1/30/12 – Monday

New recipes up over at Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza – we made Honey Sauced Chicken this week! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   It was a quiet and relaxing weekend, and since I took a million pictures at … Continue reading “1/30/12 – Monday”

New recipes up over at Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza – we made Honey Sauced Chicken this week!

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It was a quiet and relaxing weekend, and since I took a million pictures at Petsmart on Friday, I’m going to post those pictures and call this an entry. You’re welcome!

First things first: Jax was adopted on Saturday! Since Tig and Opie were adopted on Tuesday (though Tig didn’t go home ’til Friday evening), this means that Clay’s the last Son at Petsmart. So he wouldn’t be alone, they put him in a cage with another kitten (whose brother was adopted Friday night), and reports are that they’re getting along smashingly. That doesn’t surprise me at all – Clay is a sweetheart who loves everyone.

When I clean at Petsmart, I have to figure out which cats are safe to let out to run around together. Last week when I cleaned, I found that Pepsi wasn’t much a fan of the other cats. So this week, I let her out of her cage first and let her run around and play and be petted.

2012-01-30 (17)

2012-01-30 (18)

Isn’t she gorgeous? Like I said, she’s not a fan of other cats. She’s a sweet girl, but very intense.

2012-01-30 (19)

2012-01-30 (20)

2012-01-30 (21)

2012-01-30 (22)
I love this picture so much.

Pepsi’s been at Petsmart for a while, and she’s a little scary, but guess what? On Saturday, Pepsi got herself adopted! Some people wanted a cat with personality, and Miss Pepsi’s got personality to spare – even though they were told that Pepsi is intense and even after Pepsi had drawn blood, they STILL wanted to adopt her. Now that is an ending that makes me happy.

Once Pepsi had run around and played and gotten petted, she went back into her cage, and I let the rest of the cats out to visit with each other and run around and play.

2012-01-30 (23)
There are two black cats there, Bear Cub 1 and Bear Cub 2. I believe this is Bear Cub 2, the female. They came from a litter which included two brown tabbies and a tuxie. The others were adopted, but these guys have been waiting and waiting.

2012-01-30 (24)
This is Kanga. She was a bit shy and didn’t want to come out of her cage, so I petted her a lot. She stood in her bed and marched a bit, and purred, then looked out at the other cats and said “No, thank you. I’ll stay here!”

2012-01-30 (25)
Looky there, it’s our gorgeous little boy, Jax!

2012-01-30 (27)

2012-01-30 (26)
This is Tanner. He was adopted Friday night!

2012-01-30 (28)
This is Caleaha, Tanner’s sister. She’s now sharing a cage with Clay.

2012-01-30 (29)
Jax has such a serious little face. Did I kiss him 35 times? I did indeed.

2012-01-30 (30)
Caleaha is a little live wire. She and Clay are going to enjoy hanging out, I think – good thing he’s so laid-back!

2012-01-30 (1)
Clay, watching the other kittens run around.

2012-01-30 (2)
Bear Cub 1. He hung out like this almost the whole time I was there. So stressed, that one.

2012-01-30 (3)
“Dude. My stress level is like THIS BIG!”

2012-01-30 (4)
Tig and Jax, and in the front, Tanner.

2012-01-30 (5)
Kitties, kitties everywhere.

2012-01-30 (6)
Jax and Tanner bond over the feather teaser.

2012-01-30 (7)
Caleaha, keeping an eye on something.

2012-01-30 (8)
Please notice the position of Jax’s tail.

2012-01-30 (9)
Sweet boy Tig.

2012-01-30 (10)
Jax and the serious face.

2012-01-30 (12)

2012-01-30 (14)
What I love about this picture: Caleaha reaching for the feather teaser, and Tig getting a good sniff of Tanner’s ear.

2012-01-30 (15)
I think this is Bear Cub 2, the female, because she’s got a splash of white on her chest. Doesn’t she have gorgeous eyes?

2012-01-30 (16)
Tanner, checking out the scratching post.

The Sons were more interested in running around playing than visiting with me, but I made sure to give them each lots of kisses and snuggles before I put them back in their cage. This was an amazing week for my fosters – Opie, Tig, Jax, Charlie AND Patty, all adopted in the space of less than a week. I’m very certain that Clay won’t be around much longer – if he’s not adopted Tuesday, I bet he’ll go next weekend. Fred’s a tiny bit offended that Clay hasn’t been adopted, since Clay was his favorite from that litter, but I’m certain it won’t be long.

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2012-01-30 (31)

2012-01-30 (32)
Rough life, Suggie.

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