3/29/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday

ATTENTION, those of you in the Germantown, MD area – or within a day’s drive! Red and Scuse, two very close brothers, need a home! They’re a little over two years old and very active. You may remember then from back in December when I linked about them – they were abandoned by their owners … Continue reading “3/29/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday”

ATTENTION, those of you in the Germantown, MD area – or within a day’s drive!

Red and Scuse, two very close brothers, need a home!

They’re a little over two years old and very active. You may remember then from back in December when I linked about them – they were abandoned by their owners and then attacked by dogs; Red had irreparable damage to one of his eyes, which had to be removed. Abigail reports that they are very very friendly and easy to love, sweet, lovable, affectionate lapcats. Look at those faces – don’t you just want to kiss them?

Read more about them here, and if you aren’t in the market for two lovebugs, please pass the word along!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-03-29 (1)

2012-03-29 (2)
These pups REALLY like their daily snack. (That’s Gracie on the left, George on the right.)

2012-03-29 (3)
Okay, yeah. There’s fresh water in your water bowls, but you’d rather drink from the pond. Tasty, is it? Rumor has it it’s going to get tastier…

2012-03-29 (4)
I’m so glad that pond finally filled up. We were worried there for a while!

2012-03-29 (5)
(A few people have asked and yes, the pond will attract mosquitoes. The dogs are on a heart worm preventative, of course.)

2012-03-29 (6)
She believes she can fly.

2012-03-29 (7)
She believes she can touch the sky-y.

2012-03-29 (8)
She thinks about it every night and day.

2012-03-29 (9)
Spreads her wings and flies away.

2012-03-29 (10)
Then she hits the ground and is like “Wait. I’m a CHICKEN. I can’t FLY. Hmph.”

2012-03-29 (11)
“Stupid R. Kelly.”

2012-03-29 (12)
Whenever we go out to the pond, the chickens follow behind in hopes that we’ve got something good for them.

2012-03-29 (13)
So, a few weeks ago, Fred noticed that we’ve got tadpoles in the pond.

2012-03-29 (21)
A LOT of them. I’m not kidding when I tell you that there are thousands of them. You walk along the shore, and they flit away in droves. Fred was like “We are going to have a plague of frogs out there.”

2012-03-29 (19)
I was like “Well, what are we going to DO?” Fred said, “We need to get some cats. A LOT of cats. Like, 200 of them!”

2012-03-29 (14)
So we did. (Those are catfish, in case you’ve never seen them.)

2012-03-29 (16)
We got 100 4-6″ catfish, and 100 6-8″ catfish.

2012-03-29 (17)
The fish truck came to our local Co-op, so Fred took half a day off work to go pick up our order. They were in tanks, and the guys dipped them up and put them in big bags and then tied them shut. We brought them straight home and took them out to the pond.

2012-03-29 (20)
Hopefully they’ll eat some of those tadpoles. We’re also feeding them catfish food, but it’s only been a few days, they haven’t quite gotten the hang of the idea that people bring food. In a year or two, Fred will be a fishing fool and we’ll start eating them.

2012-03-29 (22)
This is what Gracie thought about those catfish.

2012-03-29 (34) 2012-03-29 (30)
Mr. Bluebird sure does make me happy.

2012-03-29 (31) 2012-03-29 (32)
And Mr. Cardinal certainly has himself some Kramer hair, doesn’t he?

2012-03-29 (33)

2012-03-29 (27)

2012-03-29 (29)
The Azaleas are in bloom.

2012-03-29 (28)

2012-03-29 (26)
As is the Spirea (I love love love it when the Spirea is in bloom.)

2012-03-29 (24)

2012-03-29 (25)
Why on earth does Fred keep snuffling and sneezing and rubbing his eyes? It’s a mystery.

2012-03-29 (23)
A big black Tom has recently started showing up and eating out of the food bowls on the side and front porch. We need to get him trapped so we can have him neutered, but he is absolutely terrified of people and takes off the instant he sees us. We’re trying to lure him into a daily schedule but aren’t having much luck. We’ll keep trying, of course.

I recently left the game cam on the front porch and caught some interesting stuff. I’m saving that for next week!

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You guys, these kittens are killing me. They’re climbing up in my lap, they’re letting me pet them (they’re not sure about this kissing stuff yet), they’re play-fighting with my feet. I’m doing my best not to squoosh them, but it’s taking superhuman strength!

2012-03-29 (36)
“Wahhhhhhh! I’m da BAYbee!”

2012-03-29 (45)
“Hallo, Mama. It time to eat?”

2012-03-29 (37)
Logie is totally like “Where AM I?”

2012-03-29 (38)
Someone apparently heard SOMEthing disturbing. “What you MEAN we all have different fathers?!”

2012-03-29 (39)
Oh, the spotted belleh.

2012-03-29 (40)
“Gee, your foot smells terrific!”

2012-03-29 (41)
They’re such rude little brats, and she totally puts up with them.

2012-03-29 (42)
I hear Lenny and Squiggy saying “Hallo!” in my head when I look at this picture.

2012-03-29 (43)
“This foot is tasty!”

2012-03-29 (44)
Emmy’s all “Oh, thank god. YES, go sniff her foot. Sniff it all night long, just let me sleep a little bit…Zzzzz…”

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2012-03-29 (35)
In the Joe Bob coop, no one sniffs annoyingly at him. (That smile on his face just kills me. He is SUCH a happy boy.)

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