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New month, new (finally) banner!

Sorry it’s been over a month since the last post. I’ve thought about posting, I swear I have, but I really haven’t had much to share aside from the cat stuff, which of course you can always see over at Love & Hisses.

I’d promise to do better this month, but I think we all know better.

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Nance and I have been cooking up a storm (okay, occasionally cooking) over at Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza. Most recently, there’s been a Coconut-Buttermilk Pound Cake (DAMN YOU, MARTHA), Mandarin Muffins (SO freakin’ good), and Lasagna Soup.

The Wednesday before New Year’s Eve, (also known, I guess, as the day after Christmas) I got an email from Nance asking if we were up for a visit. I told her of course we were, and asked when they were thinking of coming. I was in Tennessee the next morning, picking up a foster kitten, when I happened to glance down at my phone. Nance had texted me and emailed me saying, basically “We’re coming TOMORROW, but you’ve got to let me know it’s okay, because I won’t pack until I hear from you, and Rick is getting nervous!”

Turned out, Rick had time off that he had to use before the end of the year, and they wanted to make a road trip down to visit. Of course we were up for the visit, and they arrived in Alabama late Friday night, though we didn’t see them until Saturday morning (they stayed in a motel nearby). The visit was fun and fast, and they left again Monday morning.

We didn’t do any podcasts or videos because we both suck at last-minute planning (or really planning, period), and though one day perhaps we’ll do a cooking video when we’re together, I think y’all should probably not hold your breath on that score. Mostly, we went to Sam’s Club and to the flea market, and then sat around the house and shot the shit. Nance and Rick had kittens – Mr. Stripey and Sungold, the ‘Maters boys who will be going to their new home this weekend – climbing all over them, and it was just a lot of fun to have them here.

It had actually been over a year since I saw them last – my visit in October 2011 – and now I owe them another visit!

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I have not read a single book since the beginning of December. Why? Because I started watching The Good Wife, and when I have free time I spend it watching episodes of that instead of reading. I’m about a quarter way through season three, and have promised myself that when I’m caught up, I’ll stop taking the iPad upstairs with me at night. I have been staying up ’til midnight most nights, watching two and sometimes three episodes before I force myself to put the crack pipe down and go to sleep.

I was never really a Julianna Margulies fan before this show, but now I love her. And those kids who play her kids? I adore them. Love Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), love Diane (Christine Baranski), love Cary (Matt Czuchry), even though I want to yell “Stop SMILING, Cary, it’s NOT THAT AMUSING” sometimes.

For a while there, I was starting to wonder if there was some sort of game going on, because Will (Josh Charles) was buttoning and unbuttoning his jacket constantly. Every time he stood up, he buttoned it. Before sitting down, he unbuttoned it. He must have done it 15 times in the course of one courtroom scene. If I’d been the judge in that courtroom, I would have thrown his ass in jail for excessive button use.

Also, I love Alan Cumming (still incredulous in an amused sort of way that he’s got a fragrance out called “Cumming”) and I hope he stays on the show forever.

I highly recommend The Good Wife. I wish I’d been watching it all along, but I’m going to be bereft when I’m all caught up and don’t have any more episodes to watch. Though I guess I could always just start watching again from the very beginning!

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4 Responses to “1/7/12”

  1. shirley t says:

    Robyn, I have watched The Good Wife since day one and have loved it ~My other favorite show is Revenge and of course there is Boardwalk Empire, my all time favorite.

  2. Annette R. says:

    I am a huge Julianna Marguiles fan back from her days on ER. I and a few friends my age are rabid Good Wife fans. My husband doesn’t care for it and he doesn’t think Julianna is hot. He must be crazy. I want to look like her in my next life. It’s nice to see a talented ensemble cast with grown women. Love the story about Allen Cummimg’s fragrance. Big fan of him and Kalinda as well. Nathan Lane is in the current story line in a part quite different for him.

    My other current TV must see fix is Downton Abbey and season three premiered last night. I am in Anglophile/1920’s Heaven. A 1920’s bride? I was in ecstasy! I adore that show more than any other. I also love The Walking Dead and Shameless (back next week) so I guess you could say my tastes are broad and I watch WAYYY too much TV. That and the computer is why it takes me three months to finish a Stephen King book. It is great writing and engages me but I can’t read as voraciously as I did in my younger years.

    Glad you had a fun visit with Nance and Rick.

    The new banner rocks!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Re: Alan Cumming and his fragrance, see here, starting about 7:08

  4. devil says:

    Glad to see you back, Robyn. I thought maybe you’d given up blogging here but didn’t want to do a “Goodbye, Cruel World” post because you’re not the Drama Llama type. And I hate to be one of those readers who pries.

    I adore this month’s banner. 🙂

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