6/6/12 – Wednesday

As you’ll note, I finally got my ass in gear and made a new banner! I love that Stinkerbelle and her evil, hatin’ ways so very much. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   This week on Dinosaurs Can’t … Continue reading “6/6/12 – Wednesday”

As you’ll note, I finally got my ass in gear and made a new banner! I love that Stinkerbelle and her evil, hatin’ ways so very much.

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This week on Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza, Nance and I made Baked Cheese Sticks. Go check it out!

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Last weekend Brian – y’all remember Brian, who you’ve pretty much watched grow up – and Emily got married!


Originally they were going to get married in August, but due to everything that’s going on this year – new baby, new house – they decided to just have a small ceremony with immediate family only, and plan to have a big wedding at some point in the future.

I swear, I look at that picture and see the same Brian face that I’ve been seeing for two decades now, and the idea that he’s a father and husband, well, it’s pretty damn amazing.

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It being Summer, we’re not watching all that much TV lately. One of the shows we do watch is The Killing, which is currently in season two and do we fucking know who killed Rosie Larsen yet? Indeed we do not. I feel like I’ve been waiting 30 years to find out who killed that child, and at this point I’m not sure I CARE anymore.

But I love the hell out of Holder. I hated him at first, but he’s really grown on me a lot.

So in last week’s episode, someone shot video of the noble wheelchair-bound mayoral candidate played by Rick Sammler, um, I mean Billy Campbell (who Fred only ever refers to as The Rocketeer) being all wheelchair-bound and noble and inspirational. Then they posted it to YouTube. And then the elfin-featured Jamie, Billy Campbell’s campaign manager or assistant or hell – I don’t know what the fuck his job is – was all “Look! Someone posted this to YouTube! AND IT’S GONE VIRAL!”

GONE VIRAL, you say? Why, it must have zillions and trillions of hits! Mayoral candidate Billy Campbell will be elected super-quick! So they show the video playing on YouTube, and HOW MANY hits does this viral video have, you might ask?

Two thousand.

MY GOD! Two thousand! It HAS gone viral!

Please. Fred and I both snickered about the idea of a video with 2,000 hits being “viral.” It ain’t viral ’til it’s got 10,000+ hits these days.

Speaking of The Killing, last week (or maybe the week before), two characters – Rosie Larsen’s father and her aunt – were talking about how hard this has all been on the boys (Rosie’s brothers) and blah blah blah “Life needs to go on” says the aunt.

You know how long it’s been in show-time since Rosie Larsen was murdered? Three weeks. I mean, seriously – come ON, you guys, it’s BEEN three weeks, can we move on from this annoying “mourning” nonsense?

I hope when I die that people miss me for a whole 30 days.

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It’s time for another round of WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS, WRONG ROBYN ANDERSON. (Text in italics is the sender, non-italicized text is my response.)

Hi Robyn,

Teresa just mentioned that you’d be interested in going up for nomination to our board. That would be great! If you are, please send a short bio to me that we can include with the AGM packages. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated–just so that people have a sense of who they’re voting for.



Hi Dave,

You’ve reached a Robyn Anderson in Alabama, USA, who this email address actually belongs to, rather than the Robyn Anderson in Canada who likes to pass it out as her own email address. I’m sure she’d be a fabulous board member, if she could manage to figure out this whole email thing.


Robyn Anderson
Alabama, USA


The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Sam and Loki

From Colleen Anderson

Sam and Loki

They’re very cute, but I think you probably meant to send that picture to a Robyn Anderson who knows you. 🙂


And the one that made me feel like a really mean asshole.

id like to talk


about at least being friends i dont talk to anyone im lonely

and i dont want things to be awkward between us if we see eachother somewhere plus you are very good person and give great advice tou helped see things i never would have saw and i just want a friend who cares about me nobody else cares thank you alot

I’m really sorry, but I think you have the wrong email address.

and i know i dont have a chance with and i accept that i just want a real friend i still love you

and i have a glass rose lined with gold i want to give to you maybe i could buy lunch sometime just as friends i need someone to talk to

I’m really sorry – I’m not being a jerk, you honestly have the wrong email address. I get emails meant for other women named Robyn Anderson all the time. I’m a 44 year old housewife who lives in Alabama, I’m not the Robyn Anderson you’re looking for.


Yep, I’m an asshole.

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Fred posted a few things over at his site this week, if you’re interested.

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