Collage

It’s funny just how similar their nose splotches are, isn’t it? Of course, there are more differences than similarities between the two – Tubby was white except for his tail and his nose splotch, whereas Opie is a Tuxie and approximately half black. Their personalities aren’t similar (that I can tell – Opie might very well turn more Tubby-like as he grows up, who knows?), but Tubby had a favorite sitting position that Opie came pretty close to replicating the other day:

Tubby/ Opie Comparison

So in summary, yeah, y’all are not alone. I see the resemblance, too!

And as a bonus, some Tubby videos (with awful quality; hard to believe that was THE BOMB ten years ago, ain’t it?)

And Tubby and Mister Boogers (back when Mister Boogers was a kitten and we were calling him Stanley The Bean), fighting.

Also, when we first got him, we named him “Snoopy” because we had decided to go with an “s” naming theme for the cats. He grew into his name a few years later. (Ha.)

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Warning: profanity. Nothing funnier than a swearing cat, though, if you ask me.

Don’t say I never gave you anything. And why is everything always funnier with a British accent?

God but I love that video. That’s EXACTLY what I’m like when I’m fighting with my computer or the printer. Only with more profanity and less of a British accent.

I could totally listen to a Brit swearing up a storm all day long. It’s the accent – it’s funny to listen to dirty words in that accent, I’m telling you.

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Robyn, don’t show this to Fred or he’ll DEFINITELY will want a goat:

(I can see them now, Fred and his goat. Canoeing together. Taking rides in the truck. Napping on the couch.)

You know, they’re really NOT much bigger than George and Gracie, surely we could –

Oh, wait. George and Gracie don’t get to come in the house. Nevermind. (Fred only wants goats inasfar as I don’t. When I tell him to get a goat and shut up about it, he suddenly isn’t that interested in goat herding. His current desperate want is for a goose. I LOATHE geese, ever since I was feeding geese at the UAH pond and one bit me on the butt.)

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I have 2 cats, one is almost 13 and one is almost 6, both girls. Abby, the older, has always been more affectionate, but lately, she will plop herself down on my lap very often when I’m sitting. Sometimes she does it right as I’m about to get up and do something and I can’t always put it off. How do you get anything done with as many cats as you have, and do you ever feel guilty/bad for moving someone to accomplish things around the house?

I think I’m at a disadvantage since I work at home and often have to stop cleaning etc to sit down and take a call.

Oh, I never hesitate to put a cat down because I have to go do something. They know that when I’m sitting at my desk, they can get all the love and head scritching they want, but if I suddenly remember that I have to get up and do something, they’ll be moved aside so I can do so. (I do feel a tiny bit bad about it, but then I get over it. Because stuff’s got to get done!)

Probably it helps that I’ve spent 12 years with Miz Poo, the neediest cat on earth. If I would just sit there and pet her 24 hours a day, she’d love it. But then stuff doesn’t get done, does it? STUFF’S GOTTA GET DONE. I should cross-stitch that and hang it over my desk and when I get the sad eyes I can point to the cross-stitch picture and shrug. STUFF’S GOTTA GET DONE, YO.

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I don’t like when you mention Tommy and Sugarbutt’s ages because I was reading for a few years BEFORE you adopted them, so now it makes me feel like a crazy stalker. I certainly hope you don’t get bored and stop blogging because even though you have a tendency to discuss litterbox content while I am trying to eat, I still love reading you and seeing all the kitty pictures:)

I wish I had a disgusting litter box story to share here, but sadly I do not so I’ll settle for sharing, once again, my favorite picture from when Tommy and Sugarbutt and their sister and brother were fosters.

That’s Tommy in the air, of course (back then he was named Barrett and Sugarbutt was Sad Eyes)(I did not name them), Sugarbutt on the ground calling out encouragement, and their sister Callie laying back there observing. I really think this might be one of my top five favorite pictures of all time.

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Tommy and Sugarbutt look like my 2 newest kittens, Trixie (black) and Tiffany Jr. – “TJ” (orange). Which is why I’m writing. They came from the shelter, they’re chipped, tested and feleuk negative, will be spayed soon, all for a token $85 to the shelter. They got a clean bill of health when they came home to us on Dec 8th including “fecal – negative” which I thought meant no worms/parasites? DOES IT?

TJ and Trixie follow me all around asking for canned food unless we’re playing with them elsewhere or they’re asleep. They also eat up all their dry food. They will eat our other 2 cats’ special diet(s) food too, if we aren’t watching and don’t quickly move it out of their reach. The kitten chow (Iams) cans say 1 can per day per pound, and they are both right at 1.5 pounds (so 3 cans/day total) but they would eat all day if they could. They are otherwise alert, healthy, loving, playful, mischevous, very smart, and wonderful! Not skinny or fat, still kitten-y, not at that slender teenager cat stage yet.

They’re getting fixed late next week and we are going to ask that vet about it then. Just wondered everyone’s experiences since this is the first time we have had such ravenous little piglets ever and we’ve owned cats since we were both little kids.

To answer the question as to whether “fecal – negative” means they’re parasite free, I have to say that’s not necessarily the case. It’s possible for them to have parasites that don’t show up in a single fecal test, especially if they’re recently, um, infested with one parasite or another (wow, that makes zero sense, right?) I’ve had fosters’ fecal tests initially show negative for something, only to find out a few weeks down the road that they have (insert your parasite of choice here. I particularly enjoy finding out that they have tapeworms, because UGH.)

A better indication of how they’re doing is to check out their litter box. Is everything as mostly-solid as it should be? If there’s diarrhea, especially bloody diarrhea (hey, look, there’s that litter box talk I was looking for! Were you eating breakfast?), then there might be a parasite issue.

It’s not uncommon for kittens to claim they’re dying of starvation around here, especially if I’m standing in the kitchen, and even though we free feed. You might want to increase their food a little, since they’re still little guys and growing. Also, do you know what their story is before they ended up at the shelter? Our dear departed Spot was never a big eater, but due to living on “the streets” before he showed up at Fred’s doorstep, it made him extremely nervous not to have food available to him at all times and even if he could see the bottom of the bowl, he’d howl the house down. If TJ and Trixie were street kittens for a bit, they could think that they need to eat when they can.

I know that there are readers out there with opinions or words of advice – please jump in here, I’d love to hear what the rest of you have to say.

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I love Tig! I especially like how he seems to have little white ears inside his little black ears… I’m not explaining that very well but it shows in the photos… He’s going to be a charming grownup cat.

2011-12-30 (11)

I see exactly what you mean – I hadn’t noticed that at all. How neat! Maybe it was his twin, and he absorbed it in utero, and that’s why Tig has the personality of two kittens! 🙂

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I’m fed up with living with roommates and am downsizing (from a 3ish bedroom duplex) soon. I’m looking at a studio apartment that is only 220 sq feet- I’m a big fan of Apartmenttherapy.com so its kinda a fun challenge- but I’m worried about if my cats will be able to deal. Yes, plural, cats. Two, who get along very well, and have few behavioral problems. Is 220 sq feet too small for two cats?

Man, I hesitate to answer this, because I really don’t know. That sounds awfully small to me, but I think it depends on how active they are, and how willing and able you are to provide vertical space for them. If they’re older cats and not terribly active, and you can provide cat trees and/ or walkways for them up off the ground, then you may be able to make it work. But if they’re really active young cats, I think you’re going to have a problem because they’re going to run around and in a space that size, they’re going to run across your face sooner or later. Trust me, my face gets tromped across regularly. I’m surprised I haven’t lost an eye yet.

Readers, jump in here? Anyone out there with a similar amount of space now or in the past, who can offer some advice?

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Do you have any that just don’t get into the catnip? I have one that runs away from it and a couple of others that are like, eh… whatever.

Yeah, I think Tommy, Maxi, Newt, and Kara are not really into catnip. Joe Bob doesn’t seem to care for it either, now that I think about it. Miz Poo used to watch the other cats like they were nuts, but in her old age she’s gotten a taste for it. The kittens are usually like “What is going ON?!” when there’s a nipfest. Most of them, though, like it. They like it in different ways – Spanky will walk in, eat a pile of catnip, and move along, some of them roll around in the catnip and then lay there with their eyes twirling.

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This is duck-related and it QUACKS me up (groan):

Hee! SO CUTE!!!

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Okay, I’ll be leaving in a bit to take Charlie and Patty to Petsmart. I like to drop them off as early in the day as I can so that they have all day to acclimate to the cage and people walking by. I expect Patty at least will head straight into the litter box, and Charlie will likely join her, at least at first.

We’re not requiring that they be adopted together, but did put a note in their description that it would be nice if they could. I actually think they’ll be fine even if they’re not adopted together, as long as there are other cats in the home.

In response to someone’s question, I am not bringing Everett, Sally, and Lucy home with me. But if they’re still there in a few more weeks, when the Sons have been neutered and are ready to go, I may see about switching out the Sons for the remaining big Peppers, to give the big Peppers a break from the cage for a few weeks.

2012-01-06 (1)

2012-01-06 (2)

2012-01-06 (3)

2012-01-06 (4)

I’m sorry that your last sight of Charlie and Patty has to be when they’re so stressed out. What can I say? They’re just naturally high strung.

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This weekend, we start giving the Sons a bit of freedom. It’s definitely time – they’ve started all four rushing the door, which is usually okay unless I’m carrying something into the room. And then it’s (heh) anarchy!

2012-01-06 (8)
Poor Jax. Who will ever adopt such an ugly boy?

2012-01-06 (7)
Whatcha doin’ there, Opie, that has you looking so guilty?

2012-01-06 (6)

2012-01-06 (5)
Mr. Innocent.

2012-01-06 (12)
They like to sit on top of the kitty condo and look out the window.

2012-01-06 (11)
Couldn’t you just smooch his little face?

2012-01-06 (10)
Opie, keeping an eye on something. Probably Jax’s tail. (Andrea pointed out that when the Sons are let out into Gen Pop, they’re going to go nuts with all the tails available for the swattin’. SO true. Charlie and Patty go nuts with batting at the big cats’ tails, and they have their own tails!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Edited to add: Oops! I uploaded these to Flickr, but forgot to link them here. I would never want y’all to go without your weekly dose of GORGEOUS!

2012-01-06 (13)

2012-01-06 (14)

2012-01-06 (9)

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