1/12/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday

Attention, Floridians in the Pasco area (or within an hour’s drive), I got this email (and pictures) from Jupe : My mom has been doing feral cat feeding and TNR in Pasco, FL for years. As you know, this type of work leads to you adopting a lot of cats yourself. Last August, she rescued … Continue reading “1/12/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday”

Attention, Floridians in the Pasco area (or within an hour’s drive), I got this email (and pictures) from Jupe :

My mom has been doing feral cat feeding and TNR in Pasco, FL for years. As you know, this type of work leads to you adopting a lot of cats yourself. Last August, she rescued a group of 11 (2 nursing moms and 9 kittens) that were dumped behind a restaurant. She was able to adopt some out through the Humane Society (after having them fixed and shotted). After putting numerous ads in the paper, she was left with 4 kittens in the house and the two moms as free range cats. This brings her inside cat total to 20.

On top of this, she had to have a hip replacement on 12/1. I was up there for a month while she was recuperating, so got to spend a lot of time with these kittens (small cats now) firsthand. The boys (Spanky and Spanky Junior) are the sweetest, softest cats I have ever known (and I have seen her parade of cats). They are very easy to handle and love to lay in your lap. They are almost identical so we just call them both Spanky 🙂

My mom is very attached but aware that 20 is too many, especially after her surgery. The other two kittens (girls, black Spooky and tabby Suzy) are also good cats, not as friendly but will come to you on their own and enjoy attention. They are all fixed, have had baby shots, combo tested and dewormed. If you could post anything for people interested in adopting in the Pasco area of Florida, I would appreciate it. I would be willing to drive an hour each way from Pasco if someone was interested in adopting. These are seriously sweet cats otherwise I would not even ask!

Note: all the kittens are about five months old. Spanky & Spanky are from different litters, but they sure do look like twins!

Spanky & Spanky.



If you’re interested in adopting any of these sweet cats or might know someone who is, or have questions about them, you can contact Jupe at jupe (AT) tampabay.rr.com, or email me and I’ll pass your email along.

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

Fred split a leftover piece of (homemade) pizza between George and Gracie. Gracie took hers and ran off. George did this.

2012-01-12 (4)

2012-01-12 (5)

2012-01-12 (6)
When he’s offered a food he’s never had before, he takes it, then immediately drops it on the ground so he can sniff it and determine whether he wants to eat it (he always wants to eat it – he just needs to sniff it first!) He eventually picked it up and ran off with it.

2012-01-12 (1)
It never occurred to me that the pond would become a water source for the dogs. But apparently it’s rather tasty.

2012-01-12 (2)

2012-01-12 (3)

2012-01-12 (15)
I actually took this picture and the next few from my desk. George and Gracie like to hang out on Dirt Mountain.

2012-01-12 (8)

2012-01-12 (9)

2012-01-12 (10)
They like to run around like nuts, too.

2012-01-12 (12)
Gracie keeps an eye on things while sitting on the ramp to the coop, while George tries to figure out who knocked over the feeder (my guess: probably George).

2012-01-12 (7)
I don’t remember what this rueful look was about.

2012-01-12 (11)
Pretty Gracie.

2012-01-12 (14)
I think it had just rained, and the chickens were on Dirt Mountain checking for bugs, while Gracie sat guard at the bottom of the mountain.

2012-01-12 (17)
Angry Muppet looks like a big ol’ cotton ball with a beak, doesn’t she?

2012-01-12 (18)
Rooster, keeping an eye on his hens.

2012-01-12 (19)

2012-01-12 (20)
I’m sensing a distinct flirty vibe from Mister Rooster.

2012-01-12 (21)
::flippity flap::

2012-01-12 (22)
::flappity flip::

2012-01-12 (23)

2012-01-12 (24)
Checking to see if I’m impressed.

2012-01-12 (26)

2012-01-12 (27)
I’m not sure what these little birds are, but they’re awfully pretty.

And now, a few short Crooked Acres videos for you!

The first, three hens taking a dust bath. Hens (well, roosters do it too, actually) do this to keep clean (I didn’t manage to get the bit at the end where they all three stood up and shook all the dust from their feathers, unfortunately).

And in the second, a few months ago I bought a game cam. We put it on the front porch to see what was eating the cat food we put out there, and we found out (we were also not surprised).

I’ve put the camera away for now, but plan to get it back out in the Spring. A few years ago we caught footage of some raccoons showing up on the front porch, I’d like to see if they’re still coming around.

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Because I suck, I only have two Sons pictures for you. I need to get some pictures of them, but it’s been gloomy and rainy for the past several days, which makes it hard to get good pictures of them.

Opie, doing his Tubby impression.

2012-01-12 (29)

2012-01-12 (28)

I do have a couple of short videos, though, of Charlie Peppers. In the first one, he was hanging out in the kitchen trying to let me know that he was DYING OF STARVATION.

And in the second, it was snack time, and all the cats were in the kitchen. Charlie was doing his best to hurry me along. I particularly like the part at the end where Alice tries to show Jake who the boss is, and Jake comes back at her like “I DON’T BELIEVE THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, MY DEAR” and she backs right off.

Speaking of Charlie and Patty, the news from Lisa Tuesday night was that they were out of the litter box, and Charlie was more relaxed about it than Patty. But, hey – at least they’re out!

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Joe Bob, catnip banana fiend.

2012-01-12 (32)

2012-01-12 (31)

2012-01-12 (30)

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